Interesting/strange/meme(?) builds you're most proud of

Really excited to see this! I’ve been toying with some Mythical Basilisk Claw+Blade Barrier ideas myself lately, so I’m excited to take a close look here and see how you’ve put things together.

I mean it’s not even remotely close to any top-tier builds… but it’s only 4 seconds of Blade Barrier downtime (for DW varitation).

Have fun!

How do you end up with 4 seconds? Maybe I’m missing something but it looks like your item modifiers get you down to 7, and then you end up maybe a little lower because of of that 4% global CDR.

Edit: duration of blade barrier eats into the cooldown timer, doesn’t it?

Yep, 22/12 skill + [Conduit] + 2x[Claw] and it goes to 7 sec, 3 of which it’s own duration

Guess I leave this maximum skyshards druid & this acid obliteration witch hunter behind. :rofl:

Actually I don’t mind, will consider that as a possibility.


Some weird one, Dark One physical Blade Arc Spam+RE Death Knight.

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It will be hard to define what a meme is.

Hah, if I’m introducing that it’ll be 100% as the author says. If the author acknowledges the build as meme then he can add meme tag, simple as that.


I’m pretty sure it has something to do with some crazy lady losing her shit with a smug-looking cat.

Just want to mention @Adam_Bomb’s Carpet Bomber sorc. Thematic, awesome and hits like a truck when you need it to.


I totally forgot about my only just begun Jiraiya build. Briarthorn represents his Toad summon, and his jutsu like “Art of the Lion’s Mane” I imagine to be Entangling Vines with the Immobilizing effect. Concept behind him was I wanted to make a guy whose sole purpose was to buff other players, so started in Shaman and was working towards briarthorns Emboldening Presence, alongside Mogdrogen’s Pact. I also gave him as many gear pieces with the Battle Cry mechanic as possible. With his current set-up he has 7 souces of Battle Cry. I’m actually not sure how all this plays out, but I remember when brewing the idea that I thought it would be awesome if the Battlecries rotated, operating on each of their own respective cooldowns, but hopefully not overriding each other upon activation… The goal was to get it so I could have Battlecry up almost always, but I dont know if thats even doable.

Anyway, he was fun and I do look forward to one day finishing him.