Grim Misadventure #166 - Corrupted Wealth

We are here with another Grim Misadventure!

Last time, we delved into what is now Grim Dawn’s largest free content update ever. V1.1.5.0 has since been released, and it represents the culmination of months of work and a new roguelike dungeon absolutely packed with awesome loot to hunt down.

We are thrilled with how far Grim Dawn has come, so we’ve made getting it all at once as painless as possible with the Definitive Edition on Steam. Development has been a tremendous adventure, but it’s not over just yet!

Today, we’d like to give you a first look at what we’re working on for v1.1.6.0, which we expect to release very early next decade.

We think most people will agree that the Devotion system was one of the best features we have added to Grim Dawn; and exploring the world to discover Devotion shrines has been one of its appeals. A particular fan favorite is the Corrupted Shrine mechanic. We’ve seen requests over the years to allow these shrines to be repeatable, because the gameplay is engaging and the loot that explodes out of them is very satisfying.

Of course, repeatable shrines would be problematic for acquiring Devotion Points, but what if we could take the mechanics of the Corrupted Shrines but decouple them from the system itself?

With that in mind, we set out to create what we are calling Monster Totems.

Similarly to Corrupted Shrines, Totems can be activated by the player to spawn a wave of enemies. Upon vanquishing all of the foes, the Totem will collapse and explode with delicious loots. Unlike Corrupted Shrines, however, the Totems will not grant Devotion Points and will spawn randomly within the world. What this means is that your adventures throughout Cairn are about to get more dynamic and rewarding!

Is there MOAR, you may find yourself asking.


Grim Dawn has been a project developed by an incredibly dedicated team. There are features and art now in the game that would not have been possible without passionate developers putting in late nights and weekends, not because they were asked to or because it was critical to meet the bare minimum but because they wanted MOAR. And we can assure you that MOAR is exactly what you’ll be getting next year!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy all of the work that went into v1.1.5.0. You can look forward to a small hotfix (v1.1.5.2) coming soon that will address several reported issues as well as introduce a few balance adjustments, including some that have been sourced from the community discussion on that very topic.

From everyone here at Crate, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season. May your loot drops be plentiful and the RNG ever in your favor!

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Grim Misadventures are posted less frequently as we focus on supporting the expansion and its content updates. Check back on 01/13/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure as we welcome in the new year and reflect upon all that’s been added to Grim Dawn, and perhaps on what’s still to come. :wink:


I came :gazer:


woow just woow

Really nice idea these totems, love it ! Will the monsters be related to the area where the totem is (like shrines) ?


Didn’t see that one coming w00t!

Allready digging the Monster Totems.

Many thanks to Crate for delivering such a great game with so much passion. Wish you guys a great holiday season and a better new year!

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the hype is real, will grim dawn ever bore me? NAH! :slight_smile:

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I hope this totem has a chance to spawn nemesis bosses! :smiling_imp:

and I thought I would be able to finally delete Grim Dawn once and for all, but it looks like you are still holding on to something mysterious? :unamused:


Unexpected but welcome surprise, corrupted shrines were fun. I’m curious how the difficulty of them will be determined. Hope we have some challenging spawns like the old SoT shrine. Will you need materials to activate them?

No wonder auto correction on my phone keep correcting Zantai to Santa :smile:


Amazing! :exploding_head: Monster Totems look and sound like a fun surprise.
Happy Holidays everyone!:partying_face:

2 Likes, dayum, Zantai!

Any eta on tho?

You guys seriously put the AWE in AWEsome. thanks for the great dedication.

and monster totems is such a friggin cool idea.


Ain’t that the truth. Great idea introducing these Monster Totems.
Happy Holidays to all of you at Crate.

Is there any chance to make ALL shrines as corrupted?

He specifically said corrupted shrines, so no.

No thanks, if you want that play Grimarillion mod.


Haha,have a good holiday.

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Do you not like fighting and suffering? Just easy fishing?

Monster totems! I was just thinking last week about how I wished corrupted shrines were repeatable. But this is even better since they’re in random locations unlike shrines. Such a good way to make running through the campaign for the 5XXth time a bit more flavorful and rewarding. :smiley:


My characters do plenty of fighting and suffering - and dying - in the game just fine as it is now. And with this upcoming addition we certainly don’t need all shrines to be just corrupted ones.