Preview generated map

Would be nice to have an option at advanced settings to preview map for current seed: 2D image with water and general information about generated resources.

Issue was already described:

As temporary solution App can be used.


  • Create new folder
  • Unzip to a folder
  • Run FarthestFrontierMap.exe

App 2.0.0 with features:

  • Shows mineral resources on map: Sand, Clay, Iron, Coal, Gold
  • Shows forageables resources on map: Greens, Herb, Willow, Medical Root
  • Shows wildlife on map: Deer, Boar, Wolf, Wolf Den, Bear
  • Shows levels on map: Fertility, Fooder, Water
  • Shows enemies on map
  • Can reveal full map ingame
  • Can cancel building Town Center


Wow very cool. I wonder if someone could code a map editor to allow us to hand craft maps for other players to play on. At least until an in game tool is released.

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We have only seed to share, need first some option to start game on map.

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App 3.0.0 with new features:

  • Added Animals Spawns
  • Added Save Option to add minerals
  • Added Save Option to double minerals



There’s an app that allows us to ADD RESOURECES TO A MAP???

So, what are the steps necessary to add resources?

I’ve downloaded and tried myself, but so far have been unsuccessful.

  1. Open file: File - Open Sav
  2. Add new resource
  3. Save file: File - Save Sav
    You should see text about new minerals:
  4. Press OK
  5. Select same folder for new sav file as original file

App 3.1.0 changes:
File format was changed to 0.8.0
Menu was changed
Menu Open Last was added
Menu Shortcuts were added
Fertility was replaced with Environment fertility


Is it possible to ‘recenter’ the scouted area at the beginning of a new map?

They generate a whole map, and then restrict us to choosing from a very small portion of it to start from.

Saving the game is not possible until the Town Center location is set.
Town Center can be moved by removing it with clear tool and building it again.
The option “Remove Building Sites” on Save dialog allow remove the Town Center before build is finished and start on a new spot.


It is no longer possible to rebuild the town center.

Town Center wasn’t available on playtest, but it is available in 0.8.0



Oh that change didn’t go through. Given you can hardlock your run it makes sense not to remove it.

Thanks a lot your tool becomes better and better.

I just start map random creations to find nice ones now for new game test 0.8.0, but in the beginning where you have to place the town center → then save and check the map with your tool

  • I cannot see where my towncenter is located on the map

EDIT: Oh now I see it → it’s the blue +grafik

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Awesome - adding resources is fantastic :grinning: :love_you_gesture:

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Adding resources is cheating… :man_facepalming:t2:

Well, I love it, the maps are created randomly → also all resources are placed randomly so, it takes a lot time to find a balanced one, to start with, to get some nicer maps with more balanced resources, means everything.

You don’t have to use it, the map tool is also great only for seeing where everything is located.
I personally wanna know what map I am on and what is lacking, to plan my town better.

But now, if the map is nice and only some resources are far too less existing (because of the randomness like often for coal or sand), I can add them if I want :slight_smile:

@Mitr can you add adding options also for plants like roots or willow and fish?

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this is camera location, so may differ from town center location

ok, is there a trick to move the camera more accurate to the towncenter?
Do I have to zoom in very close? In the beginning it is not build yet.