Forgotten Gods Theorycrafting Thread

So Grimtools is already updated with the new items as well as the changes for the old items. It’s theorycrafting time! I’m still at work so I don’t have couldn’t see the new constellations on mobile, but looking at the new sets there are lots of interesting things here: - Blightlord addresses the Defiler problem and adds support to the OK pseudo pet. Definitely one of the first things I’ll try on Oppressor. I like that it included a weapon so we don’t just jam it with bonespikes. - As if Vindicator isn’t powerful enough already. Idk how much nerfs inq gets for FG (I don’t think they need more, tbh) but this just feels ultra synergistic. That PRM bonus looks interesting tho. - Blade spirit, drain essence, and then fucking rune? Damn Crate loves inquisitors. Would love to see cold DE here but I’m more excited to see how this will change runefiltrator. - Not spectacular due to no skill support but I can see it in some tanky builds, and the +2 all skills is definitely useful. And easily farmable due to the realm thingy.

Will add more once I read more at home. What do you guys think?

All I can think about is this evil boy:

Yes, I was thinking the same about the Vindicator Set :slight_smile: as if it wasn’t strong enough.

  • I like how there are new possibilities for old/vanilla masteries (Sorcerer, Elementalist). Cold CT is one I’m interested in.
  • I like how they have drastically increased the number of items with good conversions, not only for specific abilities (Savagery or Fire Strike) but for classes in general (especially Elemental to Elemental ones).
  • They avoided the trap of an invicible Shield Soldier+Oathkeeper Set.
  • Chaos has more support but it seems to benefit, apart from Oathkeeper, only to Witchblade or Witch Hunter melee builds.
  • 2H weapons (Legendary and MI) are very interesting.
  • And my Auramancers will be even stronger with at least 4 new BIS slots, from what I’ve rapidly seen.

This one is a mystery to me. Why would you choose this over a dedicated set ?

I choked and almost died when I saw this :stuck_out_tongue:

Nerf hammer to Malakor as expected.

Deathmarked seemed like it’s got nerfed pretty hard as well.

Ortus Nex set got nerfed as expected as well and seemed like there’s something wrong with the description.
“50% Acid Damage converted to Fire Damage to Flame Touched
50% Acid Damage converted to Cold Damage to Flame Touched”

Where does the acid damage come from, lol…

I’m not impresed by the new devotions.

Also, it seems that double damage build will be possible: Cold/Acid and Vitality/Fire especially.

ABB, Guardian’s Gaze, +x flat damage from items etc.

ah, makes sense then. Almost forgot the toggle buff also modifies the damage from other source as well, especially from Nightblade’s skills

100% Ascension is possible. Gaze of Empyrion, Virtue Set + green weapon is already 16 seconds active on 17,5.A bit of %skill cooldown reduction, et voilà!

I’m disappointed with how they didn’t include any decent support for phys melee righteous fervor tho (at least from what I’ve seen). That was supposed to be my first build.

Means you need to have Flame Touched activated to get the conversion. Nex and Ortus are pretty much Saboteur only now.

Acid Dervish - having never done a serious acid build before, a little iffy on the devotions. Still, it should do an OK job putting lots of green swings on target through all that flat damage and double RR.

Chaos Deceiver - the obvious one. All chaos, all to face. - there’s finally a skill mod that’s worse than putting flat damage on war cry: putting ADCTH on a skill that does exclusively %HP damage and goes off once every seven seconds. Note that this replaced a reasonable 20 flat RR on war cry.

Also, where are the acid AA gloves?

I’m thinking just like my Witchblade but altered.


Version 1:

Version 2:

Will probably remove point from Markovian Advantage.

Don’t pay attension to the devotions. I like it that way currently for my Witchblade, and still need to theorycraft that. :slight_smile:

Anybody manage to come up with a good Eye of reckoning build? The Mythical Warborn set supports a physical build, there’s a shield that converts the fire damage to Cold, there’s gloves that convert the fire to lightning.

If you want a phys spin2win build aka warborn, then it’ll take a good amount of finetuning, imo cause energy will likely be a problem as with many phys builds.

I have a few after looking through everything.

Mythical Decree of the Circle of Five in the hands of a Spellbinder wearing the Spellscourge. Hurling phys/aether bone spears around while dropping rocks.

Yet another Sorcerer to add to my Sorcerer collection, this one using Harra’s Artifice. I’m thinking of either spamming the jacks combined with the CT in Wrath of Agrivix mode or spamming CT with the jacks as a stun. I remember seeing several items that could support a cold Sorcerer, too.

Also, Crate finally gave Necro’s a set that lets you have 2 permanent Blight Fiends but the bonuses mostly benefit Ritualist. Shepherd of Lost Souls set adds +40% Health, +20% Attack AND Casting Speed AND 30% Physical Resistence to Raise Skeletons to the 4pc set bonus. If the skeletons are being buffed that much it may actually pay to drop Blight Fiend for Hellhound.

Also, came across a new helm that converts Eye of Reckoning physical damage to Aether.



I am stoked about the new faction items and the changes of the previous ones.

Does anyone know if you have to choose between one of the three new factions or if you can side with all three at once?

I have theorycrafted a few Warlords, but only with old gear.

You have to choose one, but you won’t go hostile with the others. As Zantai said in Friday’s stream they’re united in this endeavour so you lose a bit of rep, but that’s about it.