Final Fantasy VII Remake

Leave Cloud and FF7 outta dis mister… that’s messing with sacred ground :upside_down_face:

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Lol yeah I know. We all know it’s TRUE but its FF7 so it gets a pass. Finally started playing the remake btw and holy crap… lost 4 hours easy, game is great.

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I’m jealous a little. I want to but I might wait until they actually get it all done.

Isn’t the remake a cash grab because they release it in parts?
And yeah I am not a fan of big swords either

Technically yes but at the same time it’s FF7. It would actually be worth it to have that game modernized and from what I’ve read so far about this first release they are doing it justice. Plus it’s a massive fucking game so I can understand why they are doing it in parts.

If there is a game that puts childlike wonder in my eyes its FF7… and I was 19 when it came out and I played it. Takes you to another world.

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Good idea einzpesiziinztienstein :scorv:

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I have been watching a Let’s Play of the remake. The gameplay looks solid, but somehow they left out the humor, which results in a lot of cringeworthy dialog. At least Cloud sees the bigger picture.

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Yea that’s pretty much what I gathered from what I’ve read. Im willing to forgive some things tho in this case as long as they dont mess it up too bad. If they can capture how the game felt originally I’ll be content. It’s amazing how awesome that game was when you go back and look at the original graphics now with contemporary eyes. It was a work of art in spite of.

This review is pretty good…

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@Maska322 and to expand on the cash grabiness of it… absolutely. The game is much loved and they know it. Not many who love the game are going to care tho even knowing this. In the end what matters is that they are doing it and trying to make it live up to the original.

When I first heard about it I didnt even need to question them doing this… I was and am completely onboard with the idea… and in the back of my mind I’m just repeating over and over please dont fuckitupsquare. :sweat::grimacing::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I get this newsletter from Square since…ages. I played FF VII two times already and if my wife wouldn´t have bought a Switch (:face_with_raised_eyebrow:), I now would have a PS4 here to play it right now and not have to wait till maybe next year for PC. :pleading_face:


Yeah I forgot until browsing it again just a bit ago that we have to wait some for it to come to PC.

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Not a cash grab by any means, 4 hours in and I only completed blowing up that first mako reactor and got to sector 7 slums. The game is expanded on to the 10th degree.

Yes, its releasing in parts, but the parts themselves are huge and with added content, in many ways a new and different game while somehow retaining most of the important and significant aspects of the original (so far, from my own experience)

The music is awesome, god it’s so good man. The weapon system is fun and adds to the tactical depth of materia. The dialogue is sometimes dumb but it was also sometimes dumb in the original. For the most part the voice acting is good, aside from the cringey pants characters make while running in cutscene. The character playstyles are really fun, and I’ll tell you man, in the same way that GD brought back the D2 feels and kept them going strong, FF7 remake took me back to 16 years old and first playing the original. Beginning is outstanding.

My 2 biggest gripes are only that it doesnt seem you can heal while outside of combat, and sometimes the camera angle decides to do some real dumb things when combined with your character movement/can be hard to center on objects that you can interact with in the world. Wish there was a first person view.

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And… do you have to pay extra for each of Aeris’ braided pigtails?

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Yes, why wouldn’t you?

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Not a cash grab… midgar plate is a thing of beauty in this game and the simple act of blowing up the second mako reactor took me upwards of 4 hours to complete… much of that time being stuck, awe stricken by the enormous scale and gorgeous depiction of the Midgar plate and the sector slums below.

Sector 7 slums is like 2 or 3 Diamond cities from Fallout 4. I havent even seen Wall Market yet… but just by comparison, I’m sure I havent seen anything yet.

I have to admit I don’t know much about FFVII. The graphics are pretty sharp. I’ll have a look at it. Like some of the others, I’m a PC gamer too so I’ll have to wait.

I have no problem with playing for games. I’ve spent many more hours playing a $50 game than I have eating a $50 meal and I spend more than that on a good bottle of whiskey. Aside from the actual gaming, there’s also a social aspect available.

There’s a massive amount of work by many talented people that goes into making a game. I have an artist friend who works on games and animated movies. The time and effort that goes into the artwork alone is enormous, without accounting for other aspects of the development.

Well, yeah, the original was groundbreaking and in some ways this remake does it justice by reimagining the world of the original to bring the vision to life, which simply was not possible back when the original came out due to technological limitations. For it’s time it was an amazing game, but to see it now with modern tech, it’s just as awesome as it was the first time. It’s as though I am seeing it for the first time all over again. Even if you dont know anything about FF7, any way you slice it, the concept of Midgar as a city is awesome, and they just dona great job of letting you feel its enormity and the scope of everything that goes into its operations such as energy consumption, pollution, manpower, and all that.

You will see when you finally play it, a lot of love went into it. For instance, I had referenced the Sector 7 slums in my above post. In the original, this town area was basically 1 screen. In the remake, it’s a big sprawling area complete with alleys and all kind of things going on, just huge. What took maybe 15 to 20 minutes to get through (exploration and dialogue) in the original has taken me about 3 or 4 hours to get through in the remake.

I say this to explain for why the game is releasing in parts and not all at once. Its huge. Just huge, comparatively. I’m glad for it, because my favorite moments and areas in the game will have that much more love put into them, and I look forward to re-experiencing them. Midgar was never one of my favorite parts of the game, but the remake has completely changed that for me. It’s just awesome, but that’s my opinion.

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I’m happy for you, that you enjoy it, but for me bigger does not mean better. Now that they release the story in three parts, each of them needs its own story ark. From what I have seen so far (4 to 5 hours in and Cloud just received his first summoning materia) they have slowed down the story’s pacing quite a lot. I also feel the game is hand feeding the story to the player, while Cloud is being bossed around by the women.

I remember from my first playthrough of the original, that the events in Midgar left me confused what the story was about. That changed when you left Midgar and Cloud revealed information he had held back from the others (and the player). On later playthroughs I totally enjoyed all the hints you are already getting in Midgar. But in the end I think the story suffers from this kind of secrecy. At least you got through this in about 6 hours in the original.

I have been hoping they improved on this in the remake, and I was rather thrilled when Cloud met his neighbor early on, but apparently you are not supposed to learn more at this point. I am still looking forward to see how the story unfolds, either to see me corrected or to further dissect failings of the narration.

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I won’t spoil anything, but my opinion on the pacing is that its awesome. I’m finding a lot more charm, interest, and life breathed into all these lesser NPCs who always felt insignificant in the original outside of their annoying dialogue obstructing the interactions of characters that actually mattered.

This wouldn’t be possible without the slower pacing, and larger scale and depth, and I feel its playing an essential part in not only developing these lesser characters (Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge) and their relations to each other, but also in further developing Clouds character, and even Tifa’s, in relation to both avalanche and each other. All of this ties directly into the community through admittedly lackluster side quests, but the act of completing these quests does give you a feeling of acceptance in the community which further develops Clouds relation to the people of the slums and his perspective of everything.

For me, its made me care a lot more about the first few missions in a deeper way than the original did. So while its definitely a different gaming experience and not a carbon copy clone, I feel it hits the mark by providing an experience which is just as impactful to me as the original was in its time, and that absolutely has to do with the slower pacing, and increased depth (a case of bigger being better).

For the record, I agree. Bigger does not always mean better. But this time, it does (in my opinion).

OK, Jessie definitely benefits of the remake. Before I did not know she has been a woman. :blush: