How do you manage your inventory? (without mods)

Seriously running into organizational/managing issues here.

I wish I could at least drop items in town or something.

I’m gathering set pieces but can’t find a proper way of keeping count of what I have…

I know there are tools to help with this, but I prefer to play it as originally intended.

How do you manage your items/toons?.



Maybe… creating mule toons that only purpose is to hold sets from specific classes?..

No idea.

well, I have a mule for epics, and a mule for legendaries. I always keep only the best copy of a given item. For sets, the worse copy can be transmuted to complete the set.

Oh, and a mule for all the oddball greens I encounter.

Mules get upgraded stash space via iron bar transfer.

Same as Boromonokli, except that I use merit tokens for mules. I also wish there was a better way, especially since you can only compare with items in the transfer stash, not with items on the mule characters.

I encountered the same issue, best was to create mules. I named them=
“A mule Sets”
“A mule Belts”

merit tokens are required to access iron bar exchange, so its the same for both of us, Sero.

There’s GDitemsearch for comparisons

Mules are ugly decision and rather inconvenient. Still if don’t wanna cheat just use GD Stash Changer. It’s fast and simple, and you don’t have to close the game to switch stashes. Here is mine.

Doesn’t that require to have local saves? so no steam cloud?. Doesn’t also disable any achievements?.

In shared stash put legendary items. If you have duplicate items, keep the one with better stat and blow other in pieces/transmute if possible. No point to keep the same legs unless are for Dual Wield build.

Green MI’s-keep a mule with it.

I only keep legendaries and double rare greens. I have a mule for legendaries named Off Hands, One Handed Ranged, and so on. And one (as of now) mule for double rare greens.

So each mule I only collect a specific part, be it part of a set or not. That way I can manage keeping stuff and knowing which item went to. What I keep in the shared stash are sets of the build I want to make next and items I just found that will be sorted soon. What I keep in my main toon stash are items part of a build I tried or will try for that toon.

Those who main HC and have many lvl 100 toons know the real pain. I had dozens of merited mules with all stash tabs purchased and still ran out of space. That was it. I’m no longer going vanilla. Using GD item assistant - no more stash worries. One of the reasons I don’t play games like PoE. If I can’t have infinite stash (with or without mods), you can count me out.

I keep mine organized.

I wonder whats the reason of nearly infinite stash. Maybe because steam cloud would take too much space? , no idea how that works, maybe they charge Crate for used cloud space.

I have one page of materials and components. The next page has rep scrolls and a few low-mid level items that can be generally useful for the next character I level whatever it may be… so resistances, OA, DA, health… maybe a few skill bonuses for my favorite masteries. The next three pages I fill up… if I know a particular character that needs a certain item, I try to make a point to get it to him - otherwise I just browse the stash and pull out anything I might use on that character at any point in the future. May be an item I want to work into that build but can’t fit at the moment or it might be something in case I want to respec in the future or just roll a new character.

I highly doubt that Steam is “direct” charging them for it. Steam already gets a cut of every single sale from every single game on the platform… that’s how they make their money. Everything else comes with the venue.

As for the matter of Steam Cloud itself, it has inherent size restrictions and because of that if your saves are in the cloud Crate has limited the amount of characters you can have to 50 I believe to avoid bumping into that limit and experiencing data loss. Local saving has no such restriction.

I don’t know, I only buy things I can own without any sort of subscription.

So far I have 4 mules.
One for good greens
One for Epics
One for Legendaries
One for Sets

I’m getting close to filling up a couple of them, so I might have to break it down a bit more, but we’ll see

It would be really useful to have some kind of search honestly. Nothing too complex, but even basic search would be a nice QoL improvement.

This issue has been brought up several times. The search bar in the common stash is already a massive QoL improvement. GD item assistant is another great mod