Free Speech on Private Sites Discussion

I’ve just found the contrast funny #freeLee


:rofl: we need to free lee from vanity, he may become a elite citizen then :stuck_out_tongue:

You only get freedom of speech on public property. On private property (which we are on) all bets are off.

It honestly surprises me that took this long to ban mad_lee.

So, you think that a person has a right to speak their mind on private property - SOMEONE else’s property? And should be able to do so even if the OWNER doesn’t approve?

It’s their property - in this case, Crate’s property - and they have the right to reject anyone’s “speech” on their property.

A person can spend 1 minute pondering this with just average intelligence and see clearly that this is how it should be. It has little to do with American law and more to do with common sense.

You wouldn’t let someone you don’t know come onto your property and call your mother a whore, now would you? No, you wouldn’t, you would kick them right on out of there. Or worse. As is your right. They could even come on your property and tell you you’re the greatest person in the world and you still have the right to bar them from doing so if you don’t like it.


It’s not that complicated. The owner of said property has the right to reject “service” or speech on property they own. All I can say is that if a person is allowed to violate other people’s homes and businesses freely in your country… that’s a crying shame.

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In this case we are talking about speech. Noone has the right to just say whatever they want on anyone’s property they want. They can but the owner has the right to tell them to leave.

Violence is different. I’m of the mindset that a person has full rights to protect themselves and their property. I would never in a million years just let someone come in my house and take and do anything they want. I will protect my family at all costs.


Well here things like that will earn you a prison time. I don’t say if it’s wrong or right. Actually this is pretty important subject but not for this topic.

Freedom of speech should grant you the rule to express your opinion without fear of being prosecuted. And without breaking other law of course.

Problem is that your opinion might be controversial and cause issues. And in this private property apparently Crate will decide that.

You can express your opinion. Noone’s saying they can’t. But, in this case, it is also Crate’s right to either reject any opinion they want by either banning a person or deleting said comments.

Everything you write here, they own. If they want to use it they have the right to do so, if they want to delete it - they have that right as well. Noone is going to attempt to sue for it - how would they? It would be thrown out immediately. No matter which party attempted to sue. It’s just not going to hold up.

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You’re taking too literally about Crate and banning. I was talking in general.

But also don’t you think that it’s dangerous how opinion is decided if it’s appropriate? I mean there’s always comfort zone, in which you’re allowed to express yourself. Otherwise you’re run in the mob mentality?

Also can I ask you kindly to delete your opinions after that? Or move them to PM, thanks!

What’s it matter? If medea or eis sees it and thinks it should be moved, they’ll move it. It’s not that big of a deal honestly. Won’t be the first time they’ve moved conversations and won’t be the last.

I didn’t intend to create off-topic discussion.

Also it’s quite apparent that I can’t express myself, sorry for that.

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Meme & Order? LoL now my joke became obsolete :frowning:


@Nery - See :wink: works like a charm. Go “off-topic” they just split it off for ya. Ez as pie. No need to delete anything. That’s just the way of things anyway - convo’s don’t take much to splinter in other directions often-times.

He even moved tqFans “meme” here too - apparently he didn’t consider it meme enough or decided to move it for “context”.


That’s because of #freeLee initiative. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alas, it was doomed from the moment it was thought. Zantai won’t even free me whenever I get a ban. He’s definitely not going to “free” him either.

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It’s a joke that fits in meme theme theme nicely. Ofc it’s not gonna happen.

What you mean " whenever I get a ban" ? It should be “if”. You’re making it sounds like it’s just matter of time. :wink:

Unless you’re up to something…

I get banned on the Grim Dawn Steam sub-forum on occasion. Always by Steam moderators, never by Zantai… yet. He could technically “free” me when they do it - if he wanted to. He thinks it’s funny when it happens tho so I always have to ride it out.

As for here - I’ve never been banned yet - except for a few minutes once not long ago when he was fucking with me.


Don’t humor yourself, I’ve 100% banned you on the Steam forums, and might have here too, don’t remember anymore.

Nope. pretty sure not. I can go check? :smiley:

Nope! :smile: But trust me… I’m sure you’d love the excuse. Back in the day I always skirted by such - you guys would always delete my posts and occasionally you would dm me little “pep talks”. I miss those Zantai. Was great bonding.

Edit: awww… nevermind lol I forgot about the time you DID ban me on there :zantai:

Once. But I know you did it because you love me so I forgive you.


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