Hit a wall on Loghorrean Elite

yes it works fine. Kinda potent since the first cadance modifier will make the bullets pierce through enemies :slight_smile:

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You have augments in guns, that is for PETS! read, it says BONUS TO ALL PETS

You should not do skeleton key dungeons in elite, waste of skeleton keys + if you cant do log you cant do BoC.

You have probably already dropped much better items but failed to identify them as upgrades.
I mean chest and legs are level 30items. Don’t be color racist, just because an item is legendary or epic does not mean it is BiS :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have FG, got to Normal and pick up the Fettan mask.

Try to craft 2xVicous spikes one in each wpn (yes auras will stack)

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Interesting ref the cadence and ranged weapons. Something to check out as I like trying out Soldier/xxx combos.

@Namiah look at the second/third tabs of the character when examining gear and look at the changes that happen in them as you check stuff out.

Deciding what is or is not an upgrade for you is the one of the hardest decisions I have in game.

Now that I think about it, one thing that helped me understand some of my toons and their abilities is GlockenGerda’s Grim Internal mod. Absolutely not required to play, but hugely beneficial to me in understanding where I am doing the most damage at any given time. plus showing what is doing the most damage to me in terms of damage types (physical, fire, etc)

Will do for sure! I’ll try to run some BoC/The faction dungeon near fort ikon (outcasts?) and see if I get any upgrades and side exp!

Ty for all the input everyone! Feel humbled, but there’s so much to learn, I love it!

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you probably missed it, but I advice you not doing BoC now. In elite, its basically waste of skeleton keys and if you cant kill Log, you will not finish BoC basically.

Oh sorry, I did! Any other good place that I can hit up on elite then? Maybe crucible? Haven’t touched much of that either

BoC is not a good idea as malawiglenn pointed out. Save your keys for Ultimate.
I’d say it’s better to level up by doing faction bounties, try to get revered status for DC, Rovers and Black Legion by the time you hit level 70 so you can use armor augments to fix your resistances.

Yes, for example Rovers faction at “honored” status offers Rhowari Guardstone which is MUCH better than the crap amulet you’re wearing atm :wink:

since you wanna buy some faction gear from Coven, you can kill beasts and also those insects outside Homestead drops mats for spikes. But basically get any chest armor and legs that have higher armor (e.g. yellow ones that you can shop), some life steal like 10%, some more attack speed and 2xvicous spikes and you should be able to kill log.

What is your faction status with Coven atm? If you can buy and use the faction shoulders and chest at level 65 that would be great
Coven Combatant’s Spaulders
Coven Combatant’s Chestguard

@malawiglenn I’m respected with Coven! I will hit those areas for sure, anything will help at this point for me, I think, will look up for those pieces!

@Volek I will check that for sure then! I might’ve missed that, sorry!

On gear, I just tend to focus on getting resistances (elemental/poison whatev) that’s why I was mainly ignoring the armor stat, which, looking at it, it’s kinda silly. Just by using some components that I had stashed, I’ve upped my bleeding and vit resists to cap, and got aether and chaos a bit higher too

ok that is great, that means that once you hit level 65 you can buy and use those items. Make sure to shop for good rolls by reseting vendor. But that is still 9 levels from now. I usually get to Coven around level 70 or so. Perhaps you do not own Forgotten Gods?

I actually do own FoG, but I haven’t touched it, from reading online (maybe they’re outdated guides?) I just went through normal vet, unlocked Covenant, and went straight to elite, without progressing Malmouth or doing FoG, should I back track?

I would. Some good gear/faction stuff in AoM and FG.

Definitely! You will need to grind experience for those factions, get movement blueprints and get the Fettan mask which will be dope for your build (basically dope for all budget builds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rltY_sXpeo8
Plus there are plenty of beast monsters there that you will get coven reputation for.
Also finish AoM, you need to get the reputation up with those factions too.

Don’t be sorry, it’s really easy to miss things as GD can be quite overwhelming.
Oh btw just noticed this was your first time posting. Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Will jump back to normal vet for now then, and dive into the expac’s then! Make’s me excited to do so actually, thanks for your patience malawiglenn!

@Volek aye, first comer to the forum! Ty vm for your help Volek!

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remember to look out for item upgrades, green items can be very potent. Rings with flat pierce damage and attack speed / life steal.

Also read the guide I linked to now and then for some overall solid tips

BTW I forgot that Nery did an upgrade of said guide here [] Beginner's/budget project-DW pierce ranged Tactician

Will do! I’m currently respeccing and following that guide!

you should also at any given instant have gloves with attack speed mod. The faster you attack the faster you kill and heal with life steal.

If you have the patience for it, finish the base game, then AoM and then FoG on veteran, and do bounties for faction rep. Then do the same in elite. That´s the best way to get gear without too much pain and/or frustration.
GD takes time, if you want to play it “properly”, time to learn what´s what and to get gear.
Early on you will probably get most legendaries from Hero Mobs. Droprates in elite are not THAT bad, so maybe farm the wasp hives, there are a lot of Gero Mobs, and they are easy ´n fast to get to.

Too bad you didn´t make a purifier, much easier to gear/play, and still kickass, despite all the little nerfs. :wink:

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He does chaos, vitality and poison damage mainly, I think some fire too and some lightning from his spawns. Your chaos and vitality resistance are both garbage level. Need to get those up, use a couple black tallow components in medal and amulet for chaos resistance plus racial damage reduction. Use an armor absorption component (forget the name but looks like a dragon scale or something) or two. Use some corpse dusts in the ring slots to get some vitality resistance and more health.

You are also a low level. I try to finish elite at level 70. Sometimes I am 60 - 65 doing Log. I’d run steps of torment or do a few bounties or something. Try to upgrade your chest and leg armor because the armor value is very low which in combination with low armor absoprtion value is probably making the minions very dangerous.

I’d take about 4 points from each bursting rounds and chilling rounds and put those into inquistors seal. Stand in that. It is a crazy strong skill at this level. I’d try to get a few more points from somewhere else and put them in word of renewal.

And honestly I would have never gone 50 deep in soldier mastery. Either one of inquistor ultimate skills would be more appealing to me depending on pierce or elemental damage. Since you went pierce I would recommend moving in this direction. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G7mk62
different ultimate, got rid of a couple proc skills that do not do pierce, picked up word of pain for pierce resist reduction and got some more points in healing spell and inquisitors seal for defense.

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