[] Jarinthor's Biting Sands - Pierce CDR Caster Spellbreaker ~6:00 average 170 clear

Spellbreaker is an iconic classic grim dawn class. While there have been some builds posted lately, I think there needs to be a few more. So in the next few days I will be posting another one. This one is unique in that it allows for the single highest amount of flat CDR; 57% with high rolls. It allows for devotion cooldown only possible otherwise with eternity offhand.
The Build:
The unseeing eye 4 pierce is chosen for that juicy 12% cdr and relevant damage bonuses. Jarinthors head is the perfect offhand for this build giving flat cdr mod to PB and good conversions. The devotion setup might look a little wonky, but I assure you that it is optimal. Sands (only a .2 second cd here!) bound to biting blades provides great single target filler and a boost to aoe. PB with a 1.1 second cd bound to blades of wrath provides our single target nuke. Near maxed blade spirits help clean up stragglers and add decent dps of their down. All Ulzaad and Harp devotion procs have theoretical 100% uptime, meaning they can proc before their duration ends. (doesnt happen all the time) Ghoul and mirror have short cooldown’s providing great boosts to defense. Scales is a .4 sec cd meaning we get some healing coming in on a regular basis even if we are trying to kite. Blade barrier can be taken for extra layer of defense, and to really chain defense. (recommended for SR)
It is a 6min average build. I will say kaisan spawns definitely slow things down a good amount due to being a single rr class combo. I really enjoyed piloting this guy. The play style is stream-lined, but it still is an active build leading to rewarding gameplay. I imagine sr 70-75 is possible, although I’m not sure. The low-ish oa with no da shred might be an issue without the crucible buffs. Without the ability to crit the damage potential here drops off drastically


Oh well, here it is. I’m still amazed by the frequency of Blades of Wrath procs the build outputs. Also, props to @zantai and Crate for the balance. If this amount of CDR found it’s way into elemental, then shit…

Well the proc from the offhand looks like blades of wrath too :crazy_face:

Also to the point about cdr… I mean it already has? Eternity relic is functionally higher cdr than even this build. 5% cdr main hand and 6% amulet + eternity + offhand + 21 starpact + 7% helm is more cdr by a decent amount

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On paper yeah, but then eternity procs don’t really makes sense on offensive skills sometimes like it procs when everything’s off cooldown and stuff. It’s not that reliable on offense which is why it’s not that broken. Except when it was on old clair binder.

But 5% weapon + 21 starpact extra 4% + 2% more from amulet is only 1% less then my setup… and you can use eternity :thinking:

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What? What setup is that?

edit: oh right allagast. that’s another bonkers shit.

Not allagast. My setup doesn’t have have cdr on weapon or 21 starpact. Also the blue amulet here can’t roll higher than 4%. So the extra cdr from those pieces almost equals the cdr bonus from the set

Why Kra’vall’s instead of Murderer’s Epaulets?

Since the vitality is already fully converted by the offhand the +3 nether edge is quite valuable. Also since I can only get 54% chaos to Pierce the conversion on kravall doesn’t hurt us (actually is a slight gain as there is higher cold% damage and I have cold rr)


Pierce of Persia - Sands of time :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re on fire with cool builds!


I missed that reference in the OP! Made me smile. Nice.

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It wasn’t in the OP… but it should be! Lol

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Super creative, kudos! Pierce casters are the best!

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