Fg. Looks. Amazing.

Bravo, crate. Bravo.

I thought Grim Dawn was not gonna be sexy again (now that we cant see the green boob lady on all load screens) but I was soo wrong :slight_smile:

Because there’s a hunky topless guy on the screen? :slight_smile:

Topless guys > boobs. Wait, no… hold on…

No love for Generic Occultist Man A? :stuck_out_tongue:

It does look pretty amazing though, doesn’t it. The best GD’s ever looked, imo.

yeah man that is what I call a CHEST!

I dunno. The best GD ever looked was when I conquered 170 with my breaker unbuffed/unbannered.

Was the most satisfied I’ve ever felt playing GD because I had refused to use any guides, and had to puzzle out all the mechanics myself (with the guidance of the vets of the forum of course).

This is a mighty close 2nd though. :smiley:

What is Tryndamere doing in Grim Dawn?

I thought the AoM lady was supposed to show up on loading screens now and then, I have not seen her yet :frowning:

I could not resist the temptation to start an aegis build and name her Xena.

The random number god is still a bastard. I actually got three different screens right away.

I got a FG item on the first hero I killed but I have not seen the green boob lady in 30 loading screens :open_mouth: I hate you RNGesus

I wonder,what’s the idea behind then guy from loading screen.Nice thick armor and the all his chest is left unprotected,is he trying to seduce aetherials or kill them:undecided:.

Seduce and THEN kill them

I thought Loggy was supposed to do the seducing part

Dude. His chest IS his armor.

Yep, the areas have so much style, it is amazing. I feel like I am playing Diablo II again during university and being amazed at the Lut Gholein areas. :smiley: I frankly mostly just walked around and admired the view.

I’m getting latest chapter one punch man vibes from this.

It’s the chainmail bikini, male variant :wink:

Has anyone seen the AoM lady in the loading screens???

I still only have seen the occultist dude and the chest dessert warrior… :frowning:

I’m getting latest chapter one punch man vibes from this.