[Feedback] Petition to return Fire to Lightning conversion to Cindertouch gloves

I think it’s gonna mess all the Mortar builds really badly since most of them are Fire based.

‘Needs’ is a bit strong, don’t you think?

While my build was using Cindertouch too, it has about as much Fire -> Lightning conversion now as yours did before this change.

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Was there any reason why the conversion was removed, other than for the sake of taking a stat from a item, simply for the sake of making it less useful and impacting people that used it for the conversion, and cause a reaction in your playerbase? Was the conversion somehow extremely OP, because it made one or two builds too good? Or are we just going to keep getting snarky replies instead of an explanation that actually justifies this change?


I am willing to bet that the chances of me making a non-pet / non-rata build is higher than getting non snarky replies :stuck_out_tongue:

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crate’s still going to do patches with gd and adding small new contents occasionally, right? it could be possible that crate wants to add some new items to replace cindertouch’s role, and crate is still in brainstorming phase with it.

with the name cindertouch, one would expect it to be an item with, uh… fiery. nature.

I know this is not a good enough reason to justify the change, but it always bothered me that an item named Cindertouch supported lightning damage more than fire damage. The first time it dropped I was like “Cool! This could be useful for my fire purif-- oh, it converts the fire damage to lightning…”, so… I’m glad for this change for the sake of thematic consistency?


But then why put so much emphasis on Lightning in the first place?

Maybe a new item would be great, called “Shocking Grasp”. Cut all fire related things and bring in only the conversion. :wink:

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50/50 proves both sides are right and wrong WutFace

Glad the conversion got removed. It was parasitic for hybrid builds.

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Can you give an example of such builds that needed exactly Cindertouch and could not use Wyrmbones?

And so, the discussion goes on but neither we heard the reason why the conversion was removed, nor saw any builds that would benefit from it.
It will be cool if there are arguments.


Hey, I never said that was the reason the conversion was removed. That was my own personal interpretation of the change. The devs technically don’t own anyone an explanation, anyway.

I sat there for a good while looking at both gloves very critically.

Cindertouch has:

Soulfire: this converts already. If you wanted the conversion removed, these gloves give no attack speed for fire EoR…An argument could be made for wanting the crit and flat damage.

Vindictive flame: if you wanted the conversion to make this lightning, you meme harder then me. If you wanted the conversion removed because you wanted more skill points in this you have many other options.

Call tempest: Lightning tempest…isn’t there easier ways to get it converted like an amulet? No cast speed. Removed for fire tempest. Better options out there.

Wind Devil: lightning devil, lots of other options. Fire devil, perhaps the only argument I see to remove the conversion but kinda meme.

Proc: Wyrmbone is far better, IMO, unless you want to be “thematic”

The rest of the stats are irrelevant…you are going to get those stats regardless until you reach a threshold you feel you need. There are folks that say you don’t need a high amount of da unless you are going deep in SR…yet I like having 3k on most of my characters at a cost of other things. It’s how I play.

I was reading the patch notes literally 2 min after Z posted it. I knew, the moment I saw this change, it would be disliked.

If you went to a doctors appointment and waited 3 hrs after your appointment time with no explanation as to why, you be pretty miffed. It’s the same thing here. You can feel no explanation was needed but it doesn’t change the fact that if I, someone who doesn’t work on the game or is associated with Crate, can see the change would be seen as “bad” could have created a better sense of understanding instead of looking @mad_lee view and criticizing it just because of how he plays which has no effect on any of us in a single player game.

A short reply as to why would go a long way. You can then argue that but at that point I can’t see how you could as it’s Crate’s design philosophy to change it and their right.

In the end I think the patch needs a little time for the “dust to settle” to see what will happen. However, regardless of how I feel about this change, I still cannot find a reason as to why…and I think that’s the key thing here.


Hybrid cyclone elementalist :smiley: or hybrid cyclone shieldbreaker
Edit Otherwise said, something different from the cookie cutting meta.


In what scenario were these gloves considered “cookie cutting meta”? And even if they were, what would be the problem with that? It’s not like there were alternatives for hybrid builds already, which were pointed out to you, but you decided to ignore it.


I’m seeing quite a few people say that Wyrmbone’s proc is better than Cindertouches but is this actually true in practice? Cinderwind’s aura attack work in the same way as Blade Spirit’s aura attack so I believe they should stack their damage with multiple out.

Wyrmbone proc have WD, otherwise Cindetouch is cool too, mind is really intrusive and slowing my FPS.

Looking at the items design, skill bonuses and stats, I always felt someone swapped their names :smile:

Still Cindertouch were lightning gloves with fire to lightning conversion.

True, but it’s 10% and on a 2s cd. Maybe in crowds it means more as the wave will hit several enemies but on very few or single target Bosses it’s not doing a lot, especially on casters that typically have low weapon damage.

Any GT links or links to guides with videos or at least say how they perform.

Hybrid Cyclone Shieldbreaker does not make sense with those gloves because here how EoR would look:

For Hybrid you definitely don’t want those gloves.