Hello! a question i have!

greetings and salutations! umm its my first time using this forum, so if im posting in the wrong section, sorry about that. anyways! story and question below!

im a former d2 player, mostly duels but i was good with theorycrafting builds as well. played titan quest ofc, great game. then switched to poe, at first it was fun, but eventually turned into a complete shithole which i dont recommend to anyone for multiple reasons.

so! this is where we come to grim dawn! one of the reasons i quit poe (not a major one, but one that annoyed me nonetheless) was the constant changing of stuffs. you see, im a builder type of guy. i like to theortcraft the living shit out of a build, then play it, then get all the items until absolute perfection, and then call it a day and move on to the next build. thats kinda my thing. so i have like, about 20 chars so far, not really mainstream but can handle most of the things in the game (except crate, fuck that guy and his big box in particular). and every time theres an update that changes things, all my chars dont make any sense to me, and the time playing them seems wasted. and please dont give me shit like “its the journey, not the destination”, because to me destination matters. and even if one item is changed, the build isnt perfect anymore and that makes me ocd af. so ehm, the question! do you have any idea when the “final update” will be? like, call it a day, the game is already as balanced as it gets compared to pretty much anything ive played before. and dont think i dont appreciate your work, crate is as dedicated as it gets when it comes to the game and the playerbase from what ive seen! its just…maybe its a bit too much dedication? anyone shares my feelings about this? no?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

The answer is no, we don’t. Crate will continue to support the game so long as it makes sense for them to do so. We know they’re working on a new area by Tyrant’s Hold/Twin Falls and there seems to be something happening in Burrwitch/East Marsh which they haven’t mentioned yet. Whether any of this will be in the next patch or beyond only Crate knows.

oh! i remember you! from that titan quest forum! you and daddy squid were the only major people there that i have a fond memory of. speaking of squid, is he around? would like to say hello! anyways, gz on becoming a mod. if you are the same person from that forum, you deserve it!

and aww :frowning: oh well, thanks… i mean its very nice that they are still supporting the game as much, i see the majority of players prefer that. im more of a “gd is balanced af, enjoy it while we are working on gd2” type of guy. so have there been people with the same complaint as me or am i the first? :frowning:

Cannot you block updates for a particular game on Steam somehow?
Or buy the game on GoG (it doesn’t auto-update there, right?)

Btw I’m the complete opposite of you - process/journey focused so I hope they’ll be patching the game forever
(I mean patches that improve the game, not patching for the sake of patching/seasons).

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Yes, I’m the same Medea that was on the old titan quest forum. That has sadly closed, but we have a new one to replace it.

Father Squid hasn’t been around for a while I’m sorry to say.

GD isn’t Crate’s main focus though, they are working on other games for us to enjoy. Not a GD2 yet though, maybe in a few years’ time.

sadly closed? tbh im kinda happy about it getting closed, that forum was an echochamber. shame for all the good tq builds on it, but the people there were…an acquired taste at best. after all, i did get mobbed for using shopmi and eventually got kicked out of the forum by some monkey (this is not me talking shit, his username was literally a type of monkey). all in all, thanks for the responses and hope both fathersquid and you are doing well :heart: but i guess im gonna wait some more before starting gd again :frowning:

i cant do that :frowning: i mean i technically can do that, but it doesnt feel right :frowning: like i discovered fire in year 2000 and other people were like “umm, listen. there are computers and phones now. fire is not really the thing anymore”

so yeah…will play different stuff until the final update! i wish you all the best and gz crate for making a lovely game :heart:

Well, we did manage to save some of the builds and other useful info because we got some warning that things weren’t right with the company that owned the website. TQ.net went offline in May 2016 with some of us contacting the company to ask what was going on. They said it was closed and wouldn’t be reopened. Eventually though in July 2016 the site was back, but people began either seeing what they had in their own collections of info or copying it from the website just in case. The site continued to be on and offline for the rest of that year and into 2017 until finally in September, with no warning, it closed permanently. Much of the info had already been gathered and posted on kirmiziperfect.com and a new forum was started in October 2017. What’s really crazy is that a couple of people were willing to buy the site/database from them to keep it going, but they seem to have refused those offers and even today still pay several thousand dollars to keep the domain name. Weird.

The new site titanquestfans.net is growing day by day and THQNordic, who now own the IP rights to Titan Quest and put out the Annivesary Edition of the game in 2016 and a couple of expansions since then, know of our website/discord.