German localization

Some wording in the german lacalization really grinds my gears and i would like to make some feedback/suggestion on how to improve certain wordings and where the translation is completly missing.

Arbeitsunfähig - idle worker. this phrasing is used for disabled (physicly and/or mentally ill) people. suggestion: Arbeitsuntätig, actually meaning not working right now.

Heimstätte - Homestead, this would no one use in this case. if its used, its meant for retired, elderly and/or veterans to get into a place provided by the state or province.
suggestion: Siedler Haus, or just call it Haus since its an upgrade from the shack, Hütte.

the next ones are fine but could still be improved.

Baumschule - Orchard (i believe) this also is a bit misleading, tho not wrong in translation.
suggestion: Obsthof, Obstgarten.

Stapelplatz - just call it Lagerfläche

getragen - when clicking on a worker to display what he is carring. this phrasing is weird since its in a past form.
suggestion: trägt

when clicking on a destroyed building the proper translation for rebuilding (neu bauen/neu errichten) is missing.

wagon driver - when clicking on a wagon driver the translation for driver (Fahrer) is missing. also the wagon is not translated (Ochsenkarren)

you really created an awesome game and for an EA title you have already a ton of content and other langauge support, really impressive. these are just my two cents. keep up the good work! cant wait for .75 :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


“Stapelplatz” is historically correct and the right word. Especially in the Middle Ages, open storage areas were called that. Otherwise, I agree with you.

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To put it into one thread:

I like the “Stapelplatz”.Does not sound so generic like most times.

Kein Plan wie, just copy paste my shit. Dein Post sieht eh aufgeräumter aus :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions!

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