Help a newbie

Hi guys,

I just got into GD (version and feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information on the forum. I intend to read it all gradually, but i’d really like to start playing asap :slight_smile:.

Taking this into account, please recommend me a build that would get me to endgame easily and does not need heavy farming to shine. I ask this because if i understand at any moment that my build is ineffective, i just stop playing it and usually drop the game as well, so need to start effectively from lvl1.

I like pretty much any play style, if it’s heavy on AoE, clearing screens of mobs in a couple of shots. I have all DLCs as well.

I’d rather have a build that’s easy to pilot, if it’s at all possible.

Thank you in advance.

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You want a build that will get in crucible farming shape ASAP so that you can expand your inventory to properly max it and/or make new builds.

I suggest a conjurer. You get serious defense and offense just from the masteries and devotions. And you can go for pets or a vitality caster.

Alternatively, I always recommend Silver Sentinel infiltrator. It’s based on a blue set which is easy to get. You’ll die a lot but offensively it has no match when it comes to ease of assembly.

Also, anything with soldier. Blademaster or warlord will carry you through main game easily.

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Well that’s a rather tall order to fill. I don’t believe there is a build that is going to take a lone noob all the way to endgame with no adversity. You have to learn the game and its mechanics well enough along the way to avoid that. Or cheat your character in.

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Welcome to the game and to the forum.

You’ll find several beginner builds here

and there’s also the Game Guide for more general info

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Back in Titan Quest, before the anniversary edition, there was this amazing Poinas’ Pwning with Spirit build, that used reduce life (or something like that, don’t remember the name of the effect, but it reduced life by a small percentage) to melt bosses. Is there something similar in GD?

I remember this one as well.

In short, no. In the original TQ it was a broken beyond repair mechanic that didn’t made it into GD. While there are still some sources of %current life damage in GD, bosses are very resistant to it as a rule.

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With the above mentioned Compendium and the official Game Guide I would also recommend both…


These resources combined should cover most your initial needs.


Sth good for a beginner are warlord, death knight, commando, warder, tactician, purifier probably.

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From my experience anything physical related (Death Knight, Warlord, etc.) works well from the getgo as it doesn’t rely on items that much.

Also always had a blast leveling with transmuted Primal Strike (Vindicator, Warder) as it provides VERY good damage from early on while still being reasonably sturdy.

Vitality casters (Conjurer, Ritualist) are also insane atm. Very good defenses and still sick AoE.

My first build was a pet build which also crushed early. Just keep in mind that pet builds (Conjurer, Cabalist) are very different in style compared to other builds and you might get a completely different experience than with casters/melees. But they wreck stuff nevertheless.

whats wrong with your current build, you know how to post a grimtools link?

i don’t have a current build yet, i need to pick one before starting, that’s how i roll :frowning:

oh ok i misunderstood. Well i’d say just go through some guides and look at some youtube movies is possible to see what the action will look like.

that’s what i am currently doing, but it feels like forever and i want to start playing faster :smiley:

How viable is this build in the current meta? From what i read, looks like i’d enjoy playing it. Is there some updated guide?

use this instead, do you own all the expansions?

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Yeah that’s a bit of an old one but looks like madlee has something pretty current here:


Bear in mind that apart from the beginner builds none of the guides will have levelling or devotion pathing in them. So you either figure that out yourself or ask in the relevant thread if they’d provide you with one. Also the gear is endgame and no information on stuff you can use before you start finding the gear late on.


and expanding on what medea said and vizix above as well… if you find yourself stuck or feeling “ineffective” then don’t by shy to post your build via GrimTools and ask for assistance (describe exactly what in the game is giving you issues too). Plenty here will help you out with advice.

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I’m building up a toon based on this build right now -
(very newb friendly info/instructions to follow)

  • Honestly though, half the fun of the game is building your own toons, making mistakes, and theorycrafting etc etc.

Welcome to the forums and enjoy the game!!


In Grim Dawn, I am having the most fun of trying different builds, skills etc. Game also encourages replay ability. So the most important thing is to find what you like. If you stuck though, see beginners builds done by Stupid dragon, Malawiglenn or me. Or ask for help this wonderful community. :slightly_smiling_face:

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