Farthest Frontier v0.7.5 + Hotfixes

My guess is when the devs made changes, the changes to the code impacted more than they thought it would and now the game is really messed up. My guess is the next patch won’t come for awhile as they are going to need significant time to track down all the issues and really examine the code.


Did anyone got trouble with the manual buildings upgrade ?
I couldn’t upgrade Shelters manualy even though I had everything checked up.
Toggling the automatic upgrade solved it and did it for me

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Manual upgrade doesn’t exist for housing. All you can do is have the auto upgrade on or off.

Hi ! Thanks for the welcoming and sorry for my rudeness, didn’t get the basic hello right

Ok so that explain why I didn’t find any bug report on it, just wasn’t a bug, just silly me
I’m playing the game in french, so perhaps is there more game text on screen in the original langage ?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I feel like I’m spending more time and resources repairing and rebuilding damaged buildings than actually playing the game, expanding my city and production chains… Every one of my buildings needs to be repaired about every 5 years now. This a bug, or by design? If by design, please don’t. Too hard to save up 1000 wood and stone for repairs while doing other things. Feels like a maintenance/handyman simulator. And with the lack of control over what your laborers and builders actually do, I feel like they are off doing other things while buildings turn to rubble…

Structural integrity should at worst be a rebuild required every 40-50 years, not 4-5 years. Though I’m guessing this is just a bug. Done playing till 7.5d, too frustrating…

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Spotfix v0.7.5d is now live, you may need to restart Steam for it to download:



  • Fixed an issue where loading an old save would cause it to implode in spectacular glory when every building around suddenly needs massive repairs.
  • Fixed an issue where building repair costs would be much higher than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where building repair state could go over 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where a condemned building could not be worked in even after it was repaired.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting to default controls would cause the menu to appear blank.


  • Increased max number of workers in Tier 2 Barns.
  • Increased meat and hides generated by small carcasses.
  • Increased meat on Boar Carcasses.
  • Increased meat on Deer carcasses.
  • Increased Work Camp work area radius to 65m, from 60m, and increased their storage capacity.
  • Increased Mine work area radius to 30m, from 25m.

It’s good to see my buildings no longer needing massive expensive repairs.
All the game changes is just a bonus, keep up the good work :smiley:

U guys are gold.

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Cheers. May be a buggy patch, but nobody can say you guys don’t work hard to get fixes out quickly. Keep up the good work.


There is still a repair bug I’m having. A theater was ignored for repair until it was condemned, and once condemned, it was never able to be repaired fully. Got it down to needing 1 clay, 1 gold ingot and 1 plank, but every time the resources were brought, it took so long I guess that another clay or plank or ingot would keep popping up. So they made about 100 trips carrying one item at a time and there were always 1 more of each of the items added to the list. It’s like the decay was outrunning how fast the workers could travel to make the repairs. And while condemned there is no option to delete the building, so I’m stuck with a non functioning theater, and I can’t even just tear it down and rebuild it…


Thanks for the insanely fast updates, and for a great game. Also, just on a side note, Wafflesocket may be the greatest randomly generated city name in video game history. I’m just sayin. :slight_smile:


Wafflesocket is pretty great. For some reason I’m also partial to Mag Mell - sometimes I’ll just rapidly click the button trying to get it to appear. I know, I know… I could just type it in but it tastes better with RNG.


Thanks for the patch again, I hope all the issues are solved for this patch now :slight_smile:

I wanted to make a topic to suggest to lower the amount of meat generated by the hunting cabin instead so this is kind of unexpected to me. Or at least, a change of ratio of pelts and tallow to meat.

I found that getting enough tallow and pelts is a bigger problem than getting enough meat, so I was building more hunting cabins, not for the meat, but for the pelts and tallow. This caused me to have an unreasonably high amount of meat.

Sidenote: having too much meat in turn seems to cause scurvy sometimes, even when there’s quite a lot of berries, fruit, and veggies around as well. Some of my people seemed to eat a lot of meat just because there was so much of it. Or maybe the scurvy is just a game of chance and sometimes there’s this one person who just never eats vegetables. Is actually fairly realistic.

Agree. Meat is no problem with hunting and cow farms. My settlement always lacks tallow, resulting in lowered satifaction and big expenses for trading soap. Fish has become rare too, but that’s an foreseeable mid to late game coincidence since you can’t scale fish industry as you can with other resources.

Thanks for the fast patches. Gonna jump back in right now since most critical bugs should be gone.

Thanks, keep the good job. As I stated on other post, what about a “Report Bug” button? I’m so addicted to this game that I want to see all possible improvements that are to come, so willing to help as much as I can.

Excellent. Thanks for the hard work. Loving the game. That whole repair thing was killing me! lol

Thanks a lot!

thanks a lot for the rapids patches on this wonderfull game !

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Oh damn already a D patch! Nice!

You guys are amazing!

Zantai, I freakin’ love you and the other devs for staying on top of all of the issues people are having. This is by far the best amount of support I’ve seen out of a developer on a new title while testing is going on. Please do not stop!


I suggest [hunting cabin] have the same function such as [work camp], like
wood : stone= 1:1
meat : pelts/tallow = 1:1


Maybe problem solved and more economical benefit?

@Nater With this toolbar we can choose hunters gathering more meat or pelts for city requirement.