Farthest Frontier v0.7.5 + Hotfixes

Technically Farthest Frontier’s largest update to date, v0.7.5 is now available for your enjoyment.

This update is packed with important bug fixes as well as improvements to resource generation and a new map for first-time pioneers or those that prefer a more relaxed setting. That’s not all of course and is only the beginning of everything we revealed in our first State of Early Access preview.

We hope you enjoy! Keep the feedback and bug reports coming!

For the complete list of changes, see below:



  • Fixed an issue where Traveling Merchant warning would remain stuck on screen after merchants leave.
  • Fixed an issue where harvests would not get collected immediately after loading a game.
  • Fixed an issue with Barn births not accounting correctly for overpopulation
  • Fixed an issue where Barn births per year displayed higher than the barn would actually generate.


  • Building Repair costs now cap out at 50% of the original cost, down from 100%.
  • Building Repairs now accumulate slower, giving builders more time to get around to making repairs. Builders now perform repairs faster and sooner, at 60% remaining durability, previously 40%.
  • Increased the minimum number of farmers per field to 2. This means 5x5 fields now have more farmers to keep up with all the work.
  • Barracks, Towers, and Fences no longer require maintenance.


  • Fixed a rare issue that can cause game to fail to save.



  • Fixed an issue where loading an old save would cause it to implode in spectacular glory when every building around suddenly needs massive repairs.
  • Fixed an issue where building repair costs would be much higher than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where building repair state could go over 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where a condemned building could not be worked in even after it was repaired.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting to default controls would cause the menu to appear blank.


  • Increased max number of workers in Tier 2 Barns.
  • Increased meat and hides generated by small carcasses.
  • Increased meat on Boar Carcasses.
  • Increased meat on Deer carcasses.
  • Increased Work Camp work area radius to 65m, from 60m, and increased their storage capacity.
  • Increased Mine work area radius to 30m, from 25m.


  • This hotfix was released to address a critical issue reported this morning
  • Fixed an issue where Tier 2 barns would display 0/0 cows and lose their herds when loading a town that already has a Tier 2 barn built. This issue also sometimes caused towns to fail to save.


  • This hotfix was released to address critical issues that emerged as a result of v0.7.5
  • Fixed an issue where rocks could not be harvested and saving and loading a town in this state would cause all rocks to disappear. Unfortunately, this fix is not retroactive for any towns that already had their rocks vanish.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing areas would vanish.
  • Fixed an issue with Town Center UI displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where saves would fail to load.

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Major New Features



[Major New Features]

  • A new map type has been added: Idyllic Valley. This bountiful map features all of the resources in abundance for a more relaxed playstyle that’s an excellent option for pioneers just starting out.
  • A new repair utility has been added to the installation directory. Running this utility allows you to reset various game settings without launching the game, for troubleshooting purposes.
  • World generation has been rebalanced to provide larger resource deposits and to generate “mega rocks”. However, these changes are not retroactive and require starting a new map to experience.
  • There is now a notification and sound when a new traveling merchant arrives at the Trading Post. In addition, so long as there is a traveling merchant present at the Trading Post, a circular warning appears in the top left of the screen.

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  • Cleaned up navmesh blockers on some buildings to prevent building placement on top of other buildings and prevent villagers from pathing through them.
  • Increased draw distance for grass decoration objects.

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  • New Settlement names are now properly validated to ensure invalid symbols are not used, which can cause save issues.
  • Removed legacy grass rendering for improved CPU and RAM utilization.
  • Vsync is now disabled by default.
  • Removed debugging window for crop rot.
  • Disabled option to select screen resolutions lower than 1024 in width and 720 in height. These resolutions are not supported.
  • Trading Post UI has received an optimization pass and now scales with resolution.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to reloading games and restarting/rerolling maps.
  • Fixed an issue with windows and tooltips not respecting UI scale when clamping to the screen.
  • Fixed an issue with in-game reset to default video settings options.
  • Fixed an issue where foraging resources would spawn off the pathable map, ex. in the water. This fix is not retroactive.
  • Fixed an issue with missing tooltips for Fruit.
  • Fixed an issue with carcass tooltip not displaying as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that generated free stone when clearing Cobbled Road build sites.
  • Fixed a rare issue that can cause saves to become unloadable.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would ignore shorelines when seeking drinking water.
  • Fixed an issue with decoration trees sometimes not loading.
  • Fixed an issue where Desirability overlay appears when placing roads.
  • Fixed several issues with building maintenance, also known as Structural Integrity.


  • Yes, barns get their own section this update.
  • Fixed an issue with Fodder HUD.
  • Fixed an issue with setting Grazing Area.
  • Fixed an issue with herd population controls.
  • Fixed an issue with new cow births.
  • Fixed an issue with cows not being able to path through gates.
  • Fixed an issue with cows becoming abandoned if a barn is relocated, destroyed, or upgraded.
  • It is now possible for a herd to become overpopulated, resulting in penalties to herd health.

[Crop Fields]

  • Crop fields too!
  • Fixed an issue where farmers would prioritize Apiaries over building, maintaining and planting/harvesting fields. Towns with an excessive amount of Apiaries may find a reduction in Honey/Wax production as a result.
  • Fixed an issue with assigning Farmers to Crop Fields.
  • Fixed an issue where farmers may become unable to access crop field storage and end up stockpiling several harvests.
  • Fixed an issue where if there were no farmers assigned when field maintenance starts, adding farmers after the fact would cause the maintenance to get skipped.
  • Fixed an issue where if a game was loaded when field maintenance was in progress, the maintenance would be halted.
  • Fixed an issue where Clover could be exploited for mad fertility gainz.
  • Fixed an issue where expanded fields did not update the affected fertility area until the game was reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where expanded fields had the affected fertility area off-set from where it should be.

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  • Additional clean up on localization issues and changes based on community feedback.
  • Increased frequency of traveling merchants arriving per year.
  • Increased frequency of Cattle and Heavy Tools showing up with traveling merchants.
  • Builders now have handcarts for significantly improved carrying capacity, making stocking build sites much more efficient.
  • Villagers will now always consider Temporary Shelters when seeking shelter, even outside of extremely cold temperatures, improving the frequency with which those buildings are used.
  • Increased population requirements for upgrading the Town Center to Tier 3 and Tier 4 to 150 and 300, respectively.
  • Reduced spawn rate of Wolf Dens during map generation. This fix is not retroactive.
  • Adjusted volumes of building selection sound effects for the Town Center, Graveyard and Rat Catcher.
  • Fixed an issue with animal generation on small and medium maps that should result in significantly more deer spawning on Small and Medium maps. While this fix is not retroactive, it can still result in increased deer respawns on old saves.
  • Fixed an issue where hunters would spend excessive time dropping off small amount of meat in tier 2 Hunter Cabins.


  • Apiaries now require at least one Crop Field before they can be built. Apiaries require farmers to service them.
  • Charcoal Kiln can now have up to 4 workers, but individual worker production speed has been reduced, for more GRAINular production control…wait we did that pun already.
  • Cooper Building now requires Tier 3.
  • Healer’s House and Hospital now stock Soap.
  • Reduced monthly upkeep of Healer’s House and Hospital.
  • Fixed an issue where Healer’s House upgrade did not correctly require a Tier 3 Town Center.
  • Trading Post will no longer burn down by careless villagers.
  • Fixed an issue where Fieldstone Wall was upgradeable to Palisade Wall.


  • Adjusted some building Log and Plank costs for buildings.
  • Significantly increased the size of mineral deposits (clay, coal, gold, iron, sand). This change is not retroactive.
  • Mineral deposits (coal, gold, iron) now appear in single nodes and correctly display the total ore they contain. This change is not retroactive.
  • Adjustments to tree resources, including increased tree regrowth and maturation speed. Note: decoration trees do not spread new trees.
  • Added the megarock, a stone monolith that provides 1200 stone and can be found in many maps. This change is not retroactive.
  • Luxury goods no longer spoil. No more dropped pottery.


  • Raiders are now less likely to target Brickyards.
  • Reduced damage of certain raiders.
  • Improved damage bonuses of weapons for soldiers.

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Nice!!! Here it comes, thanks to the dev team

Nice update I like that the traders now have a notification… but now the wildlife don’t have their nametags.

Excellent news, great changes for sure. Keep up the good work.
Now time to fire up the 0.7.5

Excellent! Thank you all for the hard work on this great game!

I agree, very thankful as well and am looking forward to re-rolling!
(Google translate ftw)

Just wanna jump in before the haters arrive.
Thank you so much for all of your work. I’m fucking loving the game. Like I notice it’s not perfect and I just get on with enjoying the game as it is.
Super pumped for this and all future updates.
Happy for DLCs to exist, happy to wait for bridges, happy for all the things.


Great changes, only thing I don’t agree with is the Apiary requiring farmers. Personally I think there needs to be a separate profession like Beekeeper because now all your doing with getting Farmers to focus on crops more is making people mark spots for farm land then disabling the construction on the field… it turns laborers into Farmers but they don’t have a field so they just go to farming other fields or now I guess emptying apiaries…

This one has got me worried though… This gonna make clover worthless now to raising fertility?

You also said you reduced the spawn rate of wolf dens but I just made a Idyllic Valley on Vanquisher(yes I know more wolf dens) but one hill on the start up had FIFTEEN wolf dens… on ONE hill all close together… The wolfs had a city all there own… lol


Amazing! so many notes addressed!

Off to start a new town :smiley:

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Uh oh, you guys broke something. Got about 30 minutes into a new city, population around 60 at tech 2, and all of my workers suddenly stopped working. They are all hanging around the house resting or stocking the house, and it just says “Idle - Unable to work” above all of them. They never complete any more work, even if prioritized, and even if I delete and replace the building to be built. Several unfinished buildings and roads just sitting there forever. Up to that point, it was going well. I actually think there are too many resources now, feels way too easy, but I guess not having to worry about resources is fine.

Also, I thought managing where resources are stored and unchecking whole categories of items to be stored was coming with this patch?

Keep up the work. Hope a reload fixes this issue, and it’s rare.

PS, looking forward to a patch or DLC for bridges. So many maps where it would have been so nice to bridge a tiny water gap to cut my walk from miles to feet…

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Thank you for the update! Just a note that I’m still getting herbs spawning in water.

Yeah! Let’s go to test 0.7.5!

I don’t really understand the change to builders, now using a hand cart. Does that make baskets obsolete? What’s the point of baskets now?


Glad to know 0.7.5 is released!!

Now we can biuld a new world…again^^

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" * Cooper Building now requires Tier 3."
no baby noooooooo


I mean you can’t produce iron ingots until tier 3 anyway

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yeh but you can buy them at T2


I have to say, excellent work on the performance updates. My poor computer is no longer having to constantly ramp up the fan so high. Memory is a modest 2gb and super low processor/gpu usage. Runs so much better.