Inquisition has arrived ( - GODLIKE Ulzuin build (EVERYTHING+)

@Pappaboy Thx a lot :slight_smile:

Glad you have finally posted it! Very strong Purifier, great job!

Glad I finally get to see your version! Mine is a bit different devotion wise, but same idea though I don’ get how you get your fire/lightning numbers so much higher than mine xD

Did you try bi elemental mortar/canister as well? I quite liked the one I made with torch/tempest for maximum sky is falling gameplay :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for late answer. Been missing :yum:

Current build. I believe its optimal in terms of skill points. The only thing is to rearrange vigor and WoR maybe.

Hyrian is a perfect choice for bi/tri elemental builds. Passive AoE with weapon damage, and the constellation itself gives 90% elemental, 10% armor and 8% increased healing effects. Hyrian is waaaay underestimated

I have a separate build with mortars, still learn to pilot it though :joy:

Meanwhile here is a vid from a new patch

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Spanky’s been missing for a while too :laughing:


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Update has come. I have another build that is more corresponding to Dante’s Inferno tittle, so I renamed this one

  • Gear alternatives;
  • Vids (Crate, Ravager, SR 85 + 90);
  • Useful links.

Later I will add leveling recommendation

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Inquisition have arrived?

A lot of things cones by these days. Not lot of them have the style of Ulzuin though. It’s great set minus the energy regeneration. And your build is very strong and versatile!

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Thanks, Nerry!
I really like that full bi elemental builds are no longer meme :grava_yes:

Thanks for build, got a lot of fun

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Ouch, those latest nerfs hit hard :scream:

Thanks for run anyway!

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Today was the day of @Dmt’s builds.

Managed this 5:39 run with her tanky Purifier!

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both this Purifier and mad_lee’s Sorc got screw so freaking hard with the new patch. I’m a big fan of Lightning Canister bomb, and both builds are so great and fun to play. now these are basically dead. Without pierce conversion, some mobs waves in Crucible need even 3 CB to clear, thats ridiculous.

Yes, and her Infernal Knight Shieldbreaker (one of my favourite builds in the game) was impacted too. The burn damage modifiers of the set’s headpiece were severely nerfed.

So now we have to use both Barrelsmith Guns instead of Scepter - Offhand combination to enable the Lightning build…

Hi I m following your build since the ancient version of this build.

I really enjoyed and big thx for your work

but with latest nerf, what is your recommendation to compensate because I really like this build

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I don’t know :rofl:
Ask devs how to find mana on the pistols caster as soon as even with offhand and Harp this build needed mana potion sometimes
Edit: and I have very little desire to fix the build after very ridiculous transmute nerf

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Sure it’s a snipe’s patch build… Perhaps the curse of great theoretician builder …

I’m thinking to compensate the lack of mana in high sr with devotion at the moment

to think to lose Spelldrinker is making me very sad