Frontier Development Happenings

When your game that has a cheat code to max out villager poop…



Wait, apparently that’s not all…



… guess that will also explain a yellow moat around the town i presume :no_mouth:


…when ya pooping out that early access, medierra?

You have made me remember the moment, when I had diarrhea and needed to vomit at the same time…

I used to work on a dairy farm and I got some nasty bug flu thingy one year (prolly from all the cow doo I worked around)… and exactly that happened to me. Not a pleasant experience at all.

You seem to have added quite some micromanagement to the game… or are you already working the This Shit is real DLC? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :poop:

Not quite the info I’d been hoping for, but any info at this point it worth having. :rofl: Just make sure we can hire more than one Ulthar; otherwise he’s going to be the busiest person in town!

Who is that? Thank you Discourse for your search: What's the latest on Crate's town builder game? Now entitled Farthest Frontier

this is gonna be the Dark SoulsSoiled Trousers of town builder games @_@

I mean, between the shit and the wolves he probably has the most dangerous job in town. :crazy_face:


I’m looking forward to when we get to play it and everyone tries to find out the random codes in it. :rofl: gonna be intense.

Also on that note, the codes had better be enabled when you ship it Med

Also request: Can you add an easter egg where flaming poop falls from the sky from a code?

Haha, not much micromanagement really. Waste builds up at houses and you build a compost yard and assign a nightsoil collector to go around collecting from houses and composting it. Once finished you can apply it to fields for a fertility bonus. Yes… that was an actual thing back in the day.

If you let waste build up too high, it increases chances of certain diseases and rodent population growth.

Hmm, I don’t know about that… you sound like Zantai. He keeps requesting rain of wolves, where rabid wolves rain down on your town.


I’m gonna be disappointed if there’s no HowDoITurnThisOn

How about ‘ClimateChange’ then, where everything spontaiously combusts, (including settlers)? :smiley:

Yes, gives us the rain of burning wolves and cheese apocalypse! Sheogorath will approve it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Truly a Fartiest Frontier


Is this Farthest Misadventure #0 ? :wink:

Well, in somes sense it is. :kissing: