Interesting/strange/meme(?) builds you're most proud of

I havent even started man. Just got home from work. You can expect to see at least 4 more builds from me posted later after i unwind for a bit, one of which is actually inspired by @the8anarchist’s support deceiver!

Ask and you shall recieve.

Not the craziest thing i’ve come up with but, i think i’m definitely mixing items in a way that most people don’t think to use them. acid/vit/chaos to fire opressor with Ravenous Earth, Bone Harvest and Siphon Souls:

Actually i think i have one that will probably confuse the hell outta people, Melee/Pet Hybrid Cabalist:


In no particular order:

Got many more.

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Consider me thoroughly confused, but would love to see it in action :stuck_out_tongue:


It really aint crucible or SR viable as far as I know, but it did manage pretty well for ultimate + nemesis’. Maybe I’ll record a video and post it up sometime tonight to let people see how it works.

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Vit shard of beronath Cabalist Was born from my desire to stack absurd amounts of vit damage on a melee build, and this is the highest I could manage. Unfortunately, the only default attack replacer it has access to is Shard of Beronath mostly converted to vit.

And finally, the one that will make your mama cry if you let her see it: A cold rimetongue/trozan pyromancer. This one is pretty much unkillable, but in exchange, it can barely kill Kubacabra. A fun idea with a bunch of conversion, but it didn’t pan out as well as I had hoped.

Yeah, I am confused.

I made a tri-damage (vit/aether/elemental) pet/hybrid combo using diviner as a spellbinder:
It can do SR 50 OK. Couldn’t get DA relic completion for more spirit dump. I tried my best to make blight fiend work, but it just plain sucked :frowning:

@Maya Alright here it is, just a quick run of Krieg and Karroz, nothin’ super special.


My ego is hurt that I wasn’t @'d for this.

Attack-less Vitality Blood Knight Death Knight: AFK’s almost anything short of a celestial (and can AFK Lokarr/Clones).

You can see it in action vs Kaisan/some FG bosses here:

I actually made some slight optimizations in-game compared to the grimtools, but they’re largely personal preference/MI-related.



When you decided to move a few feet to the left

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Well to get back onto the HC Classless wagon. During that thread and that journey @Maya mentioned several times how tough this was with Pets. So I made these two builds to try to see what possibilities there might be. One is a true pet and one is a pseudo pet build. Both are classless. Both got me up to level 100 and into Act IV in Ultimate before my heart decided it’d had enough adrenaline spikes for the time being and I went back to “regular” HC.


Balrog is a build I used to troll high level characters in Crucible who would sit on the sidelines while lower level characters did the heavy lifting. I would search crucible matches in multiplayer specifically for this purpose when feeling mischevious. Build is toggled skill heavy and armored to the teeth, uses Bloody Pox with Fevered Rage to send packed Crucible rooms into anarchy, warcry to taunt everything on screen to chase me, and I would just run everywhere the high level camper would run, forcing them to participate, or die. Or leave. Everybody wins! Except for the camper!

Inoichi was built in honor of one of the more interesting characters in Naruto who I felt never really got enough time in the spotlight so I wanted to give him his due credits. Build was originally conceived with the sole purpose of using every piece of gear that had Mind Control. I spent hours grinding to get up to level 75 so I could use Codex of Truths. Tragically, by the time I hit 75 with this build, Mind Control had been removed from the game completely :frowning: So I decided his focus would instead be on every kind of debuffing skill I could grab between Arcanist and Pyromancer, but the entire concept was already thrown awry. Ironically this guy is one of my better builds, but I was just so crushed by the removal of Mind Control I sorta abandoned him :cry:

Liliana Vess was built for the express purposes of abusing Blight Fiends // Unstable Anomaly alongside hoursglass devotion and Gildum Arcanum suffix. She turned out to be one of my better builds, as you can tell, being close to completion. Spellbinders are very capable! And the anomalies just go haywire, very fun build, and after some fantastic updates to the skill and its cooldown, she was able to reliably maintain an army of 3 Blight Fiends constantly!

Lord Gaara of the Sand was built when FG released because I thought there would be more Sand skills after seeing the Azraaka devotion and relic. Either way, I felt he honored Gaara fairly well, and memebers of the community helped me piece him together, for which I was very thankful. Still not completed, but hit level 100 and definitely one of my more fun weird builds, DW Tactician pierce/physical hybrid (I am a noob and just cant for the life of me figure out what would make him really shine without taking away from the flavor, and sometimes, for me, the flavor has more value than the builds potency and capability, which is why I have so many lower level builds).

Might Guy is easily in my top 3 favorite builds I have ever made. A custom Monk style class (No Weapon, but does use a shield, which I dont feel kills Monk flavor too much). Might Guy is built in honor of my favorite Naruto character. He is built around opening the 8 inner gates, culminating in the 8th Gate, the Gate of Death. This is represented in gameplay by all his procs triggering, and activating Sacred Talisman’s Mana Infusion while Mirror of Ereocretes is up. However, once the Mirror kicks into cooldown, Might Guy is left extremely vulnerable and needs to recouperate! Might Guy is henceforth used as a closer build, specifically designed for Multiplayer. Boss is down to the last 10% health and powered up? In comes Might Guy with a Dynamic Entry pumped to all hell and lays into the boss with deathblows!!!

the Touch Witch is the last build I will share for now, and is my own Support Deceiver, inspired by @the8anarchist’s version. I have had so much fun with this build in multiplayer, just being the priest character healing the shit out of everybody and debuffing enemies. Very fun experience, I could go on and on about how awesome this build is but I defer to its originator @the8anarchist.

Will post more later!


As a lover of double-bomb setups, I had to try to make a triple bomb setup with Grenado + Canister Bomb + Big Jacks:

In my theorycraft doc I called it the “Triplethreat™ Purifer.” It performed pretty poorly in actual tests (basically big jacks brought nothing and was a skill point tax on the big bois).

In retrospect, I probably should have gone the electrocute route.

Oh, and here’s a chaos grenado + doom bolt pyromancer that I tested back when Spanks was making his Doom bolt spammer:

It could nuke trash in campaign, but nothing impressive.

Looks really fun to play. Something about the ground slam action of your movement rune really brings together the aesthetic of the build for me.

Is that really the appropriate phrase here? :thinking:

I really like two things here:

  1. Your approach of finding gameplay elements to fit extremely specific thematic considerations just seems like a cool way to play the game, and

  2. the build you’ve assembled is crafted around the idea of having two distinct phases of gameplay, which strikes me as a great way to spice things up.


Thanks man, yeah, there is a reason this is my favorite video game, and that reason is the sandbox style ARPG experience Crate delivered to us offers so many different gameplay experiences.

@MikeHeydon is the one who really opened that door for me, in his Personal lore and NPC inspired thread. His approach to playing the game kicked my own experiences into overdrive, and while id already been building Might Guy before I started to participate in the experiences he introduced, he absolutely inspired me to keep going with it.

I have read people bash multiplayer in this game time and time again, but its clear to me their opinions are founded from a place that has no intention to, and experiences no joy from, developing team-dependent builds and group tactics which require all 4 players to work together in order to survive, where no one player can do everything themself. I really enjoy building around this idea and approach. This IS a thing, and it doesnt get the credit it deserves in this game.

Some of the most fun multiplayer experiences ive had have been roleplay related group crucible runs, and rogue dungeon runs, where you have your rogue style guy, your tank style guy, your mage style guy, and your priest style guy all working as a cohesive unit to overcome odds, which, if playing multiplayer using regular style builds that can crush SR and Crucible solo, would be “too easy”.

If the game is too easy, make it more challenging, impose some “self-rules”, and it will add so much extra flavor to the game. Youll wind up using items that would otherwise be considered trash… and in the process unveil the true genius of this title, and the awesome development team.

Gear and skill balancing is so deep, you can spend hours fine tuning your builds to create a more challenging experience, say, using no epics or legendaries, or even no rare items! Or maybe playing HC classless! Or taking it to the extreme depths and in group play limiting each player to specific class, skill, devotion, and item types only, based on their roles. There is so much room for creative freedom god its a nerds dream come true i love it, man!


Noice :yum:

Btw to add to the classless pets thingy, this was my attempt with it:

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Meme Build Compendium? This is glorious!

My Spiky / Toxic Snail should be there

… And I feel like we might need (meme) tag for our regular Build Compendium :smiley:

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Wow I didn’t realise the rabbit-hole went this deep. It’s beyond fabulous.



I also have this fun build, it focuses on using proc attack on each equipment slot and turn out quite effective build, what more the proc looks beautiful and thematicly good. Check the screenshot below, I call him Bloodsworn Bloodletter.

Everything was splattered by fountain and circle of blood, there is also a blood red spike that come from yourself as well an earthquake.

The build itself is here