Grim Misadventure #175 - A Look Back at 2020

Wish you the best on your health.

Just to echo your first sentence: PC gaming started for me last July and Grim Dawn was one of the first games I picked up (obviously, my first ARPG). Absolutely love it and will continue to do so. Moreover, I’ve become a fan of all things Crate and look forward to the future. Keep on keepin’ on Crate Team!


Thanks for the great work guys :slight_smile: It is the best game i ever played so far… I got 3579 hours of play of this awesome game :slight_smile: Now i am just waiting for the “final patch” and i am deleting all of my heroes and items and everything and i start from zero :slight_smile: And i know there will be GD 2 and i just cant wait for it :slight_smile:



Honestly, it’s getting hard to wait…want to play those SR changes!! I’m ready to sink 3500 more hours!!!

Im getting a new computer soon, so im definitely looking forward to finally playing the new SR levels with highest settings across the board!


Grim Dawn is the best ARPG i’ve ever played. I’m sure that the same thoughts are shared between thousands of players all over the world.
I WANT a new content: maps, quests, rouge-like dungeons
I WANT new items which give me much more builds’ diversity
I WANT modern beautiful graphic and…
I WANT to GIVE you money for that! CRATE, just do all mentioned above, shut up and TAKE My MONEY! Dear players, lets arrange Kickstarter company to stimulate Crate for developing GRIM DAWN 2!!!

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Welcome to the forum! I get your enthusiasm, and a lot of people here share that as you but Crate already mentioned that there won’t be any more DLC or any other content update for Grim Dawn unfortunately. As for GD 2, they want to take some break before making another arpg so we’ll have to be patient on that matter.

But for this part. I mean, a lot of people loves this semi-realistic more oldschool graphics/colours etc. I’m one of them. A more modern approach won’t fit the theme and atmosphere in my opinion.

For more information, please read the thread below;


patch, when this week? wed?


Seconded. This is an area where I think Crate pulled it off flawlessly- game retains that old school look and feel, while at the same time modernizing textures and particle effects and stuff. The end result is gorgeous and a huuuge part of the charm of this classic game.

@Klark i agree with just about everything else you said though. Especially starting the kickstart for Crate to work on GD2! But, to be fair and respect all the hard work and time they put into GD 1, i want to give them a break from GD for a while. Besides they have Farthest Frontier coming out next which looks very interesting, and are working on other stuff as well.

I think GD 2 will be best if Crate is able to take a break from it and return to it later, refreshed. I love the idea of a kickstarter to support GD 2 efforts though- maybe whenever they decide to venture into GD 2 territory we could all jump on that idea and give them a bunch of money to help fund it!


Thank you for the game and I will keep playing it as it is because is very good even without furher patches.Hoping for a GD2 in the future even far future if I get to live it, with a more mature, gruesome and bloodier graphics. I don’t complain about the GD1 graphics but I’m not into it that much, I prefer a more mature one(think about WoW and ESO for comparison,I like ESO graphics) and a more developed story not just “hey look world gone to hell and monsters appeared, kill them”.

I’m a little confused by this line. WoW graphics look designed for 8 year olds watching kiddie cartoons. Grim Dawn’s graphics are without a doubt more “mature” in comparison.


Do you mean more brutal and gothic? :slight_smile:

You could say that. Basically, Grim Dawn goes for a more mature semi-realistic look whereas games like WoW (and Torchlight, for example) have ultra cartoony graphics that are clearly aimed at children. Visually anyone can see this difference.

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Look at some clips with Diablo 4 or Wolcen, compare that kind of graphic with GD and you will see what I want.If you can’t do it then sorry my post wasn’t for you.

You mentioned WoW (and ESO) - you didn’t mention D4 or Wolcen until this post. Jus’ saying.

I’m not against “better” graphics… and what kinda diablo-like enthusiast would I be if I haven’t already seen D4 or Wolcen? :wink:

May we assume you are refering to high-fidelity graphics? GD2 should have you covered.


Yea maybe I should say this first time. For me GD and WoW feels cartooni no matter how you put it and I don’t blame anyone that thinks otherwise.I respect ppl oppinios but I expect they do the same.

Must be a language barrier thing. You weren’t being disrespected. But I will highly disagree with any assertion that says that GD has WoW graphics - if anything putting them in the same category graphically is disrespectful to GD in my view.

Thank you for the response! Just so people don’t hang me I don’t hate the GD graphics is just a think of personal taste. Maybe even a caprice(whim) on my part.

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i like wow graphics, i like GD graphics, doesn’t mean i want one to be the other, rather i’d like there to be the different tones/games
personally what i love about the GD art is it reminds me of exactly that, “old” oil paintings. It totally feels like how i thought it would be when stepping into The Painted World in Dark Souls
and i really really hope that GD2 adopts the same type/style although more updated, and stays far away from Wolcen plastic looking graphics with overabundance of “shimmer”/character glitter reflection