Inquisitor skills and LMB

Can you please for the love of god allow more of Inq skills to be bound to LMB? Most of the low level ones can’t be bound. Word can’t, Stone and Box can’t be either. That’s ridiculous!

If anything, Stone should be able to be LMB bound.

Mechanically not possible as you wouldn’t be able to move around.

I was afraid of that.

It’s just so anti ergonomic.

If you ever do a Grim Dawn 2 in many years, it would be a lovely addition to have all the spells able to be bound to a mouse button. One can imagine a customizable “behavior if cast failed” option with choices such as:

  • do nothing.
  • move there.
  • auto-attack.

It’s a little QoL feature, just like the current option that we have to kick or shoot crates while wielding guns.