Farthest Frontier v0.8.3 + v0.8.3a + v0.8.3b

I have been looking forward to some changes in food. For example, my villagers can now eat plenty of bread, jam, bacon, and smoked fish, but because the wild fruits on the map are always erased for various reasons, my villagers rarely have access to hawthorn sauce, blueberry sauce, nuts, fried eggs, and mushrooms. Can we allow our farm to choose the types of cultivation? For example, we can raise chickens in livestock sheds, providing eggs and meat like cows provide milk and meat, allowing us to grow blueberries, hawthorn, nuts, and mushrooms through fruit tree growers.

This also happened to me. I noticed the weather indicated extreme heat well into the winter (visually, it was snowing). Restarting also fixed the weather and the water issue for me.

Hotfix going out shortly.



  • Fixed an issue where crops would fail to plant. Any saves already impacted by this issue will have to either redo their current crop rotation or simply wait out the bugged harvest to the next year. The issue is resolved after that.
  • Fixed an issue where temperatures could end up stuck in extreme cold or extreme heat.
  • Fixed an issue where expanding fields would not update the maximum farmer count properly.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause loading to hang indefinitely.

Hey all, I havnt seen this reported anywhere. I just got to tier 4 on a new playthrough and put down two deep gold mines. At full capacity (which is twice the number of workers that a regular tier 2 mine has) the deep mines are producing at most half of what the regular mines are. Ive ran this for a couple of ingame years, both are equidistant from housing and have the same “State Breakdown” at the bottom of the building info. This was also the case for a deep coal mine relative to its smaller counterpart, and the deep coal mine was actually closer to worker housing.

Has anyone else run into this? I know its a bit of a slog to get to tier 4 so it’d be a huge bummer if deep mines weren’t producing at at least the same rate per worker (so roughly double per building at max workers) as the smaller tier 2 mine.

You can move Blueberry bushes. I always move them by my farms and have a couple forager shacks just to harvest them.

Nice work on this, cant wait to try it out!

Oh I didn’t know that, how does one move the blue berry bush and is it only farmer who can do it… and to controll a farmer :yum:
Does you just plant them/move them and put them on the ground or you have to plant them in a field?

There is a move button similar to the ones you find on buildings. Click on that and place it in a forager’s area; farmers don’t do blueberries as they’re not “crops”.

Great I will explore my map more did a big run yesterday no blueberry, just hawthorn and a bush I had no idea what it was, had to googgle it Sumac buch

I have the same situation, but with coal as well as the gold. Sand seems to work well. Ended up having to spin up three coal maker buildings to keep the iron mills running. Will see how it works out as time goes on… also, getting to this level… ran into a plague type situation. Many people lost over short time period… needed to add hospitals all over the place. One thing I would like to see is a consistent display of which houses/bldgs are covered when you hover over a service - i.e. light up the houses covered by rat/hospital/baker.

Rat catchers you can already see which houses/buildings are covered. Can also adjust their work area if needed.

Hey! Thanks for your help, I already had them installed, but I updated to the latest version:

  • dotnetcodingpack-win-x64-1.0.0
  • dotnet-sdk-7.0.302-win-x64
  • VC_redist.x64
  • MelonLoader 6.1

At the first login, it did not enter the game, I had the pc restart and entered directly through the game shortcut, and I was able to play.

Thank you again. :slight_smile:

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The new update is GREAT!

However experiencing lockups and program aborts someone frequently. (almost none at all from 8.2 backwards) No change to PC hardware/software

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Yes… what I would like, though is a consistent UI - based on the festival pole - when you move the cursor over the bar, it lights up the houses covered, so you know where you may need to add another. Would like schools/bakeries/pubs etc all to work the same way - where you see a light - up the house coverage (whereas for school - you currently have to start a build of a school and you can then observe which houses are covered by existing school by moving your proposed school over an existing school location

При паузе пекарни уменьшается привлекательность соседних домов

ну правильно, не работает же.
так же и с привлекательными зданиями типа лекаря и тд, когда нет золота и там не работает никто. из пекарни тип запах даёт привлекательность и все сбегаются на круасаны с пончиками ) ну а когда врача нет… конечно город не привлекательный , заболел и каюк.

played 0.8.3.a up to 110ppl , fps from the start was not 75 as in previous updates , but from 65.
didnt find major issues during that run , but performance problem on high pop is still here. 110 ppl - fps dropped to ~30. same as it was in any previous update. (previously at 1k pop was ~10-15 fps)

wish to see more fps after release on high pop , for example in anno1800 with 30-40k pop and hundreds of buildings , trade routes for ships etc have 30-40 fps (2k resolution ultra settings, i7-8700, 32gb ddr4, nvme ssd , rtx 3070ti )

Я не говорю про золото, золото есть. Я говорю про то что пекарь перестает печь хлеб по количеству. Хотя в анонсе обновы писали что не должно влиять на привлекательность

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