[Feedback] Warborn Cadence still sucks

I made this thread in a previous patch.

For some reason Cadence part of Warborn set is being ignored by Crate. It suffered from multiple Soldier/Physical Damage/Beronath sword nerfs and it still hasn’t recovered.


here is a min-maxed (by me) Death Knight in Warborn set. 3270 OA in-game, tonns of flat damage, close to 190% attack speed on average, 87% converted WPS pool, quite a bit of racial damage, two tier 3 devotions, Cunning Dump. Build has everything. But it does Crucible in 7-7:30 minute range when piloted by me. It’s going to be at least 30 seconds slower when piloted by a casual player.

For comparison, melee builds in dedicated sets with other types of damage do 6 minutes or less.

Double Reaver Claw Pierce Shattered Set Blademaster (build that has similiar amount of RR, much less flat damage) does Crucible in 5:40-6 minutes without breaking a sweat and goes as deep as Shard 90.

Meanwhile, Warborn Cadence Soldier is a joke.

P.S. My fastest run with a min-maxed spec:


Warborn Cadence is joke as DW melee? I dare you to try physical 2H Cadence. Then it will not be fun but sad. Definitely physical Cadence is lacking.

Just physical dmg things.

I’ve been playing melee chars with phys type of dmg in diablo-like game since before i could walk. I have made about 30 complete melee builds in GD. The amount of phys dmg builds is 0.

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Rolling the dice between 144 and 722 damage values of two-handed weapon then rolling the dice which value will be rolled when Cadence hits and then rolling the dice if it’s going to be a crit or not? This kind of Casino build is a sure way to untimely death in endgame, and sadly I had the experience with this kind of build.


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How’s the single target part of warborn? Dummy tests? Maybe a simple increased target fix a la Reaver’s claw will do fine.

Mediocre. 7-7:30 Crucible completion timers should be indicative of that. Mad Queen kill timer is 10-11 seconds (good melee builds do it in ~8-9, great ones in 6-7).

And what’s going to be the clear time with an experienced pilot? Heyooooo.


Hey, I maybe no @Plasmodermic or @John_Smith but my pilot license is legit!

What would really be great is a crit bonus. Unless you’re playing warlord or 2H Blade Arc, physical builds have almost 0 convenient sources of crit damage. Mad_lee’s DK has 19%, my Warborn BM has 20%. You get 5% off blue-yellow devotions and maybe another 15-20% off gear tops. You can marginally fix it with high OA and its bonus crit damage, but it’s still unreliable. The reduced crit damage mutator just makes you want to kill yourself when it appears.

15% crit bonus to cadence on 4pc would buff the weaker archetypes but be less relevant to Warlord from diminishing returns. Or at least another +2 targets so we can choose to not hardcap fighting form.

EDIT: can we get cadence-related skill bonuses on Mythical Mark of Kalastor? There are exactly 2 legendary medals with any Cadence bonuses, and both of them have complete shit for resists. Deadly Momentum would be the dream, but even +2 to Fighting Form to compete with Rylok Crests is already good.


Warborn Cadence sucks

I actually spit out my drink, which is a first for these forums after all these long years. Congratulations!

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Most S&Bs are weak, not just Warbone, except retaliation.

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Hope you didn’t blast your monitor. :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry, it can still kill Cronley reliably, so your farming route is safe. After all these long years!

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Loghorrean, is that you?

Dont ever say warporn cadence sucks, yo for years now its been a build close to Cenos heart :laughing:

plot twist: it really sucks :smiling_imp:

Physical Cadence is good for Zen meditation

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It’s pretty apparent and Smitherson already mentioned it, the crit damage in the build is severely lacking. Partly it’s because Beronath Sword was nerfed. So the global crit damage is 19%, Cadence has no innate bonus on its modifiers, and no bonus from item modifiers. I don’t think enough has been done in the build to compensate for this. In Devotions, only Panther (5%) was picked up. Peerless Eye of Beronath and Rylok Crest could help as far as gear goes. And as a side note the non-mythical version of the gloves seem superior here.

I imagine the AoE isn’t great either, that probably isn’t helping.

Still, doesn’t mean the set couldn’t use some tweaking. I’m just trying to be fair and offer partial solutions that aren’t just buffing the set. I like the build in any case, well done.

Alright let’s be a little more serious then.

Where’s the problem?

That aside, I wouldn’t call this overly min-maxed. The +max res is neat, but you can definitely get more aggressive.


I’m not fully convinced with two things:

  • Running Death Knight; my money is on Witchblade being better.
  • Maxing Ill Omen. You get all the damage reduction you can want from Light of Empyrion and it should activate fairly frequently. You can lower investment in Ill Omen for comparable spread/proc rates and bump up Field Command or get Zolhan’s for better average dps.

I would rather see fixes to things like deathguard set before improvements to warborn tbh


I love how you guys are trying to help me to make a better build. I mean, I appreciate your effort, but in case you didn’t know - I specialize in endgame builds and made dozens of min-maxed top-tier specs across all classes and all playstyles.

So when you say “x might be better than y”, chances are, you are wrong and I have already tested both x, y and z.

Peerless Eye performed worse than Bloodsurge amulet despite OA and crit damage. Besides, build cannot be consistent with Peerless Eye, resist overcaps becomes a pain and you will be dying frequently in Crucible.

Problem is that top tier AA builds based on other elements easily do Crucible Gladiator 150-170 in 5:30-6:30 minutes. Belgo BM does it in 5:30, Belgo Infil in 6, SR 2x Reaver Claw in 5:45, Deathmarked Infiltrator/Trickster in 6, Korba Trickster in 6-6:30, Melee Fire Strike Shieldbreaker in 6-6:30, Rah’Zin WH in 6:30 ish (maybe even faster), Acid Dervish (in SR set or Venomblade) in 5:30-6:30.

We’ve been through this, Norzan and Fluff made this claim in some thread long ago, I made a seperate thread and ran a series of tests comparing Warborn dual-wielding

DK, WB and WL head-to-head-to-head. Witchblade was by far the worst both in terms of survivability and damage.

That’s actually just for spreading Azrakaa Sands - almost a passive proccer for a very potent tier-3 devotion. Constant damage reduction covers for the moments where War Cry is down.

This amulet is bis for damage and I used it before. Unfortunately, build is very incosistent with it. DA in your link makes it even more glassy. And Direwolf Crest is better than Korvak, I tested that shit too.

Here is a video of my fastest run, btw: