Is multiplayer for base game not working?

I purchased several copies of Grim Dawn base game for a group of friends this Christmas and we’re trying to play together now but the multiplayer option isn’t coming up. I’m relatively new to the game myself but I HAVE both hosted and joined multiplayer groups. My friends aren’t seeing the list of multiplayer games. It seems like the function is down but I wanted to make sure it isn’t something we’re overlooking.

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Have a look here and see if anything helps.

Last time my friend only had the base game and we couldn’t see each other until I disabled the DLC. Is that still an issue? Also one friend thinks the firewall in his country might be his issue.

You guys need matching game files. Disable all the DLC or buy them, you can’t mix and match. (Excluding the cosmetics and crucible)

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and make sure to keep separate characters for multiplay if they don’t have the expansions. Any character that’s been in an expansion can’t be played in the base game.

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