Is there a mod just to get max level to test chars?

I recently started to understand the game and i understand now that i want to test different skills. But sometimes, they are high level, therefore i need to level up too long just to see how skill works (for examlpe, doom bolt).
So i started to search a way to get a char of max level for testing purposes, but looks like all available options are kind of restrictive and bad:

  1. GD Stash needs to turn off the cloud syncing, while it’s not what anyone want to do if using it for this game or others.
  2. Pre-edited chars that you can download from forums here force you to turn-off cloud saves too…

I than decided to try Cheat Engine, but when i saw how much bloat it tries to install to my PC and the attitude of the author about it, i decied that it’s “no way” for me.

Than i just thought that the game have map editor and it’s really strange that no one still didn’t create a map that allow you to level up through scripts and provide some respawning mobs to test you skills (that is NOT cruicible of course :smiley: it’s the same long leveling).

Maybe someone already did it? Or maybe there are other options?

Yes, there are! For those who curious and don’t want to get into the disucssion: the most related answers are Is there a mod just to get max level to test chars? - #10 by Serious_Stan and Is there a mod just to get max level to test chars? - #11 by tqFan

Most people just make or download a blank L100 character. Not sure if these still work or not.

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Wait, but this is just explored map, it’s not about leveling at all.
Also, in the post above the one in the quote, chars of 85-100 lvl that as far as i understand still need to turn-off cloud saving. Or am i wrong here?

blank lvl 100 tester

*keep in mind this has everything maxed, so if you didn’t complete those tasks yourself, lvl 100 ultimate, max reputation etc, those steam achievements will be triggered if you use this blank char

turning off cloud save for Grim Dawn has no relation or impact on other game’s cloud saves


thanks a lot!
But again, reading the instruction for this, i need to turn off cloud saving ( i don’t want to do it for grim dawn, why should i turn off something i used to, especially if it’s for some mod in game?). I do understand now that i can do it to solve the problem, but the question is - is there any way to get a 100 lvl char without using GDStash and turning off features that i want to use regarding the game limitations.

Short answer I guess is nope.

Than i guess i need to make map for leveling myself and post it somehwere here :joy:

you can use that template char without gdstash, it comes blank with everything naked
only thing you can’t do without gdstash is repeat reset the class or rename it
but that doesn’t really matter, you can just keep importing the character and overwrite the previous blank tester each time you wanna try something different

again, i don’t really get the issue of disabling cloud when it’s for GD only
cloud basically does nothing, and is in most cases just an interference for GD,
as a side note, for whatever reason, steam cloud in itself is not super/not 100% reliable, and seems to frequently cause issues not just related to using tools like GI, IA or GDstash


Here is what you can do without you or someone else going into modding the game.

Create an “empty” mod. This will act like the main game but give you access to the console, with which you can increase your level.

  • Go to game install location … Grim Dawn/mods
  • create an empty folder
  • start game and select custom game and select the mod folder you created.
  • when in game, you can press the console key ~ (may be different for some keyboard layouts)

Type this command to level:

press up arrow to repeat last command.

other commands you might find useful:
game.decrementdevotion - Removes a devotion point
game.IncrementAttribute - Gives the player an attribute point
game.incrementdevotion - Gives the player a devotion point
game.IncrementLevel - Increments the player’s level. Will level up devotions when used.
game.IncrementSkill - Gives the player a skill point

If you only want to test skills, this will be enough. Testing items will be another challenge.


@kura Here’s a quick hard mod (901 Bytes) (meaning you can use it in normal game not in modded game which is often convenient) for you that makes the first note in Devil’s Crossing on Normal give you 100 level. Instruction how to use it (which is just copying to mods folder + making a specific shortcut launching from which makes the game use this database file) is here under Installation: one of my mods Although it doesn’t give you devotion points / bags / skill points from quests etc so I’m not sure how useful it’s gonna be. For proper testing you definitely need all the programs and disabling the cloud.

My Cheat Engine didn’t come up with any bloat :thinking: I didn’t see its author comment either. Don’t miss out on this awesome tool.

Ouch, thanks! That’s practically what i need i guess! If only there was additional parameter of how much points we need to increase :smiley: anyway, that is the fastest way i guess.

Thanks, but it doesnt work :frowning:
What i did was extracting the archive into the root of the appropriate folder, than i created a shortcut with the exact parameter (grim dawn even warns me before launching the game with this parameter) and i create new hero and than nothing, just clean inventory and no suspicious notes… I tried to go out to lower crossing and used Francis’ note, but it just gives 25 exp.

I will better get away from this “awesome” tool of security disaster and will advice anyone to do the same :slight_smile:
As for author thoughts, please, consider the first post of this thread: Cheat Engine :: View topic - OMG VIRUS!!!

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Not francis note, there’s a note in Devil’s Crossing in the corner :slight_smile:

I don’t use anti-viruses, and yeah, they find various programs including my own as malicious which is BS.
Never had any issues excluding one bitcon mining malware :laughing: despite download all random and suspicious stuff from internet. Having AV overload is far worse.

well, only thanks to cloud saving, i didn’t lose my previous 100 lvl hero in GD… That’s why a casual need to turn off cloud saves is slightly offensive :joy:

By the way, what does this shortcut parameter do???

Here’s the note in the Left Upper Corner in some Rekt’s video: Speedleveling Guide, Part 1: How to Speedlevel alts? (HC viable) - Grim Dawn Basics Ep. 9 - YouTube
Crudely Scrawled Note. I changed the exp it gives from 50 to… 10000000 :wink:

Well /basemods param simply makes the game apply this database.arz in mods
(and in this database.arz there’s this EXP change I mentioned.

Why to put the note into the area that i can enter only by spending another half an hour of killing Reanimator??? :joy: what is the idea behind this time saving technique?

so this parameter is strictly for you mod? or is it universal to apply everything that is in mods folder into the base game?

You don’t need to enter DC, you can click it from right before the bridge.

it won’t apply folders with mods. Besides applying database.arz of yours I think it can also aply .arcs you put in there.

Yes, i tried, thanks! I love the lag when you use it.

So, in conclusion to the starting post, it looks, like there are a lot of possibilities actually besides the gd stash and custom chars!!! Thanks to everyone who tried to help!

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The lag surprised me too. it’s probably the game’s scripts incrementing your levels from 1 to 100.

I just found the problem - it gives you 100 lvl but don’t unlock second class selection. In opposite to console command, which increase levels 1 after 1 and unlock second class tab correctly.