[Idea] Can Pierce/Physical/Bleeding caster off-hands have Cunning requirment instead of Spirit one?


There are handful of those off-hands in the game currently. However, investing 700 into Spirit doesn’t make any sense and is a waste of stats for characters like this. Given that builds with Pierce/Physical off-hands are still gimmicky in terms of power I suggest that requirments should be changed to Cunning.

    • Yes, those off-hands should have Cunning requirment
    • No, leave it as it is

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Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

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yes please.

However, vitality/bleeding offhand like valguur should stay in spirit?

Oh, right, these exist too.

I think it’s only something to consider for Inashkor heads and that pierce PB gryphon head. I don’t know any other offhand that is straight up intended for phys/pierce casters and I think pure bleed offhands do not exist.

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So you are asking to basically give pierce/phys casters with off-hands additional ~300 cunning?

Wouldn’t it be better to just buff said items appropriately? There aren’t that many of them. And they do deserve a good bump. When every pierce caster in the game wears a two-handed sword, you know smth is not right.

I think it’s better to buff the items. Cunning requirement for off-hands is thematically incorrect. You need to be smart to use spells, not agile.

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Agree with this. Imo there needs to be more non offhand support to complement these offhands. If we got a chaos to pierce mod for PB to complement janitor head it would’ve been really great.

I can see the frustration with this… But I don’t think a blanket off hand to cunning would be a good idea… If that was done what would be the point of spell power? Why not have 2 stats then?

cough shields cough exist…

I doubt Crate will make this change - all ranged weapons still require Cunning although many primarily support magic damage.

Dryad and Crane provide -10% Spirit Requirement for All Weapons each. This includes caster off-hands. Taking Order for piercing and physical damage builds sounds solid to me - and meh for bleeding. However if that is insufficient / too limiting, maybe some of the new MIs will come in handy…

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The topic is for casters. There isn’t any pierce focused shield that has any of the two main stats for the two main types of casters - casting speed and cdr. Unless you count very specific MI rolls.

and candidates that are pierce, buff pierce caster skills, but never see use because they dont have castspeed/cdr?


There’s exactly one shield that has %pierce damage. And that’s for g&b attacker inquisitor.

You’re not wrong. Shields could be buffed for more caster pierce support. But

That quote doesn’t imply that.

I like the idea to buff pierce/physical offhands.
Also, I think that caster pistols, that @eisprinzessin mentioned, should be buffed as soon as pistols are weaker then scepters or daggers

I’m assuming it can’t be done due to the fact that a spirit requirement is part of what defines an offhand, so there might be some engine limitation around changing this, although a modder would know better than me. It would be much easier to just allow those offhands to grant bonus cunning to make up for the fact that they require spirit.


This would be a good move

People who voted “no” have never tried making a decent build with those off-hands, I guarantee that. Oh well, gimmicks will remain gimmicks.


I didnt vote no though. Although I certainly lean towards it. Perhaps make the offhands in question req 600 something spirit like the lvl 84 legendary’s out there? This would at least ease the burden a bit.

If you voted no I am gonna arrest you on the spot for being comlicit to the crimes of Cronley Crawling builds gang!

Also, that example has Arcanist with 100 Spirit pants, does it really prove that having 724 Spirit requirment on a Physical/Pierce off-hand is all right? Would physical Pyromancers/Opressors/Sentinels have enough Spirit to try a build with an off-hand like this?

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No matter the build, i’ve always wanted and always argued for lower off hand req. So I won’t vote but just leave this here