Hardcore mode

I bought the game with the idea of Sim City crossed with a Rouge-like, but your game is more like Sim City with natural disasters turned on. It would be great to have a mode with increased challenges where getting Barracks as soon as possible is a necessity or something. Maybe like a “Frontier at War” mode where battles around are causing bandit attacks to spike.

This also ties into my suggestion of an overall difficulty increase on the base game. Even on the hardest difficulty it feels like if I do some very glaring mistake like planting wheat when I don’t even have a windmill going or putting all workers in mines, the game doesn’t really punish me much, and as soon as I resolve the issue the village stabilizes incredibly quickly without many losses. This is what I believe is because (on the hardest difficulty):

  • Villagers almost never die of sickness even if a hospital is not present
  • Villagers do not leave or die if they spend a winter homeless
  • Villagers do not die if they pass a winter without enough firewood

I could write more, but the fact is the above only gets reflected in the overall happiness meter, which does, to be honest, reduce many aspects like going into labor, yet I never notice those as having a big impact on the overall growth. For example in Civ 5 having negative happiness for long periods of time is almost a death sentence as it completely halts growth, productivity, and can lead to rebellions.

We have not had the same experience.
My cemeteries fill rather more quickly than I would like, at much less intense a level of play.

I went with Vanquisher’s difficulty on Arid Highlands to give myself as much challenge as possible. Did not build a medic’s house for the longest time, skimped out on the Barracks as well, and struggled with food security to the point of 0% bar in happiness. Not only did all my villagers recover from illnesses, and I fought off the bandits by just garrisoning the town square, but also my graveyard has only 13 corpses in it.

I feel like I am playing the game wrong and making mistakes, but they do not seem to matter much. Can you tell me how you play your game Celebrindan? I went with a large field as soon as I could and then added 2 more. Every time I hit a food problem I tried to keep adding hunter’s cabins and forager’s huts. Here is my town for example:

Try this map.

That looks like a fun map. Thanks will try it out :slight_smile: