[Feedback] The clunkiness of BWC

I have 2 questions:

  1. When spamming at point blank range, why does my spec choose to lob BWC up in the air instead of dunking it right on the ground?

  2. Are all demolitionists cock-eyed? Because it’s quite a feat to occasionally miss a target an inch away from where you’re standing by a magnitude of several dozen yards.

Would be nice if these 2 issues could be addressed.

Tangentially…what the heck is up with BWC spam’s energy consumption?

It is more difficult to sustain then AAR, and I’m playing a sorc in this video.


Yep, add to that super slow throwing animation that doesn’t seem to scale well with casting speed and you have yourself one wonky clunky skill.

You mean when throwing BwC on the ground in a very close proximity to the player, it is sometimes thrown at maximum distance instead?

Yup. Watch the video. It happens literally in the first 2 seconds

Yeah, I’ve definitely had problems with BWC just getting thrown to some random place and wondering if I’m stupid or having a stroke. Kind of frustrating

probably both :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe devs wanted to go full realism on this one? :thinking: You wouldn’t throw a molotov under your own feet, now would you? If it was just about to slip through your fingers, you’d just toss it as far as possible! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i also wouldn’t be able to constantly pull molotovs out of my ass

Yeah, that’s sad… :rofl:

No? Well, give this a try and then you can…

Maybe follow up with some of this. :rofl:

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@medea_fleecestealer with the off-topic comment!

I love it, and I love you <3

Hey, I didn’t start the foodie stuff, mornay did. I just helped it along a little. :wink:


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I honestly have no idea what that is

It’s a Satan’s dick

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