Frontier Development Happenings


…when ya pooping out that early access, medierra?

You have made me remember the moment, when I had diarrhea and needed to vomit at the same time…

I used to work on a dairy farm and I got some nasty bug flu thingy one year (prolly from all the cow doo I worked around)… and exactly that happened to me. Not a pleasant experience at all.

You seem to have added quite some micromanagement to the game… or are you already working the This Shit is real DLC? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :poop:

Not quite the info I’d been hoping for, but any info at this point it worth having. :rofl: Just make sure we can hire more than one Ulthar; otherwise he’s going to be the busiest person in town!

Who is that? Thank you Discourse for your search: What's the latest on Crate's town builder game? Now entitled Farthest Frontier

this is gonna be the Dark SoulsSoiled Trousers of town builder games @_@

I mean, between the shit and the wolves he probably has the most dangerous job in town. :crazy_face:


I’m looking forward to when we get to play it and everyone tries to find out the random codes in it. :rofl: gonna be intense.

Also on that note, the codes had better be enabled when you ship it Med

Also request: Can you add an easter egg where flaming poop falls from the sky from a code?

Haha, not much micromanagement really. Waste builds up at houses and you build a compost yard and assign a nightsoil collector to go around collecting from houses and composting it. Once finished you can apply it to fields for a fertility bonus. Yes… that was an actual thing back in the day.

If you let waste build up too high, it increases chances of certain diseases and rodent population growth.

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Hmm, I don’t know about that… you sound like Zantai. He keeps requesting rain of wolves, where rabid wolves rain down on your town.


I’m gonna be disappointed if there’s no HowDoITurnThisOn

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How about ‘ClimateChange’ then, where everything spontaiously combusts, (including settlers)? :smiley:

Yes, gives us the rain of burning wolves and cheese apocalypse! Sheogorath will approve it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Truly a Fartiest Frontier


Is this Farthest Misadventure #0 ? :wink:

Well, in somes sense it is. :kissing:

cheat codes, classic!

so that’s what you get when the game designer has little kids and works from home: a game about shit.

that’s… that’s pretty much the official name now, right?

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So Med, (or maybe Andrew :stuck_out_tongue: looks like hes the one adding them) whats the best code in game so far you reckon?
Just the code word, I want to try guess what it does :smiley: