Farm not working correctly

Have a farm that has been working well for some time but after moving the grazing area the cows no longer go out to graze and my herd is now 4 over the limit and no matter how many times I hit the slaughter button they do not get slaughtered.

Are you seeing the same “red grazing area” (or, sometimes: “red+green checkerboard grazing area”) issue as described in this other bug report: Cows unable to graze on fields? ?

Couple things:

  1. You can not always graze on farms. It creates a red area sometimes that will sicken the cows. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. Check.

  2. If your cows are not going out to graze and can not be slaughtered/milked then they are stuck in the geometry of the barn.
    a) Make sure you don’t fence them in behind a fence or wall, even with gate they bug out.
    b) If not that, then move the barn to another area completely off the footprint it currently is in. Once moved turn off and on milking, and turn off grazing then redo it (not just move it, turn it off first, then replace area). That should get the cows moving back to the barn and fix things. Works for me 99% of the time now.

I did not have them grazing on a farm but just on normal land. Also there was no fences or walls anywhere near them.
I did however fix the issue by building another barn and then split the herd 50/50. The cows then came out to graze on both plots and I was again able to slaughter them for food.

Yeah, the cows getting stuck in the barn issue is a collision issue with the barn itself. The fences/walls is a different issue. But just moving the barn, you will see the cows (not always the full herd) stuck under the barn. Once you toggle the things like I mention they seem to unlock and head to the new barn location.

I’m having an issue in this play through where my farmers leave the crops in their fields to rot without collecting them, I’m unsure if the seed is the build that youre looking for but the seed number is 3D12FB66C68.

Just to clarify some points, all the farms have 5 farms working on them, they all have full 3 year cycles, the crops are not diseased or having any issues, I also have plenty of surplus storage for them to put the harvested crops in, in fact my people are constantly riding the edge of starving because they refuse to collect any of them. The crops complete the full cycle, but the farmers end up leaving 1K+ crops sitting in the field to rot instead of harvesting at completion. I have also tried setting up foragers to pick up the slack but they dont pick them up either.

Is this a bug you’ve seen before or do you have any insight into what this issue may be? Thanks, really cool game so far.

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