Grim dawn future

Not to shoot you down right away like that but… that’s a massive undertaking. Much bigger than you clearly think it is. Plus it’s really not old enough (or quite that far behind the times) to warrant a “remaster”.

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Not really hope it will happen soon. We will probably see Crate’s other projects first. Just that GD2 seems too long shot for now.

This wasn’t a remaster. It was literally the same game but with updated textures. No new engine or anything actual new.

I dont want a GD2 to happen soon. It will be crap and rubbish if its released in few years time. heck even this decade… 2030 onwards makes much more sense cause by then arpgs would have already evolved exponentially… its good to wait and be patient, let blitz and ggg release their crap first and wait… but also we need to pray to the gods that we’ll still be alive at that future time :grin:

Already, I’ve never seen a good swaping weapons system. Swaping weapons is boring: we have to hit a key (we might tell the game when it does this automatically), and it often brake our build. So swaping is useless in h&s games.

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This is probably the most important factor to focus on. Guys let’s just keep playing it!

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A granted skill, or proc, that would auto-switch your weapons sets could be REALLY interesting in some niche builds designed around that mechanic. Man that could open some wacky doors, gets my brain going

I wonder if the last patch will contain some story arc?

It will be epic if we have something that will feel like an ending or … tease to GD 2 :smile:

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Zantai said there will be new areas so maybe story as well.

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Is it bad that I would prefer Crate to make TQ2 next? (if that is even possible?)

As much as I have loved my thousands of hours played in GD, I always preferred the settings and the lore of TQ. Grim Dawn is just a bit too, well…Grim.

No matter the direction you take I’m sure I will buy whatever it is you guys decide to make.

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Very unlikely. a) They don’t hold the rights to the game; THQNordic do and b) it’s unlikely that Nordic would ask Crate to make it. Not sure Medierra would want to put up with having to report to others on progress either.

If you want a TQ2 then THQNordic is who you have to appeal to.

Thank you for the link, interesting read :slight_smile:

I thought I could remember THQNordic approaching Crate years ago about making TQ2 for them?

but maybe that’s just my imagination running wild as I still hope one day TQ2 will be made.

Never heard of anything like that, but doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Only Crate knows who approached them about doing projects for them.

I’ve done some hunting as I’m convinced Medierra commented on THQ approaching him about TQ2 at the time THQ bought the rights to Titan Quest. I think from memory he said that with the first expansion being made they simply didn’t have time but it was a possibility in the future. It looks like it’s all been lost when the forum changed software sadly. Also the THQ forums have been closed so the thread discussing it has also gone.

All I can find is an old forum link in my post history that gives a dead link unless somebody can make it work:

I think the link I gave went to the thread discussing TQ2 but can’t be sure.

Well, I did a search for both TQ2 and Titan Quest 2 for Medierra comments and found nothing so only thing I can think of is, if it did exist, it was in a thread that was purged from the forum when we changed platforms last year. Some were removed since they were considered obsolete, etc.

Only thing I did find was him talking about them having a prototype TQ2 at Iron Lore.

isn’t that exactly what happened some years back and Crate turned it down because they were busy with GD ?

Don’t see Crate being open to it now either though

I don’t know. I guess only Zantai or big M can tell us if they were approached to do it.

Yeah this is how I remember it as well. They were approached to work on TQ and turned it down because of GD, now with finalizing GD, starting the city builder and mystery projects 1+2 (2 right?), I think they have more than enough on their plate. I seriously doubt anything TQ related will come from Crate when they have their own successful IP that doesn’t require working under a publisher like THQNordic.

Yes, two other projects; one Grava’s working on, the other Zantai is.

Plus working on GD updates and patches and the Xbox port (and the city builder, of course) :smile:

When you consider it - that’s a huge amount of different things going on in the mix for a 13 person team. medierra wasn’t joking when he said he’d like to try to ensure he had enough work to keep everyone busy at all times. Looks like he figured out how to make that happen.

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