[Feedback] Fire DEE had it long way coming

Obviously not every variation of every possible build is tested, but I had decent success with a pyromancer using this build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe5p7kZ

and no, I didn’t think to make any recordings of the gameplay because I did not think that there would be such animosity against the testers (and thus I didn’t feel the need to “prove” anything). I did take this quick screen clip of SR80, which I guess will have to suffice

No, it’s not a particularly strong set for DEE, but it’s also not unplayably bad. No, the build is not optimized; I built something that looked good enough for testing purposes. Yes, it was tested. No, this does not set the precedent that playtesters need to “prove” that things were tested, the language in this topic was just pissing me off so I took the bait regardless.


@Snazzblaster “just get stonehide of kings” :smile:

@Ulvar1 I just asked my friend, Gerald D. Stash, if he would trade it to me


The person who did the first and, not to mention, the only one decent DEE build on the forum, but

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You mean Nery? :thinking: [] Cult of Dreeg - DEE spamming Sentinel

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You mean me? Back in I first dabbled in DEE but item changes and skill mod adjustments ruined the conversions and made it a #deadbuild

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Remember that Dmt by “decent” means 5:30 CR160-170 and SR 130 :slight_smile:

Dafuq that’s slow

is it 4:30 - 5:00 that is “decent” these dayz?

You said 5:30 160-170 so that’s 11 - 12ish mins 150-170 :rofl:

But yeah imo cruci builds should be sub 5:30 unless your PC is shit

Above 5:30 but safe is probably better for SR, sub 5:30 is decent, sub 5 is strong and sub 4:40 is godlike. Unless your banana so subtract 30s for all builds.

Ah now I see KEKW LOL I meant 150-170

*you’re :wink:

So you mean you don’t have a banana?

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I have banned bananas from my home since a dude named “MONKEY” showed up in GD discord


What a shame. I like bananas

See monkey, kill monkey! Nah, I think the saying was different? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now for Crucible times, I am low spec gamer (I mean bad system) and still could do sub 5 on some builds, so it’s my norm for top tier Crucible builds, while 5:30 is my decent rank.

I’m not much a caster guy or really don’t know about DEE but it also seemed weak to me. Ofc if you combine with BWC(which is already a strong skill by itself) or any other skill to kite around, it might result okay.
My expectations is not that high as ‘‘the Crucible Mafia’’ nevertheless set itself has problems, not just in DEE part either. Chaos part is kinda seemed joke to me; you end up 9k health, no proper defenses etc. Fire Sabo is also close to that but atleast better. Not sure how Chaos DEE perform as WH either.

The other sets also have same kinda problems. They are not totally shit but they lack different things in such builds and none of them probably compete any existing build-set-archetypes.

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Let me repeat Zantai’s words, that you need to have an actual build that you have played, just not some grim Tools junk :zantai:

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I need to get the sets first, couldn’t GDstash them without GDstash and apparently they don’t drop like candies. But it’s not hard to change gears in GT with your existed build and see the stats like in Chaos Saboteur.

I think peeps are expecting this set to be too one-dimensional for DEE. I agree that it probably won’t hold as pure DEE fire spam, but it looks like the set does have a lot of alternate or combo possibilities.

I don’t have game access currently, but GT does show some potential items to make fun WH builds:

  • Vilgazor’s Heart for 100% global acid -> fire
  • There is a blue occ +2 fire axe that might go well with Yugol’s Hunger Relic.
  • DW blazeheart for full chaos/vit -> fire for PB/DEE combo.
  • full Pierce ->fire convert with Ignaffar gloves

etc. It looks like this set might fit best with the DEE transmuter and focus on the DoT side of DEE. And something else…to go with.

Its simple target is as the Snazz build. But there is sure to be much more.

Edit: in fact, after a longer look… DW Blazeheart WH with topped Possession+SW+Second rite + Vilgazor’s (BoD flat, LA flat) might be pretty good for PB if some energy regen can be sorted out in the Devos. Looks reasonable for Yugol Relic, though. Throw in 1 point for the base DEE skill for a devotion proccer.

apparently you’ve missed the part, where component skill performs better than as bad as 45 points skill.