First Time Playing - Looking for a DW (No Guns) Fast Attack Speed Build

Was wondering if someone could help me with a build that’s end game viable with the following requirements:

Dual Wield
Fast Attack Speed (with life leech if possible)
Fun to play

Thanks in advance!

Best all round dw melee would be Cadence blademaster with Shattered Guardian set and Reaver Claws.

Thanks , I’ll take a look into that build!

Does anyone have any other ideas or recommendations ?


ya1 is on-the-money here. See @banana_peel’s budget starter build for a nice guide using faction equipment.

Later on you can DW Reaver’s Claws and use the SR set.

Thanks! Looks like I’ll do an alt version of these!

I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

BM is the cheapest to assemble but there are several fun DW builds consisting of purple items and most of the DW builds people post here have capped attack speed. From what i played personally for me the most fun was this:

As a bonus, 9 out of 14 items are crafted and the others are pretty common.

Some acutal DW builds i play atm. Just to give you a taste. Just examples.

Blademaster DW cold + frostburn

Dervish DW acid + poison

Krieg Death Knights are usually recommended to beginners for good reason. Its still very strong and the set can be target-farmed. Mindwarps are BiS but lacking that, you can farm Theodin’s mace as a substitute.

This is an AoM guide but is still relevant now. Only a few adjustments needed. The guide claims 9 min crucible but with practice, it can be done in around 6-7 mins.

Thanks everyone! All these variations are a huge help!

I’m starting off on veteran and having a blast!