Happy 11th Birthday Grim Dawn Alpha

Meant to post this last year for the 10th, but was away and totally forgot about it. :woman_facepalming: Anyway, on to more fun things.

Yes, yes, I know. Zantai’s been doing Happy Birthday GD threads for years, but he’s been using the full release of the game’s date. But it was out in early access long before then.

Yes, on the 15th May 2013 a few lucky players - at least 2,600 of us (KS figures, no idea how many people bought into the alpha direct from Crate’s website) - got our eager little mitts on the first public version of the game. It was an exciting time needless to say. Apart from the Soldier mastery

we didn’t really know anything about Demolitionist and Occultist except for their names; Zantai’s Grim Misadventures on those two didn’t come out until after the alpha was released into the wide world.

So what are your memories of that very early game play? I know I started with Soldier because I wanted to be as tanky as possible, having succeeded with my Titan Quest Conqueror in getting to the end of that game. I also remember being very annoyed that Crate had removed the TQ rebirth fountain system and having to start in Devil’s Crossing every time. Why? Because I played so slowly and carefully I didn’t always make it to the next riftgate to unlock it before having to close down a play session so then I’d have to run all the way back to where I stopped before I could continue. Also do you remember that originally there was a quest to unlock the DC riftgate? I do. Which meant until you unlocked it you had to keep running back to town to sell stuff.


I wasn’t able to play it, but seeing the videos of the early build (although it seems to ran on 30 fps), i was sold on how the class playstyles were specifically the occulist.

They should put the alpha demo for people to try it out,

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Happy birthday! I still remember winter early 2016, lying in bed and thinking ‘why not start gaming again, TQ like I used to’. I found out about GD back then. I purchased it…. And never left (as not a gaming person, I havent purchased anything since then). Thanks so much!

It was a great day in history when the Alpha was released and was eagerly anticipated by a number of early fans, myself included.

I played a BWC Demo for a bit and then made other characters to try out different skills. The Alpha was quick seeing that it only went to The Warden and had a low level cap of 13(?), if I remember correctly. My favorite character in those very early days was a Firestrike pistol-using Demo that had a blast shooting everything with Brimstone shrapnel flying out with each bullet. That character reminded me of my Bonecharmer in TQ - very fun!

I remember waiting for each Grim Misadventure and Build as they came out expanding upon the awesome world of Cairn. The best part was the release of each class thereafter; Nightblade, Arcanist and finally Shaman.

Fun times indeed! :sunglasses:

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I think I started with an occultist but the second the Arcanist was in I swapped to that. I’m an elemental kind of guy, particularly ice and lightning. When the Shaman came in as well I was in heaven. Druids FTW lol.