Forum is broken, i.e. <font> not working

<font size=10> test</font>

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Does BBCode still work?
[color=slategray]Does BBCode still work?[/color]
Cannot change size though.
[size=2]Cannot change size though.[/size]

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Do you think it’s enough if I whine here in this thread or should I post on Meta Discourse forum instead? Or maybe message someone?


It breaks all the forum guides (not instantly but after the edit), I simulated in another post how Beginner Compendium would like if I edited it now:

How it would look:

How it looks now:

We basically went back to the Stone Age.

would be interesting to know if it’s an inherent part of the discourse update, or some forum specific setting that got enabled/not enabled to allow the various formatting that could be used before
and if it’s possible to enable it again


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Main build Compendium is rekt too @Stupid_Dragon maybe not update it for now

Crate hasn’t updated the forums in a while and skipped a few updates, so I am not sure which one - if any - broke HTML. I did not spend that much time over on meta though. And it might be due to something Crate changed accidentally or deliberately. We probably need to wait until next week to get an answer to this.

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more and more builds are starting to lose colors. This one had nice big Acid headers:

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So you were using html tags before? BBCodes work fine.

The forum was overdue for a security update. Possible that broke html functionality.



 [color=RED]TEXT[/color] CHANGED


 [right] [size=500]TEST[/size] [/right] 


100 is the default size
900 is too large and 999 is the maximum.
4 is the smallest I can see on my screen.

Previously sizes ranged from 1 to 6 with 3 being the default.


How do you make these paragraphs colored then? This used to work

<details><summary><font color=red>Foreword</font></summary>


[EDIT] Ok there’s some trick to it that I found in
It somewhat works if you add [span]…[/span]. Doesn’t without them.


Some text

<span><details open><summary>[color=red]Foreword[/color]</summary>

Some text

Although before you were able to have the :arrow_forward: colored and scaled and I don’t think you can now

I’ve been only able to make this broken thing:


Some text

<span><details open>[size=200][color=red]<summary>Foreword</summary>[/color][/size]

Some text

While trying to edit some of my posts I was getting “ERROR 500” and it wouldn’t let me save the edit. After some trial and error, found out what was causing the problem.

This used to work before and produced lime colored text:

[color] example [/color]

But it causes error now unless you specify the color. Mentioning it here incase someone else comes across the same issue.

Doing it like this works:

[color=red] example [/color]


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This works until you try to add link that colored text…

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I did it like that in the Beginner Compendium (using [url] instead of Markdown)

Beginner’s 2H Ranged Lightning Savagery Vindicator (pre-Evoker)

[url=][color=#AABBFF]Beginner’s 2H Ranged Lightning Savagery Vindicator (pre-Evoker)[/color][/url]

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Will the html functionality be fully restored?

I don’t think so