Farthest Frontier v0.7.5 + Hotfixes


Each dear comes with a set number of meat/pelts/tallow. You can say I want more ears and less legs from each dear. Each deer has 2 ears and 4 legs. Its the same with the meat/pelts/tallow, you can’t say I want more pelts and less meat, they both come from the same deer. If you found a skinny deer it might have less meat, but its pelt would be smaller too… the Meat/Pelts/Tallow all come from the same set source.

Wood comes from trees
Stone comes from Rocks
Meet/Pelts/Tallow come from dear (or what ever animal you are currently targeting) The ratio is set by the animal you choose.

Develop with peace of mind V0.7.6

Hi Friends!

I’m have some issues with my saved games. After update version it"s not bootable:(
Anybody have ideas or solutions?

Perhaps it’s to do with late game aesthetics? I got lucky and had lots of deer spawns eight hunting cabins in a row looked odd. Also the traps seem to take a long time so upgrading the hunters didn’t feel worth worth as your weilds went down

My point is just one animal can seperate different part resource, but equal to its total weight.

For example, deer dismember to meat you can choose more fat or less, which become part
of tallow. Meat with skin so that pelts will less reward.

In this case then one deer may have 5 meats/ 3 Pelts/ 4 Tallow default, if I want more meat
that will be 7 meats/ 1 Pelts/ 2 Tallow,more tallow will be 2 meats/ 2 Pelts/ 6 Tallow.

Just an idea~

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Please don’t report bugs in this thead. Use the Bug Reporting section to make those, thanks.

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Just want to say thanks, the v0.7.5d hotfix has fixed the building integrity problem on loading old saves, now I can continue to play them again.

When I walk out to the woods to go hunting this fall, and get a deer… I can’t decide how much meat and how much pelt it is going to give me… it is what it is.

With wood and rock, you don’t get to decide how much wood a tree gives you and how much stone a rock gives you they give you a set amount. If you want to cut down 5 trees fro every one rock you mine, you can do that, but you can’t change the amount of wood a tree gives you or the amount of stone a rock gives you.

So you could have a ratio of Deer:Boar but it is physically impossible to choose the ratio of meat/pelts/tallow/blood/ears/legs/teeth/hoves/tails/eyes/etc and animal gives you.

Ok from my testing.

  • Allowing villagers to use temp shelter more makes them go anywhere to grab food (hunter, forager, storage etc.) And almost never to the house.
  • Market is stocking on single food type ignoring other food types if they are in different root cellar. For example they will take 500 root veggies and 500 beans that will spoil before used and ignore 1k smoked meat in separate root cellar. They also ten to not exceed 500 storage in the market.
  • villagers ignore market and stock on luxury goods in storage buildings even if they were available on the market.
  • trader will take items from the market to trade post if it’s closer to his house then storage.

Since we lack any logistics control it becomes an irritating issue when it works like that.


This explains my scurvy issues. I have more than enough veggies and berries, but if the market only stocks meat than that could cause some problems.

That doesn’t make sense. You don’t get to decide how much tallow and pelt a deer has when you shoot it. And it’s not possible to magically turn meat into pelt.

You do get to decide whether or not you are going to chop wood or mine stone.

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Yes I think the main feature enhancements need to be in the management of the villagers behaviour, far more than in tweaking number of pork chops per deer killed. I’d like those to remain realistic

How can i get rid of these corpses? They sit there for over 3 years and rats are running all around. This is gross AF.

Do you have a grave yard that is not full? And free labourers?

Yep…Both empty graveyard and free labourers. I think i’m gonna throw up!

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Hm, a villager should come by, pick them up and take them to the graveyard. Can’t command them to do it though, it’s automatic in the game.

When??? It’s been 5 years now!!!

I’m pretty sure you have built a fence around the entire area. None of your laborers are able to get into the area. I don’t see a gate anywhere, just fence. It’s also likely why all your farmers died in the first place…


You can roughly decide how much meat a dear will give you by simply deciding the size of the deer you choose to kill. Don’t want a lot of meat? Kill a smaller dear. Same with trees. Don’t need that much wood? Cut down a smaller tree.