Gameplay Suggestions After 120 Hours of Testing

Been playing FF for a while now, and have some ideas for the devs for future consideration! Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

  • There should be an easier way to upgrade dirt roads to cobblestone without having to manually click every single piece. Very frustrating when you have roads within layered walls/gates to select.

  • The tier 2 trade post should have more than 2 workers, ideally 4?

  • There should be a way to level up the traders or increase the capacity of items they arrive with. When I’ve got a 1200 pop town, a Tier2 trader coming with 60 pelts, 30 weapons, 200 raw ore and items generally in this range doesn’t even register as a worthwhile trade at that point for how low quantity that is. If their gold and resources they bring could scale with your population, that’d be great!

  • I often find my markets are always low stocked, having the Tier 2 market have more employees would nice nice to help balance this, or have higher tiers of markets.

  • WHERE ARE THE POTATOES??? I’m still really surprised such a nutritious and vital food is missing as a growable choice for farming.

  • It’d be amazing if you could build specialist farming equipment, or by having horses they could be used to massively improve farming via hoeing and ground turning over. Kind of like how the wagon shop is a specialist building designed to improve logistics there could be a building designed to help and equip farmers better.

  • A player should be able to copy and paste a crop field setup from one field to another.

  • Farmers should automatically be assigned as labourers in winter months.

  • We should have some way to defend against long range trebuchets. Perhaps a ballista tower or specialized long range defence that’s costly, only effective against siege equipment but means we can rely more on our defences late game.

  • Trees and natural resources like the rocks on the map should be chopped/mined faster, more of a balance suggestion but it’s frustrating when you need 300 stone, you’re at 0 and even 40 labourers take forever to mine a node down.

  • Wells should output a bit more water or have a T3 upgrade, my wells despite having almost max density without overlap, so many of them are constantly out of water.

  • T2 and above upgrades for many of the T1 exclusive buildings like the rat catcher, compost yard, cobbler etc. Would look much more in place then in a highly developed T3/T4 town.

  • Disease at least at vanquisher difficulty needs to be much harder, I’ve never seen more than 2 people get sick at a time in any of my games. Healers hospital + all benefits/soaps/medicine you’d hope would help cure villagers well HOWEVER, many should still be getting unwell via spreading disease when it’s a disease known for fast spread. I’ve never needed more than 1 healers hut/hospital because the spread is so low.

  • Tools should be unlocked at Tier 2 not Tier 3, it’s really frustrating having to trade exclusively for tools because you can’t access them until Tier 3 with the smelting/industry unlocks. Unless this is by design to encourage more early trading?

  • On Medium/Small maps, the enemy are now often spawning INSIDE my town walls, within 50 meters of my actual houses and in my current game, within 100 meters or so of my actual town centre! Enemy armies should be spawning exclusively at the edge of the map or as far to the edges as possible to stop this happening.

  • The restrictions on building steepness should be massively relaxed or removed entirely. I played with a mod that removed it entirely… I’ve had SO MUCH fun playing since this change. Especially when you’re trying to build walls in vanilla, it’s saying it’s too steep yet villagers AND THE ENEMY can just navigate around them on steep edges with ease. This one change has massively improved my gameplay experience and I’m loving how dynamic and hilly my town looks.

  • There should be a mass upgrade button, like you click a watch tower and it could say “upgrade all” as an extra option, could have that with most/all buildings just to reduce clicks and RSI when doing it to hundreds.

Ideas for now, game has amazing potential. Loving it so far!

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Many of your suggestions have already been made, whether we’ll see them added to the game only the devs know.

Have you tried clicking on a section of road and then upgrading it that way?

Devs so far have avoided New World crops like potatoes, corn, etc, though they haven’t ruled out the possibility of adding them in the future.

As far as diseases go count yourself lucky.

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I’ve… Literally never needed more than 1 unless the first worker was drunk. Are you moving things in advance? Tip: Things never spoil when in Trading Post storage.

Markets are stocked according to their need, or your supply.

Since this game is based on pre-colonial middle age Europe, there are no potatoes since they originate from America and weren’t farmed in Europe until the 17th century.


Tools are a bonus, which is why they aren’t available til Tier 3

Glad that it’s working fine for you, it’s nice when you need to restock mid trading or you just realised you had more of an item. Moving 3000 gold and say 1000 units of something is incredibly frustrating when you’re limited to two workers and one might not be there due to shelter stocking etc.

So what I don’t understand, if this is true… Why I end up with multiple houses saying they are lacking the bonus food resources, or furniture etc despite having loads in storage, my market workers seem to work constantly and can’t supply enough. I did experiment with a mod that let me have EIGHT market workers for the T2 market and it resolved all my issues.

Again, you may have a more optimal setup that works for you, I just feel it’s helpful to give the player a choice that they can either be very optimised in their layouts or throw more labour at the problem, the latter being a stop gap for learning and growing as a FF town builder.

That said, my first market was doing fine, my second market however was struggling so much as the travel time back to the main town was considerable. There’s no way other than carts right now to manage logistics movements, such as a storage warehouse that can have pull requests [unless this is also a thing that I’ve missed, not seen it mentioned anywhere]

Hah wow TIL… Alright fair enough!

Having there only be a single way to counter something is a really simplistic view of any builder or strategy game. Cavalry work yeah and it’s the only unit I use as the others are mostly useless mid/late game, don’t even get me started on archers…

Still think if the Romans 1000+ years prior to the era of FF could manage ballista towers, why it’s inconceivable to consider more defensive structures in the game.

Then the annoying and constant pop up saying there are no tools needs to go. If tools are a bonus then why are they treated like an emergency notification for buildings/workers without them? Guess if the devs want to stick to tools in T3 then the default should be buildings and villagers don’t have a giant “out of tools” icon above them when missing them?

Upgrading roads via clicking on sections IS the frustration we all have to deal with. It’s incredibly time consuming and click heavy when like with the wall tool, you should absolutely be able to select many sections at once and upgrade. Manually clicking every single segment length is so tedious.

Yeah I didn’t even consider the fact that potatoes were a new world crop and more recent… Which makes me wonder, perhaps it could be something added into T4/T5? Depends how strictly devs want to stick to the real world timeline VS unlocks/gameplay progression with farming.

Regarding diseases… Wow, I must be very lucky. Played maybe 7-8 towns now and never once had more than 3 people sick at a time, that said I’m a huge stickler for making sure medicinal herbs, soaps and medicines are well in stock and rat/soil problems are minimal.

For walls/fences you use the Manage Walls icon on the bottom right of the screen, select what you want to change and then choose from the options listed.

FF is a fantasy world that happens to use medieval/colonial themes. That’s as real as it gets.

Yeah, I’ve only ever had it happen that once, but boy was it a surprise when it did. :crazy_face:

If someone has a communicable disease it should spread to all members of the house, then to their co-workers, then to their homes and so on. Perhaps a plague on vanquisher setting?

Are your main trading Storehouse, Stockyard, and Vault near your Trading Post?

Then what’s probably happening is you’re having a market service too many houses. I service up to 9 houses with each worker, with 31-32 per T2 Market. There is still some room for optimisation even with that.

It’s rare that I have gotten them, but I don’t tend to buy tools before I make my own. There’s a chance they come up if they’ve had workers with Tools in them before (from buying them). That’s useful when you have a steady production chain of Tools that needs more workers, but not so much before then.

How I use them is, after the red arrows pop up, I deploy them on the edge of housing/industrial sectors where or in between where the arrows pop up. Then I keep an eye out for where a Catapult could be coming from, and reposition if it turns out, after the raiders become visible, that the group doesn’t have a catapult.
Letting my main defensive area around the Town Centre pelt arrows at the main group, I use the cavalry to deal with the catapult, deal with small groups of raiders attacking things away from the Town Centre (raider cavalry destroying houses for example), then use them to mop up the reduced health remnants of the main attack.

The ability to buy seeds of new crops in late game could be a great idea, and could also feed into the recently discussed concept of a T2 Forager Shack’s herb garden

Yeah use the walls/fence management tool all the time, it’s a lifesaver! Hoping something similar is done for roads or even for mass selecting objects and saying “upgrade all that can be upgraded please” :wink:

Yet we have beans and have no churches, I guess we all have different kind of medieval Europe?

Again, a fantasy world that happens to have medieval/colonial themes.

Again - potatoes did exist in medieval times.

Again New World crop which the devs aren’t including in the game atm.

“Based on”. Also:

Dude, that wasn’t food for ordinary folk. Same way you could talk bananas.

What are you even talking about? It’s been cultivated as early as 10,000 years ago and were introduced as far as Britain 5000 years ago.

Whereas Europe never saw a banana until the 15th century when Portuguese sailors brought them over from West Africa