Endgame balancing problem

Most builds already fall in the range I’ve described, so that is already the case. The ones that don’t are the ones we review.

Yeah but we all know what happened to him. :wink:

Btw congrats on selling 2 million copies of grim dawn. How about making another dlc to celebrate this achivement:wink:

@Zantai Builds like Pyran shieldbreaker, Silver Sentinel infiltrator, Venomblade dervish - if they are reduced to 6:00-7:30 speeds on top players/mutators they will no longer be viable for endgame (they hardly are as is). You will either have to adjust the environment again (which is Sisyphean task of buffs and nerfs) or give them defense (which will further homogenize diversity) or just forget they exist.

I’m telling you, there’s just nothing to do in the game.
You talk about timers, OP builds, not OP builds…but I think it doesn’t matter.
The character development ends at level 94. Next, there are no items or ingredients that would allow you to improve the character a little bit more.

The cup of the character’s progress is too low and is reached too quickly.
This game is about the hack-n-slashing and item grinding, but the grind in it makes no sense, all items in all assemblies are 99% the same, the parameters are the same on average. There is no diversity.

I do not see the point of playing different classes, as the development of any character is in the scheme:
Quickly on the “super” ability to pump up to 94 levels, then put on a set, smeared with powders, and that’s it. The development of the character is complete.
Go through the crucible? Go through 50 shards? And why? And for what?
All the items I get during the game, I break without looking. A game where the shot is uninteresting and does not allow you to improve the character further - boring, monotonous and uninteresting.
I spent about 6000 hours in the game, I’m just tired of playing monotonous constructor without purpose and meaning.

And you’re talking about timers. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

And let them reach the late game a small % of the total number of players, but they also need to do something in the game, not to play in the constructor.

The variation in stats is so miserly that it does not play any role. Useful affixes are so few in the total mass, and they do not correspond to the scheme - rarity / power / value, that it makes no sense to look for them. I used to look at and study all the found items, looking for higher statues, but now I gave up

Reconsider the system of affixes and give them to the legendary items to make the effect was more powerful - and that’s all, will take the players farm for tens of thousands of hours.
The result of the efforts will be visible in the same shards, when you with two defaulted affixes will pass the campaign, pick and even pass the crucible and close 50 shards, and with two double-rare BiS affixes will close 70. And if you get into all the BiS slots, then 90. That’s the purpose and meaning of the farming.

And you correct the parameters on the items back and forth, and again back and forth as a Blizzard in the diablo-3.
I’m not interested in playing such a game. And I do not need new content in it anymore. And I will not support you anymore.

Play it yourself.

Only 6000? It’s no wonder the game is such a letdown of variety.

Um, ok, will do?

It has to end at some point or we get the garbage paragon system of Diablo 3 where there’s no end.

Wow what a radical first post!
Thought you might have some love for this game after 6000 hours, I was wrong!
To be fair you may not find purpose and meaning in any game.

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Please, Zantai, allow us to have signatures in our posts.



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dips on I cannot find meaning and purpose in ths game!

Well economically and assuming you payed max price ~$100 for all content, that’s still 60 hours of entertainment per dollar. I don’t even think a book provides that value.


I said that the cup of progress is too low and reached too quickly.
I don’t want a paragon in the game, I want progressing to end later. Not 94 lvl. So that only my desire to “find the best” items determined the final development of the build.

to all unbelievers - https://hkar.ru/ZSDS

The devs want it to end in level 94 and many players want it as well. And in a game where the devs want players to make alts, progression taking forever (or just even a little longer than it is now) to be completed in a single character would contradict that.

You sure did a play a game a lot for something that has no variety.

There is some sense buried in your words - like increase double rare frequency in later endgame instead of bloating number of drops is a valid idea - but presented in such post wont reach anyone’s ears. Can’t expect to achieve anything with a rant.

Did Zantai not already provide you with a solution in this thread? :thinking:

There are 200 levels of SR to explore, alone or with friends.

  1. There are skills and attribute points to invest to improve the build.
  2. To max devotions procs level.
  3. Only if you have all items and blueprints then probably there are no room for you to improve gear setup. On the other hand some items don’t look as something that can’t improve the build but can turn out to have noticable impact.

Ha, please don’t consider that everyone will follow this scheme - someone like to use “standard” ability to get new exp, other can use stones to start play at Ultimate from lvl1 (good challenge). And last but not least you miss the fact that builds are defined only by classes combinations, but skills, devotion and gear setups.

6000 hours played, progress is reached too quickly…you’re gonna have to pick one, dude.


Some MI items with double rare prefixes and suffixes can be the ones you are looking at (of cause if you don’t use external tools). :wink:

I am sure. absolutely.

Many players? I dont speak about new players. Every old GD player now plays in GDstash and Grimtools. And then testing builds, thats all.

I dont want to play like them