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I’ve just seen this post and thought it’d be nice to avoid creating an entirely new one for a pretty similar topic. In short, I just got back to GD after AoM and leveling 4/5 toons, including a hell of a lot of endgame farming, and am currently leveling a Warlord for some relaxing spin2win action.

Long story short, what are the new things that one should keep in mind regarding FG? Are there new secret quests/interesting stuff besides the constellations and everything? Is there any place where this information might be collected and read without having to hop, skip and jump through the various forums?

P.S. currently aiming for the beginner spin2win build that is posted in the compendium, and sir_spanskalot’s Raging Phallus build for endgame. Are they both still satisfying or have they been gimped?

Well, the various Development Updates give you some info. Start with this one and continue through the numbers.

There’s also this

And yes there’s a secret quest and an even more secret achievement for those die-hard masochistic players out there.

Much obliged!

Don’t listen to their well aimed advice’s!
Go for Belgothian Blademaster ASAP, helluva fun build!!!
And welcome to GD!!!

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Can you link it? There are several builds that pop up by that name search

Doesn’t matter, all are worthy contenders :smile:

But Belgothian is full set, so I would be cautious to suggest it although it’s one of my favorite builds.

All builds guides should be broken down like yours bro! :+1:

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