Gunslinger build?

Having played a number of toons to various points in the game I’ve gotten a decent selection of guns. Pistols and rifles. I was wondering what would be a good class combo to make a gunslinger like toon? Not looking for a game stomping build just something to play around with

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I would go Purifier, especially for dual pistols. Fire Strike/Inquisitor Weapon pool skills push ranged to another level.

I like also 2H ranged lightning Primal strike Vindicator .


Thanks. Totally forgot about inquisitors gun abilities. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll blunder into something interesting. Cheers

As @Nery said: Purifier is currently the “go to” class for anything with ranged weapons.

Here’s a current gunslinger build:

Given the inherent strenght of Purifiers, basically any somewhat decent fire setup will work…

Other less common options are Paladin and Pyromancer (a classic).
Paladins are about S&B, holy light and stuff. Right? RIGHT? :wink:

If you want a glass cannon with incredible dps, there’s still the classic Darkblaze Pyromancer:

Be warned: The spec only works if you have the required gear - especially Darkblaze set is crucial.

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This one is also for you but only if you have these pistols and like a bit non-standard approach to ranged builds!

I find it peculiar there is no mention of a dual wield Tactician gunslinger. Certainly not the most “professional” of builds, but it’s absolutely strong enough to get you through the game and in a fun way. One of the easiest builds I’ve played to get to level 100. Phys/pierce… I must have uploaded it once upon a time… Lord Gaara, built it exclusively for use with Azraakas Sands… let me see if I can dig up the old link.

Nice! Thanks guys. I’ll give these a go and see how they work with me. Y’all are awesome

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I couldnt find it so I linked my level 100 tactician gunslinger. Nothing to write home about, but trust me when I say this was a fun character to level! Nowhere near perfect, but so much sand skills! True to the Naruto canon!

Whoops forgot to post the link :sweat_smile:

Lord Gaara of the Sand

Cool. I’m already enjoying the toon and I’ve only just hit lvl 15. Duel pistols so far rocks :smiley:

Yeah i have a Purifier that rains fire down on everything. Love playing it. Rifles and dual pistols all the way.

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Seems like temper and hellfire mine would be worth a few points with so much chaos damage in that build…