How am i looking for stats at normal setting!

my DPS is 17486
I am doing the mission of paying debts with morgoneth is giving me a tuff time.
I am on my 4th try and don’t think I can beat him. He has got that one-shot kill that just murders me.
This is my stats and any help on how I’m looking for strengths or weaknesses would help.
How am I doing for my first play-through in my stats as a Soldier at rank 72 so far?
My Devotions are mostly all damage % or Aether damage, I don’t think I did my devotions well at all and any help for them as a soldier setup would be a big help. I am only playing at veteran because I am just learning the game. What is better for a Soldier’s way of thinking.
Is high armor worth more than high attributes or high resistances?

unsure where to begin @_@
you are mixing a lot of stuff that doesn’t really work “well” together, if not doesn’t work at all together…
somehow you did end up with partially ok stats, so that’s something

first off, GD isn’t a game where you just max any/all skills as you unlock them, so you got a bunch of “wasted” points in skills you didn’t need to max, but that’s sorta minor, because Soldier can get away with that rather easily
but, this

these skills do not mix “at all”/well together the way you have them there
Forcewave with Tremor(the diagonal node/transmuter) lowers the dmg but makes it spamable
then you have Cadence which is another spamable
and blade arc (without clean sweep) is a spamable
you generally don’t mix spamables, because you can’t use all at the same time = wasted dmg and points
then the top row (orange circle); only works with Cadence or other auto attacks, Blade Arc and Forcewave are not auto attack so can’t trigger wps/Markovian’s Advantage or Zolhan

generally you would have picked a 2nd mastery by now, and went rather deep in both mastery bars, but again, Soldier is one of those that can actually go single class for a long time - but you still probably wanna climb the mastery bar more

currently your main problem is probably
low resist because veteran; Morgoneth deals a bunch of vitality dmg so you probably want 80 vitality resist
low armour absorb, slap a scaled hide in shoulders
low dmg from mixing skills that dont’ go well together, and low general dmg (unfocused/mismatched class)

you did a lot of things right
got some lifesteal to help stay alive, you maxed “a” dmg skill (you just combined too many spamables)
got decent level gear/upgraded gear regularly
somehow despite it all managed some ok general resists (vitality and pierce is sorta low for that level tho maybe)
OA, DA, Health are all decent for your level
and you even used components, tho you didn’t use “the good ones”
^you can go to the blacksmith and craft components to help with resist spread, armour absorb (scaled hide), and you can swap/change some low grade components you’ve used for better quality with more/better stats

first i think you should decide on what main skill you want to use, then focus in it, and resepc the others, then maybe start to think of how in general you might want to form your character - other than just “max all the skills i unlock” :sweat_smile:
decide on a dmg type, and focus in it
then refit devotions to match with the above

minor gear and component tweaks will be easy and simple, right now you should think about your overall build and skill use and how you want to be, maybe give consideration to your 2nd class match too


here are examples of what i mean with the skill points/mixing skills that don’t go well together

pure soldier Cadence: Soldier, Level 72 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

pure soldier Forcewave: Soldier, Level 72 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

pure soldier Blade Arc: Soldier, Level 72 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

if you wanna mix one or more skill in, then remember to make it not a spamable,

ex: Spam Blade Arc + Cooldown Forcewave

or vice versa, Spam Forcewave + Cooldown Blade Arc

the diagonal side node in blade arc puts a cooldown on it
meanwhile the diagonal side node in forcewave removes the cooldown on forcewave, making it spamable
so if you have blade arc or cadence “as spamable” you don’t want forcewave spamable/with Tremor
likewise if you have either cadence or forcewave as main spamable, and you want blade arc, then you want Clean Sweep to put cooldown on blade arc

*i did not change devos in any of these examples, but skill point spread largely was oriented with your aether dmg in mind still
** did not change components either
*** skill point spread is not exact, since your dmg type is not exact yet, there are certain nuances to keep in mind with some skill nodes if you wish to maintain a focus in Aether dmg (trauma and bleed doesn’t convert or help, so ex Internal Trauma/3rd node in Forcewave is not super useful if you wish to focus purely in aether dmg)
**** if you wish to actually focus in and use Aether dmg, i’d highly suggest getting conversion/Physical dmg to Aether conversion, to benefit from soldier skills, since your skills are largely physical dmg regular aether dmg doesnt’ boost them without being converted first

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I really thank you for your time and help. ill work on what you said. I guess I didn’t do so well this play-through after all. :slight_smile: I died too much for normal play which is what I played in for most of the game and veteran is too tuff for me. I hope I can get good at this game because I really like it.

PS. someone said to me that in normal gameplay I can’t farm for good gear as I can only get up to level 70 gear and not much epic or legendary gear is this true? What do you recommend to go for a 2nd class match? PS: I don’t really understand what you did to give me more attributes points and health. I didn’t really read a dam thing about the game. I just jumped into the game played and played it till I passed out. :wink: The wrong way to play this game I guess. I went with aether damage due to the fact my best and only real good weapon drops were high in aether damage.

Pretty much yes, since any epic or legendary below 80 can easily be replaced with the final version of faction gear, or good rolled MI that supports your main skill.

Nothing wrong with playing the game this way since normal playthroughs are mostly to familiarize yourself with the map, mob, and the game. If you like playing as aether Soldier, then Necromancer as secondary would be a good way to start, even more at ultimate there is an easy item to farm for aether Death Knight


your mastery bar (bottom bar) gives base stats, that’s one of the reasons it’s good to “pump” it decently during leveling, and also one of the reasons why combining 2 classes is better than one, simply get more stats, ex, yours

vs tier 50 mastery bar

keep in mind different classes give different attribute scaling per point in mastery bar, (you can see that as you fill them)

Grim Dawn is based on the old concept of playing through and repeating the game multiple times to reach max level and thus max level items, like old diablo and titan quest etc
could call it NG and NG+ if you will
you wont get max level on Normal/Veteran (usually), game scales to around lvl 75 there, on elite it then scales to around lvl 95 i think, and on Ultimate, last playthrough it scales to max level
you can get decent enough items on Normal to carry you through on Elite and even into Ultimate, but you will probably atleast have to playthrough Elite to get some max level items (max item lvl is 94), tho not all areas on Elite will scale that high, only the later parts will. That’s why usually people play through to Ultimate and endgame is considered to be on Ultimate

anything you want
Soldier works with pretty much anything, tho i probably wouldn’t recommend arcanist for a starter :sweat_smile:
easy starters are stuff like Warlord (Soldier+Oathkeeper), Death Knight (Soldier+Necromancer), Warder (Soldier+Shaman), Blademaster (Soldier+Nightblade)
they are all super strong and good to start out for first play, and you can find beginner guides for all of them, or just videos on how they might look in play if you don’t like following guides - (you can totally play Grim Dawn “blind” and learning by doing)

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Cool, I will read more and learn better. thank you again for your help. I guess I tried to make a pure soldier high in everything. I guess you can’t play the game like that due to mixing spamable too much you have to cross-train I wanted to be strong in the shield and two-handed weapons all at the best I can. I thought all skills maxed as best as I can max them would make a super soldier. :slight_smile:

I guess this would be an example of a pure soldier. How did this guy get all those soldier points?

A good link to read up on.

ok, I did a new setup/devotions on my guy and this is my new setup how does it look now from before?
I’m not as strong in weapon damage as I hoped but it works more for a soldier look.
my DPS is only 8254 now :frowning:

I updated my stats and changed out the shield for a better fix.

To give you some ideas (the general build concept is called 2-handed Forcewave spammer - needs high casting speed). Only belt and medal has a suffix (to show you which are good to fix the resistance hole) [edit: and weapon to show you which one could work, the ring is from your build], otherwise rather bare (means: no affixes on MI’s - no augments in armor slots, only invested the necessary skill points to make the character work, etc.)

Thanks for the advice I will try that fit if I can find the stuff or make it.

I mean, you’re using a weapon that boosts Blade Arc, and you have more attack speed than casting speed, yet you’re using Forcewave. And you’re also using two shield devotions while not wielding a shield. That kinda defies the common sense.

I understand that as a new player sometimes experimenting is really fun but Grim Dawn, while it has excellent diversity in builds, experimentation can be brutal if you have no idea what you are doing, especially when it comes to Ultimate difficulty.

I would suggest checking out beginner guides either from Grimtools (Beginner Builds - Grim Dawn Builds) or here : Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions). If you are into Pet builds you can check out this reddit post as well :
RektbyProtos is a known Grim Dawn streamer with guided Youtube videos, so you can check that out too.

Having said that, your build is not dead, so don’t worry. The advise given to you in this thread holds true ,respec is cheap in this game.

yea, I was planning to use the shield and I hate blade arc it’s not my style of play. ill work on my devotions again I can’t seem to get a good weapon for my damage types it kind of sucks.

I maxed blade arc out to 20 and tried it but it used too much energy vs forcewave which used less.

I’ll read up on all that thanx for the info.

Of the skills you used so far (Cadence, Forcewave, Blade), which one comes closest to your preference (keep in mind, Forcewave is only spammable - means used without coodown - if you use a two handed melee weapon)?

And keep in mind, most builds in Grim Dawn are not single mastery as a second mastery typically adds some necesary bits (even if one mastery has a much stronger focus than the other)

I’ll keep in mind what you said thanx for the help.

my latest config.

I am still having problems with my resistance and other things. on elite

How did you measure that?

I’m not sure what you mean by measuring that? it is just what my DPS stat said I could do 17486. it might have just been a bug. My DPS now is 6456.

More or less - most of the stuff said last time is still valid (exception: devotions for shield build). The weapon you use is a monster infrequent (MI) for blade arc (check the boni on the weapon) - while it is not imperative to use the weapon for the skill designed for, for spam forcewave there is a much stronger MI weapon (you will see a rather impressive damage gain if you change the weapon). By now, you should also have at least +3 to Soldier mastery (amulett [Mogara’s Fang], belt (either devil’s crossing faction belt or an Ugdenbog Girdle), relic (Juggernaut)).

As spam forcewave scales with casting speed (while Cadence and Blade Arc scale with attack speed), it is good to have a higher casting speed (e.g. by weapon suffix “of celerity” or e.g. by component in the gloves slot [you use spellwoven threads currently which provide +8, restless remains are imho a bitte better because of the attack damage converted to health] - vicious jawbone in the medal slot however does almost not add anything (beside the %physical damage bonus and cunning))

There are much better components than Polished Emerals, e.g.Mark of Illusion (for rings, but there is also much better stuff for the head armor). Also there is almost no reason to use Bristly Fur if your resistances are not capped (and even than - there is almost ever a better choice). Resistances should really be (almost) capped by now - even if this would mean a damage loss. You new pants still have no component (one scaled hide would bring your armor absorption to 100%). And remember, some components are only craftable and are no random drops.

Currently you have no attack damage converted to health - which should be changed (something around 10%), as it will be your main sustain feature. One of the reasons for Soleal-Sect legguards in the grimtools I posted here last time.

And last but not least - around level 50 - 60, it is time to start to think seriously about enemy resistance reduction - as it will increase your damage. Currently you have Terrify (not the worst choice for three points - however, with +3 to soldier mastery, three points inversted in Break Moral bring the better result). A key devotion for physical damage builds is Assassin’s Blade, as the proc provides (if levelled to max level) -32% physical resistance reduction.

And finally, asking specific question might be more helpful to you, as you can get much more specific feedback - just posting a build it not really helpful.