[GrimTools] Build Calculator

Oh, thanks for bringing this up. I knew I was missing something when grouping items only by name. They should be instead grouped by name + applicable slot list. I’ll provide a fix tomorrow.

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Japanese translation was updated.

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Couple updates:

  • [Build Calculator] Components / augments now ignore filter by rarity, it was just causing confusion
  • [Build Calculator] When clicking on item slot and switching between tabs, tab content will be scrolled to the selected element if there is one (selected item in Items tabs, selected prefix in Prefixes tab etc.)
  • [Build Calculator] Fixed an issue with “Show only highest level affix in group” setting. It was too aggressive and was grouping affixes by tag (name) only, ignoring applicable item slots

Thanks, you work very fast!
I made one mistake, please correct that next time.

wrong : Calc_tagMenuImportCharacter=テレポート
right : Calc_tagMenuImportCharacter=インポート

Sure, it’s fixed now.

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Build Calculator now supports skill / devotion progression. This could be a really useful feature, because build creators will now be able to include progression paths in their builds and people viewing character builds will be able to check the order in which skill / devotion points should be spent.

Here’s how it looks like for skill trees.

P.S. Please note that if you want to provide translations for this feature, tags_gt_calc.txt contains new strings at the end of the file.

P.P.S. Currently it’s supported only in main calc. Calcs for and mods will be updated later.


That’s giga nice, good work!

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bruh… :no_mouth:


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:partying_face: :+1:

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This feature takes Grim Tools to the next level :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart:


From the best to the bestest tool


Keep up the good work, Dammitt! :+1: waiting for offline version…

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The build calculator is back to “テレポート” again. It would be great if you could change it to “インポート.”

I found out that the “teleport” was caused by an update to “tags_gt_calc.txt”. Skill/Devotion Progression is a very good idea.
I have hastily translated it and am attaching the new translation.
231128_tags_gt_calc_ja02.zip (2.1 KB)

Hi Dammit, where I can find translation files now? Link to old forum thread is dead.

Translations are done by Crate now.

The text for Build Calclator can be downloaded here.

Hi Dammit, I’ve updated polish grimtools UI tags, here they are:
Polish_gt_tags_28_11_2023.zip (12.5 KB)

Take Care!

Sure, I only wanted to update grimtools UI :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, I patched it it last time, without updating the source files, so it slipped back in. It’s fixed now. I’ll include translations for skill/devotion progression in the next update.


Thanks! I’ll include the translations in the next update.