First person mod for grim dawn?

Hey everyone.

A couple years ago I remember seeing this video on youtube. Does anyone know what this mod is, and if it got any traction?

If so, id love to know what it is.

Also, this could be a great idea for Crate, a future title maybe first person RPG like fallout 3+ and skyrim, set in the Grim Dawn universe. Has this been discussed before, and maybe I just missed it?

The mod is dead, the person who created it never posted an official download or source for it and supposedly used third party software to get it the way it is, not possible via normal modding.

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Damn! Would love to see a proper title dedicated to this approach to the world of Cairn built on a foundation of Grim Dawn lore.

Cough, cough, cough… some quotes from very old posts:

More recent feedback:

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Hell yeah man thats why I am SO down to buy anything Crate puts out. Loyalist packs are a no-question no-hesitation purchase for me and I know Im not the only one. Ive bought GD and all expansions for at least 4 friends on Steam already and i “promote” the shit out of this game but, admittedly, im just some guy lol so you know, would have more impact if I had a twitch account or something.

This game is just so damn good and for me personally, the experience Ive had as a player actually witnessing real interactions with the devs, and being able to have a voice here that can impact some shape of the game itself, is something I have never before experienced in my life and may never again. For that reason Ill be a die hard fan of Crate and its development team and management- Theres not enough good things can be said about them.

I wish there was more I could do to help support the company realistically. Im designing a CCG/Deckbuilding game based on GD (not for profit, just for personal fun and to play solo/with friends, can also double as a tool to turn them on to the game!). If Crate could use anything I ever create to profit off it Id be ecstatic, shit, I hope they would! Id love to see a GD CCG, this thing im designing could EASILY be an app you could play on a smartphone, but im just an amateur and doing it for fun with zero expectation anything will come of it other than some people on here may find it enjoyable.

All that to say, Im gonna buy anything Crate produces just because of how good a job they did with Grim Dawn all this time.