"End Game" Thoughts/Suggestions

End Game in FF… when the resources run out on your map.

Understanding that the game is locked at 1000 villagers now, and we’re already running out of various “natural” resources… there’s a real need to implement some “End Game” features to make the game continue to be playable relatively indefinitely for true “sandbox” play.

Here are my thoughts/suggestions:

  1. Mines
    My thought is to allow all mine types to be upgraded to a “Deep Mine”. Do not remove existing resource sites once the “surface” resources have run out, even if the mine is removed, keep those site flags there at 0 resources so a Deep Mine can be built on them later, or the existing mine can be upgraded. Deep Mines should tap into extremely large caches of each resource (like 100k), don’t increase the miner count, but reduce the production speed 50% per miner from the normal mines due to having to go so far down to get to the resource. You would need to have at least 2 full Deep Mines to maintain the same production of one full normal mine production, and the town would need to be able to support all of those extra mines/miners.

  2. Logs
    I haven’t run into this issue yet as I am meticulous at rotating my choppers around the map, but if we have the ability to increase the town without a population limit, we will definitely run into space issues for tree regrowth. Allowing the Arborist, when Upgraded, to plant wood trees as well as fruit trees can easily solve this. Also switching to a variable, rectangle size planting area like farms that change size in multiples of 2 blocks (so you don’t mistakenly reserve a 9x11 plot for trees that need 2x2 plots) instead of the current odd round plot, and allowing an auto-replant setting would be perfect. Different tree types could mature at different rates with faster ones providing less but frequent wood and slower ones more infrequent wood.

  3. Farming
    There are a lot of suggestions for different kinds of additional crops, so I won’t get into that here except to say that any new ones should have a reason other than being another graphic to make fields look different. For example, Corn is a grain (Granary storage) for upgraded Windmills (Corn Meal) to be used in Bakeries (Corn Bread) but could be used in a distillery for Spirits that would be an additional Luxury (taxable) item, and can be sold at an Upgraded Pub (Tavern) or at a higher exchange rate than Beer to Traders. Hops (Not a grain or food, but best stored in a Root Cellar) can be used to brew Lager (also a taxable Luxury item) at an Upgraded Brewery, again sold at the Tavern or to Traders (at a rate between Beer and Spirits). Anyway… What I would really like to see is maybe 20% of the Fertility rating on a farm be affected by moisture level. Recent rainfall can increase Fertility, Heatwaves decrease it, and Irrigation Ditches that have to feed from a connected lake/pond (maybe with a hand cranked Pump Station with 2-4 workers? Upgrade to Wind Pump with only 1 worker needed?) can be built to maintain the moisture level (25% bonus per side of the Farm plot covered). Dirt roads cannot cross Irrigation Ditches, but Cobblestone roads can (requiring early planning).

  4. Hunting
    Upgraded Hunter shacks should not only add traps, it should add a second worker and assignment, the Trapper. You would be able to choose each worker’s assignment as a Hunter or a Trapper (or both Hunters or Trappers) where appropriate. This will stop wasting the Hunter’s time dealing with trapping when meat and a few hides should be their focus, and would allow the Trapper to focus on hide production with a little meat. If two Hunters occupy a Cabin, they should be able to team up and take down Boar on their own instead of having to be directed to. Boar spawns should also be as reliable as Deer, and replenish appropriately.

  5. Barns
    OK, so the Hide counts in this recent update were reduced a bit too far, without a different mechanic to increase them, but that will likely be fixed (and the Hunter suggestions above will really help). This is more about additional Animal types, and ensuring they are differentiated (like additional crops). Goats would provide a little Wool (See Weaver suggestion below), and a little milk when alive, and low meat/low hides when slaughtered. Sheep would provide a lot of Wool, and no milk when alive, and medium meat/no hides when slaughtered. With these added, Barns can be tailored for different Town needs.

  6. Weaver
    The Weaver should get an Upgrade with more workers and include improved clothing, Wool Clothes, which would be made with linen (from Flax) and Wool. These would take longer to make, supplement Hide Coats (a Villager would be happy with either), count as Luxury (taxable) items, and have a higher Trader value. They may also make Quilts with Wool (from Barn above) and Feathers (see Coop below).

  7. Coop
    A home for Chickens that would produce high amounts of Eggs and several Poultry when slaughtered (can be Smoked like Meat and Fish). They would require Grain only in the winter for feed, but can wander in the warmer months to forage food like the Barn. If something like Quilts can be added as a Luxury (taxable) item made at the upgraded Weaver (like furniture/candles, etc. useless but satisfies Luxury requirements), Geese (low Eggs, high Feathers, medium Poultry) and/or Ducks (medium Eggs, medium Feathers, low Poultry) can be housed here as well.

  8. Fishing
    Fishing is currently unreliable with higher populations due to winter freezing and poor fish source replenishment. I would like to see streams and rivers added to most of the terrain types that include ponds/lakes. These would not freeze and provide consistent fishing with higher replenishment, but less fishing points than ponds/lakes. rivers would also provide additional locations for Irrigations Ditches to be sourced from, and Willow and Medicinal Root sources. They could be also used as a natural water source when local Wells are dry. Stone Bridges could also be added to the game to allow roads to traverse Streams. Rivers and Streams would also make for more interesting Towns, building with one in the middle and such. Maybe these are already in other terrain types? I’ve only played the Idyllic Valley so far (many games, never seen a river/stream). It should definitely include them.

  1. Combat
    So this one is tough. I have tried a bunch of different defense methods, individual walled areas at main access points into the Town with Barracks and Towers to intercept attackers, fully walled Town with an occasional Barracks and overlapping Towers, minimal walls and Towers with a few high count Barracks “armies” that get dispatched to attack sites… but once the attacker groups get over 100, none of those methods work well enough and I end up using and losing groups of Villagers to defend the inner Town most of the time. This becomes a cycle of depleting Workers, waiting for them to come back, getting attacked again and losing the surplus Villagers I just rebuilt, on and on. Even with 99-110% immigration rates, I don’t get those 10+ immigrants often at all, so it gets frustrating. I would suggest having a 3rd tier for both Barracks (the Keep, decrease Barracks Soldiers and make Keep Soldier counts what the Barracks are now, increase range and damage from arrows, add a single Ballista that only attacks those wall bashers and does high damage to them) and for Towers (the Hightower, increase Guard count to 4, increases range and damage) that would really help in fighting off the ever increasing hoards. Someone also mentioned letting Villagers be armed and armored, but maybe only Swords and Hauberks and only for Laborers. People working in professions wouldn’t be carrying around any significant weapons or armor as that’s not their thing. They might grab those crude weapons though, which would create a reason to actually buy them… but maybe allow them to be made early in the game from wood and stone? Possibly at the Armorer since they are pretty useless without buying lots of iron at the stage when they can be built anyway

  2. Cobbler
    Please please please just make an Upgrade to allow 4 workers, and maybe a second for 6 workers. I have so many Cobbler buildings around to keep up with shoe demand, it’s just insane.

I think that’s all I have for now. I love the game, and have high hopes for the Official Release becoming a true, long-term, sandbox game with many, many options for surviving, building and maintaining the economy, and dealing with those pesky Raiders! :smiley:


covers most of what you suggest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent ideas, all of them.
I agree that the current combat is very frustrating.

I didn’t see the dev update until after my post… so yes, several of my ideas are covered there, even in similar methods. :smiley:

These are good points. I was also going to post something about chickens. Eggs are already collectable, why are chickens not available as a meat source and a food source?

I’ve yet to find anything that automates the repairs a bit. Having to take 20 minutes every 3 or so years to repair buildings “just because” is annoying with all the houses, shops, etc you have to repair spread all over the map and hiding behind each other because of desire. For me personally, this also triggers my dysautonomia with the constant looking back and forth. So if it’s going to exist, I really do need it to have a purpose or it needs an optional automatic repair toggle with a % you’d like your builders to get to work on and flag it automatically.

I’d also like to see meat get from barns to smokers quicker. I have 2 placed very near 2 barns and they’re only producing about 300 meat a year while over 500 is rotting in the barn. I’ve seen smokers do over 500 a year of just meat and then a few hundred more of fish in the same year, so why are they across the street and not being fed? I’ve got 2 fully manned coal mines running and a kiln sitting behind the smokers. No reason for this to be happening, but for the past 4 years it has.

Totally agree on the cobblers and the hides. I have 6 hunters all upgraded with max traps, have a boar that spawns in my city near one, have deer inside my walls near another, and still can’t keep up with hide demand for bloody shoes.

I’d also like to see an option to move between your buildings of the same type faster, as I haven’t found one. Highlighting them all is nice, but an arrow to move to the next building or villager of the same type would be really nice for bear attacks and you want to grab your hunters to kill it. Instead I have to find the local building, click the villager to find them, then track back to the animal if it’s even still in the area x3 or x4. Letting you move from rat catcher to rat catcher building to see which one is covering what quicker would be fantastic, or which hunter is covering that area, which herbalist is picking all those damn herbs? That sort of thing. QOL stuff.

Buildings are automatically repaired if resources are available and your builder limit is high enough. I usually find that when there are a lot of buildings in need of repair, I’ve let some resource get low in the local area and it is taking too long for builders to get the materials to the site. Throw a bunch of those together and you have yourself a bunch of collapsing buildings because they cannot keep up.

Mine were not being repaired. Turns out according to what I’ve recently learned, it’s because my buildings weren’t damaged enough to have them automatically do the repairs. I have over 1000 of all the important resources, there was no reason for upkeep to not be done, but I would never allow my home to get to the 60% mark before doing repairs. I was doing them myself because they were in the 70-85% range and apparently the 60% range is when they’ll perform them. I’d not let half my home fall down before I began fixing things, would you? Thats holes in the roof and all other kinds of issues.

So hear me out, animals.
You have deer, wolves, boars, bears, etc.
But what about horses? Chickens? Pigs? Etc. If you could add a whole new branch of taming and training to the game that would optimize the gaming experience.