Help me build Reverend Reynolds, living symbol of the Duality of Man

That’s an awesome picture close-up with black background! How did you do that?

You run with it, sir! I’m actually in the mid 60s for level right now still in Normal, just about to tackle Korvaak. I’m just enjoying the heck out of it and what not. I’ve taken a number of screen shots to do some lore notes I’m just to lazy to get to them yet, plus having fun. I need to stop, drop and roll and put something up here though. :smiley:

Here’s one of ol’ Bull taking a moment as he visits the grave of his wife, Siobhan. It was a tragic tale some forty years in the past, but his travels had taken him far and he’d nearly forgotten how to find it. But there it was. Even in the dark days of the grim dawn and with the influence of those infernal cultists and aetherials all around she still held on and he could still feel her presence. More sad, in that same fire that destroyed their hard fought home, they lost their newborn babe, Iona and the fire had burned so hot by the time it was out there was naught left of her to bury with her mother.

And somewhere down the road, we’ll come back to this particular part of the tale with a surprise reunion.


Got the tip from @tqFan in the “Fashion Dawn” thread.
Really works well.

Jan 25


That would be a great fight :smile:. Thank you for appreciation. I like those fiery shoulders, they fit nicely with Inquisitor theme. By the way, what program or add-on did you use for screenshots?

No add-on or program:

  • increased resolution to FullHD (normally I have lower for FPS)
  • increased UI Scale so the character is biggen on the screen
  • went to Illusionist
  • made multiple screenshots
  • joined them and blackened the arrows in Paint (I’ve just erased the arrows for the second time but in a nicer way so that there are no visible stains, 1st version is in the post above)



Imma use that symbol. And also the :damage_cold:. And :cold_face:.

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Father Bull’s memories …

The last time he saw his wife Siobhan and baby Iona was in their wrecked house in Burrwitch Village shortly after the first wave of Aetherial attacks. He asked her to stay safe here with their baby Iona while he joins the fight against this insidious foe.


As he was leaving their damaged household he was totally unaware of the start of a silent Aetherial attack that occurred on his family just behind him.

He was later told that his house was burned to the ground by the Aetherials together with his wife and child.

Images from a seer in far off Korvan later proposed a rather different outcome in that not all of his family died in that fire storm of Burrwitch, but something else happened that the seer could not grasp as the Aether power blurred his vision.

Partial visages form the seer …
Siobhan had already been levitated and vanished by some strange spell.
Two Aetherials manifested themselves close to the crib containing baby Iona


The fate of Siobhan and Iona are actually unknown given the presence of these strange Aetherials just before the house was raised to the ground by the fire storm.

The first sad visit to his family’s grave. Bull was not happy with this local unhappy location and vowed to move them to a more remote and safe site that only he knew where to find it.


Change from Steam Cloud saves to Local saves (Just be sure to have some sort of local to external backup policy of your Grim Dawn Saves when you have converted).

Once you have Local only saves you can play Grim Dawn REGARDLESS if you have an internet connection or not. Steam will give you the option to play OFFLINE.

Steam should do that anyway by default, but I have found that having Steam Cloud saves disabled and rely on local saves with external backups is far safer and less prone to any character losses.

Search the forum to find out where save files are stored and also if you on cloud, how to migrate without losing characters. It is pretty simple and there are lots of posts of how to do it.

If you have cloud saves enabled (enabled by default) your save file will be in \Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata########\219990\remote\save\main
Otherwise it will be in \Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main

Remember to turn off cloud saving in both the Steam settings and the ingame Options menu.

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Grim Dawn is one of the few RPG games out there that you can still play when you have no Internet connection!. A great feature especially with many countries experiencing server connection instability and reliability issues due the current Coronavirus crisis.

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From the history archives of Father Jacobius “Bull” Mahone.

After the loss of his family and household, Bull roamed the land of Cairn culling Aetherial, Ch’thon and humans alike, slaying with a mindless fury and rage that had no equal.

He eventually became a nomad scavenger, rough and disillusioned, living off the land. The years had taken their toll on his once pristine appearance and he was growing old, weary and burnt out.


The pious Bull became …

During one of his killing sprees in Cairn though, he chanced upon a strange statue that was well hidden in a thicket behind a waterfall in Gryvers Mill.

The scroll he found near the statue gave no insight into what god or deity this was, but a disturbing primordial part of his mind knew that this was somehow important to his faith. The scroll also mentioned Witch Gods and Bull had heard whispers from an emissary that there were strange cults in the land of Korvan that worshipped these gods.

Bull travelled to the far off land of Korvan to seek some answers there.
On arrival he found 3 cult factions that seemed obsessed with their gods and some upcoming battle. Speaking to all of them Bull dismissed their gods as just ascended mortals similar to the way he rejected Kymons Chosen and The Order of Deaths Vigil.

One of the cult leaders, Draellus seemed amused by Bull’s apostate attitude and was willing to listen to his story.


Bull mentioned that he had seen a statue similar to the one of Dreeg behind Draellus and described it to him. Draellus suddenly became cold and fearful. The statue depicts the long lost god Korvaak who was an Eldritch god, born into godhood, unlike the ascended mortal gods of our Witch Cults and should be something to be forgotten and not pursued!

Bull instinctively now knew that part of his destiny lay with pursuing this forgotten god. The pull and conviction was too strong, and who knows what powers could be achieved from the devotion to such a god?

He decided to humour and exploit Draellus to his own advantage and allied himself with their cult to further his pursuits in finding any leads to his new devotion pursuit of Korvaak.


These shots are awesome man. I love the outfits you’re using. The second one almost looks like pieces of the first one with lots of wear and tear, and additional garments acquired over time. Great flavor!

Also this is great lore man!!! Really brings the build alive!

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Great character journey so far with this challenge :crate: Theme and gameplay is awesome.

I am way behind @CaiusMartius progression with my character at the moment and am just basically trying to fill in some basic lore stories whilst staying alive in in hardcore.

@CaiusMartius - love to see some other ideas from you like the the family graves or where you are at now level 60+

I am not too far from the “Korvaak - Eldritch Sun” devotion (Ratoosh, is going to be another story and mission)

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Once my laptop can reconnect to the internet, I’ll post what I’ve been working on. Rather than use the same character name and classes, my build idea are exploring other middle ground between the gods.

For my personal challenge in this lore, my first 33 levels are technically classless. I am investing points in the mastery bars of the chosen classes only, following the idea that balance must be maintained always- for each point invested in one mastery i must invest an equal amount in the other, just like you guys.

At level 34 I will break 100 skill points invested, and begin selecting skills in the same balanced way. I am still unsure of the classes I will choose, however I am very motivated to do a Defiler or an Oppressor, leaning towards Oppressor. I will also only be allowed to use 1 handed weapon and off-hand, as befits a priest… However I will also be running another build which DOES use a Shield, to represent another trope of taboo stigma within the priesthood- martial combat. That builds background will be a kind of Cleric who lost his way.


How are you even posting this comment now if you cannot connect to the internet?

There are many issues currently with game servers worldwide due the the Coronavirus epidemic, but Grim Dawn can be played quite happily without an Internet connection.


On my phone. My laptop is from 2015 and I have used and abused it. I think it is a hardware issue with the device itself, not any kind of software issue or issue with my internet connection, just to clarify.


Sigh. Don’t I know it. I’m a terrible slacker.

So this is currently where I stand.

And for a lore update (since I’m working on a gaming source guide for the setting of my recent film and all my creativity is currently locked up in that, sigh):

You. Your nemesis Uroboruk. I have walked these decades incased in the judgment of your twin dichotomies. I have sought union and freedom, free will and community but the two of you continue to oppress and degrade, diminish and overwhelm. But I will stand. I will stand for the individual. For the home. For the hope of contradiction. I will not be caged in a chain of beliefs and doctrines that flow only one direction. I will bring desperation to the individual and enlightenment to the commune. Law and Chaos. Order and Oblivion. The world shall know this. The world shall awaken.

And I will see my beloved Siobhan and my dear, dear Iona when the stars align and the constellations are torn asunder.


Father Bull and the mastering of the “Eye of Korvaak” - Disbelievers be afraid, be very afraid!

After humouring and working with Draellus of the Dreeg cult, Father Bull eventually located and descended into the madness and complexity of the strange and mysterious god, Korvaak. Through sheer devotion and determination he finally mastered a skill of extreme power that allowed him to lay waste to anyone and all in the way of his quest path of vengeance.

The Devotion skill - “Eye of Korvaak” …

Wind up …

Effects …

Death …

At times the eye can even start another ring in succession thus dealing twice the damage.
Another sad bunch of losers that fell foul of the dreaded eye …

In the mines or wherever the eye will be your demise …

His learnings and devotion in the way of Korvaak also steered him in the search of long lost skills of an entity known only as “Rattosh the Veil Warden”. Whilst this entity is not a god, it does appear that much power and skills can be learned here.


So cool to see this still going. I’ve got my multiverse version of Bull still up and running as well. I’ve taken various screen shots for a future writeup.


Cool, I am still only level 58 in Elite, but given my past attempts at hardcore and deaths I am taking this one a LOT LOT more slowly and focused.

I posted here as well as I saw a lot of people are saying that Eye of Korvaak does not trigger.
One reason was they state it is on only on 100% critical attack and requires high Offensive Ability.

I am not finding this to be true as the eye triggers often from it’s assigned “Empowered Lightning Nova” and in fact often starts a second attack whilst the first ring is still expanding. (hard to screenshot that though)

My OA is only 1392, so you definitely do not need insane values here to trigger the skill.

Looking forward to Rattosh when I get there.

We all know that these are not the most optimal builds, but they sure go a long way into making the game challenging as well as throwing new curved balls your way that change the way you think in the game.


Father Bull - Discovering Rattosh

Digging and diving into the unexplored areas of Cairn, Bull did find some shrines and other remote relics devoted to the entity Rattosh.


Intrigued …
The search for the way forward appeared to lie in the areas of Arkovia and the Steps of Torment.

Bull found a strange and enlightening text in one of the deep dungeons in the steps that was an actual quote from the writings and trainings of Rattosh.

“Give an acolyte a powerful gun with unlimited ammunition and ask him to kill a room full of 100 assailants and you will find that he can achieve it with ease, ask him to do the same with an olive branch or a toothpick and he will fail”

The way of Rattosh then seems to lie in the concept of an olive branch or a toothpick?
I can’t kill all the scourge with just a branch or toothpick — or can I? ---- with Korvaak and Rattosh?

Time to consolidate, but Bull is still hearing whispers of “May the Dawn be with You”

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