Hellfire Sorcerer, CR 6:06(5:29), Fun Build Experience [g3/g4][sr][c+][vid]


This is not a guide,just build demonstration;)


Default Setup(physique bonus craft)
Pyrahna Reupdated
Greenless Justicar Setup(slow res bonus craft)
Pyran Setup OLD(Don’t recommended)[]

==============STAT PANEL===============

Default setup


(All permament buffs + iskandra’s relic)


Justice setup



(All permament buffs + iskandra’s relic)


Default Setup — 6m 06s
Pyrahna — 5m 29s
Greenless Justicar Setup— 6m 41s(Should be faster with more unrandomized situations)
Pyran OLD— 5m 55s

============NEW SET===================
Well, i’m somewhat disappointed.Yes, overall damage is pretty good , but completely lacks overall protection(0da,0cdr,0phys res,0hp,0armor), so it’s makes sorcerer almost unplayable now and even regen doesn’t save this moment. So in current patch( i highly DON’T RECOMMEND to use until defensive buffs and use alternative sets(justicar, ulzuin) that would give you almost same perfomance with much better survivability

This video ROCKS. My graphics card is dying just from watching it! Cool sorc!

Truely the directed by Michael Bay playing on piano build.

Warpfire and Aldanar’s Vanity…

Is it 2016 again?


Nice sorc. Itemization is expertly done. Congrats. Mortars are class A skill now and they deserve it.

Just one question. Question not critique! I haven’t made anything Mortar since but I’ve heard that Big One is DPS loss unless you max it or something, and that it doesn’t carry dmg from the medal’s mod. Dropping it together with Hellfire Mine will give you 12 points to softcap Flashbang, Null, and get some ranks elsewhere.

Needs more explosions. :wink: Swap OFF with Canister Bomb?

Bringing back the Romanism of Grim Dawn :smiley:

That was pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

This is amazing! That procfest is the real chinese fireworks show. Good job!

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haven’t seen the video but the build looks absolutely disgusting. And I mean that in a good way.

This is not my idea to use Big One,this belongs to mad1lee:D. Big One , in my case, more activation proc rather than attacking.(in my feeling, chances ~100%) Actually, i used this setup(40 demo points) not so long ago, but i don’t see any significant changes between my old and new setups.

=== Thanks:D ===

no inq and looks good well done !!

How sweet - that seems to be the modern take on JoVs old triple Sorc! Great work on the build.

Just a few questions if i may:

  • what is the point investing so much in Olexra? Isnt the -Fire res in effect only if the target is frozen (which for bosses/nemesis doesnt work)?

  • Wouldnt it be better to invest the Mortar points in Canister bomb?

  • Is the conversion (Aether to Cold) of Star Pact happening before Aldanar`s (Cold to Aether) - thus negating it?

  • Thoughts on Reckless Power instead of Star Pact?

-Points in Hellfire mine - wouldnt they be better invested elsewhere?

Really cool build. Only possible improvement I noticed is giant’s blood is not attached to blast shield. That combination makes giant’s blood 90% chance on hit and it becomes a predictable and reliable heal that allows you to make more efficient use of healing potions.

Well it is sorcerer. Blast shield + MoE is very nice. If vanity or time dilation reduced blast shield cd the class combo would be spellbinder level. The only nuisance would then be thermite mines :stuck_out_tongue:

Answers in orange text above.

Apologies - i meant the conversion of Warpfire vs Starpact.

Also have you tested in SR or a Celestial?

Applause!! This is so much better than the fireworks in New Year’s Eve. Have you tried in SR??
It’s me or the blowout on cocktail is beyond overwhelming.

=====Orange Text=====