Filters/ Search buttons on starting maps?

Surely this one has been proposed before, but here goes . . .

It would be lovely to have buttons on the starting maps to allow a player to see if/where certain resources can be found. When starting a new map, I often spend a lot of time looking for that one obscure sand or coal deposit, and honestly there’s nothing in the game’s design requiring such a tedious survey of resources. So in my opinion, players should either start with a complete FOW a la Civ/Humankind/Old World, or have the tools to rapidly see what’s there.

This already exists in the game. Just hit the F4 key to call up just icons, icons with amounts and to make them disappear.

No, that’s not exactly what I mean. Those icons are VERY small, and you still have to pan around the map to find the sand, coal, and so on. Maybe the icons could be highlighted with a bold color or something.

Or perhaps a filter would be useful on that map. It would be great to filter out the 500 locations where there are greens, hawthorn or sumac to see the stuff that you really care about.

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How are these small? :thinking:

I suggested add Preview generated map
App can be used as temporary solution.

Thanks, yes. This answers the need – in the short term, at least. But really it ought to be easier to see what’s available without resorting to an external tool.

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Once you realize that Crate’s idea of ‘abundance’ makes mockery of the Dictionary’s actual definition, you will no longer care about what strategic resources a map holds.

They can be added as needed with that external app.

The Herbs, Willow, and Medicinal Root cannot be added, and are critical to the wellbeing and productivity of your town.

Terrain is the next on the list of importance.

Water is your best defender on a flank, and elevation will give you the most bang for your arrow’s buck.

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