Farthest Frontier v0.8.3 + v0.8.3a + v0.8.3b

NOTE: this update will require starting a new map, or at least rerolling an existing map, in order to benefit from all of the new features. Fair warning that the patch following this will probably require rerolling as well.


  • Fixed a rare issue where stone deposits can end up too small to place a Quarry. This fix is retroactive.


  • Fixed an issue where crops would fail to plant. Any saves already impacted by this issue will have to either redo their current crop rotation or simply wait out the bugged harvest to the next year. The issue is resolved after that.
  • Fixed an issue where temperatures could end up stuck in extreme cold or extreme heat.
  • Fixed an issue where expanding fields would not update the maximum farmer count properly.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause loading to hang indefinitely.

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Major New Features


[Major New Features]

  • Town Center placement now has an overview of all resources in the general area.
  • Work Camps can now be upgraded to tier 2. In addition to harvesting logs and stone, tier 2 Work Camps can also replant trees for sustainable forestry.
  • Deep Mines and Quarries are now available in tier 4. These buildings can gather their respective resource indefinitely once placed. Note that this feature requires starting a new map as the resources need to be regenerated.
  • The Professions Window now features an “Auto-Refill” checkbox underneath the Laborer count. When this feature is turned on, available laborers will automatically refill other professions whenever there are vacancies (ex. villager deaths). This feature is toggled on by default.

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  • Optimized raider combat pathing and logic to improve performance during raids, particularly large end-game raids.
  • Optimized health bars, which improves framerates when there are significant numbers of health bars on the screen, ex. when raiders appear or many buildings are left damaged.
  • Optimized detail foliage on buildings to improve performance.
  • Fixed a rare issue that can cause the game to fail saving.
  • Fixed an issue where fields can appear visually empty and crops are left to rot.
  • Fixed an issue where exposure to extreme weather was not working as intended. This resulted in villagers sheltering in their homes longer than intended and potentially ending up stuck inside up to Summer, but also surviving weather they should not have.
  • Fixed an issue where the Market immigration event would not trigger correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where heavy tools would end up stuck in building storage instead of becoming available to the whole town.
  • Fixed an issue where the tool used by a building (ex. Windmill) would show up in its storage in addition to its heavy tool slot.
  • Fixed an issue where Blacksmith Forge would get stuck when producing Heavy Tools.
  • Fixed an issue where traders would get stuck in the Trading Post with 0 days departure time.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a building would not consistently highlight other instances of the same building in town.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crop Field window was inaccessible while it is being expanded.
  • Fixed an issue where Markets would continue to stock foods that had been unchecked (ex. uncheck meat, meat was stocked anyway).
  • Fixed an issue where some luxury items were automatically unchecked when upgrading a Market to tier 2.
  • Fixed an issue where the footprint of a constructed or relocated building could break, resulting in overlap.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling a road upgrade could result in a phantom road getting stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where young trees would be marked as mature and generate as much wood as mature trees.
  • Fixed several sounds that were on the wrong channels or incorrect 2d/3d settings.

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  • Builders now auto-repair buildings at 70% structural integrity, up from 60%. The structural integrity warning now appears over buildings at 50%. The Mark for Repairs priority button is now available at 50%. As long as sufficient building materials and builders are available, this system is largely automatic.
  • Food Spoilage and Crop Diseases now scale with game difficulty.
  • You can now cycle between instances of the same building with arrows in the building’s window.
  • Reduced how fast villagers consume water. Consequently, the amount of water shelters need to stock has been reduced.
  • Reduced wear of shoes by 40%, ie. shoes now last longer.
  • Reduced the resources on Megarocks™ to compensate for the addition of quarries.

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  • Bakeries no longer lose their desirability bonus when they are halted by production limits. Manually toggling off a bakery still disables its desirability.
  • Increased max workers at Barns and increased production time for milk.
  • Increased suggested farmers per Crop Field, scaling with size.
  • Granary storage is now summarized in the Resource Window.
  • Increased work area for Rat Catchers and reduced their upkeep.
  • Markets now have the same spoilage reduction benefits as Root Cellars and can store as many barrels, so that transferring food out of root cellars for distribution is not penalized.
  • Increased production speed at Smokehouses.
  • Reduced Hides per Hide Coat at the Tannery.
  • Increased Flax per Linen Clothes at the Weaver Building.
  • Adjusted Well water generation to account for the changes to shelter stocking.

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  • Reduced price of Cheese.
  • Increased luxury tax from Furniture and Glassware.
  • Reduced price of Logs.
  • Increased the cost and reduced the luxury tax on Spices.

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Can you do that for the real-world as well please!

Nice updates, all new to me as I haven’t tried the beta. Have a great weekend.


Hell yea, I love it all!

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Great, we’ll try it on a new map.

Fun Times, My villagers need me…

Been sitting on a great map seed I rolled last night (3CCF6665C62, medium/valley/trailblazer) and looking forward to restarting it on 8.3!

OMG those were definitely not there the first time LOL

The random number seed is only reliable on reproducing the same map as long as the algorithm for generating a map doesn’t change. With this update, there were changes, many changes, that affect this algorithm. Something so mild as a frequency (or probability) shift on mega rocks will throw the entire number series generated out of sync with the items it is used to generate stuff. Add that new features, like the Deep mines and Quarries, which require a new map restart, demonstrate that something new is being added to the terrain to accommodate them and thus, makes old seeds useless.

Hopefully 0.9.0 will fix the wolf den hill from hell scenarios :wink:

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Cool story bro

  • You can now cycle between instances of the same building with arrows in the building’s window.


Sorry to say that it is impossible to play, I have tried with 2 new maps and it crashes constantly, version 0.8.2 is much more stable :frowning:

  • 0.8.1 some crashes, about 50 hours of gameplay.
  • 0.8.2 , 3 or 4 crashes, maybe, about 140 hours of gameplay.

Had a bug or something, my wells suddenly stopped “producing” water, but a restart fixed it :slight_smile:

tbh, get MelonLoader and the mod, and then you could have been doing that for a long time, fellow gamer :slight_smile:
Theres also a superior camera-mod for zooming out

I also liked to use some mods and MelonLoader but it stopped working. I tried installing again and it doesn’t start the game.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

The mods and probably Melonloader need to be updated to the latest patch to work properly.

This is a nice set of new features and updates. thanks for the good work.

Started new village. Haven’t had to refill jobs. Better fps and smoothness. Faster load times as well it seems. Upgraded work camps also excellent for wood management. Excellent work.

rat catcher radius now matches a t2 market. Wood sustain is no longer an issue and i can put more than 1 worker in my camps without killing any forest in less than a year. Also the game feels like its running much smoother now. Haven’t made it to t4 yet, but i hope the quary is as nice as it sounds ^^
Best update so far :slight_smile:


And… still no mini map :frowning_face: but some great changes