Farthest Frontier Coming to Early Access August 9th!

Set off into the wild unsettled lands of Farthest Frontier, as the master of your own destiny, in Early Access on August 9th!

Wishlist the game on Steam.


Is it the same person who made the intro drawings and animation for Grim Dawn? It looks great.

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Wonderful music too!

Sort of - the Grim Dawn trailer art was a collaboration of a few people with much of the character art being outsourced but backgrounds and final polish being handled by our artist “Sandcaster”. For Farthest Frontier he did all the art though from start to finish. We then used the same freelancer to animate it and add all the cool effects.


Great work on the trailer, it looks great! :slight_smile:

“Farthest Frontier is not just our destination, it is our destiny!”

Any word on sale locations? (ie Humble, GOG) as well as steam?

Humble probably since that gives a Steam key, but only on Steam otherwise as this is early access. I expect the game will go on GOG once it’s fully released, but not during early access period. This is what they did with Grim Dawn; early access on Steam and full release only on GOG.

Thats the hope Medea but I know that Med/Zantai has talked about the difference btw steam/any other distributor and how worthwhile they are/were for GD.
Fingers crossed for Humble for EA at least and GOG too for the full release though.

The thing about that, was that Grim Dawn was already released by the time GOG released it there. GOG is also very happy to do early access now though they call it “In Development”.

I know it’s likely to be a steam first thing (I’ve had it wish listed there since Crate announced it on steam). I would rather get it on GOG but I will happily pay Crate for both stores, for the zillion hours I have gotten from Grim Dawn.

Now that I think of it, can I wish list it on GOG any time soon? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Love what you guys are doing going from ARPG to city builder is such a class act!

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Trailer looks cool, might pick this up and try it out. Hopefully the system requirements won’t be insane.


What city size & resolution is this targeting? I mostly play games in 4K or sometimes 1440p (on my laptop). The requirements look pretty low for a city builder type game.
Also since the recommendation is only for an i5 Ivy-Bridge, does mean that the game only uses upto 4 threads max?

I was going to wishlist the game but I died of dysentery.

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Well, size-wise.

The game will take advantage of more threads.

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So Sandcaster is still imprisoned? :faction_undead:

To add to this list, will Epic Store also be supported?

Probably depends on how many more e-mails Medierra has to wade through to get GD on to Epic. Last count was well over 100. :upside_down_face:

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Oh darn it.
I’ve been slowly moving away from Steam lately. Oh well, I can just get it on Steam then.

Off-Topic. It’s cool to see that a lot of the old faces are still around.