Kill rocks at Lokkar hideout

If they are traps please make them static, impossible for them to move.
If they are not traps, make them killable.

Or better then anything, take them out of the game…they are most stupid and annoying thing possible with the most OP dmg ever…wtf ??

Nope /thread

:o:cry::furious::furious: why ??? :rolleyes::confused:

Santa’s response

The ice rocks hurt like though. Fire and lightning rocks are eh, not much of an issue.

Take them out of the game? Are you crazy?
If this song played in the rock section, i would be there all day.

The rocks won’t bother you, if you kill Lokkar as fast as possible.

You want to remove something from a location that is not accessible by just going there. The place Lokarr is in is a totally hidden place and requires the player to do some events in order to open it.

As for me, the rocks are annoying and sometimes make me wanna quit the “dungeon” if I go there for Lokarr and clear stuff, but I mostly don’t even pay attention to them since they deal literally no damage. It’s a nice feature overall, something rare and unexpected.

I call them Fun Rocks and I absolutely hate them.

Please don´t change them at all. :stuck_out_tongue:


the game is going to really suck if all you ask for is implemented:rolleyes:

Do you think having 3 yes’s in the poll is going to make more people vote that way? :confused:

We are back to one Yes option. :cool:

I do not understand why they even exist. Their sole purpose seems to be to inculcate frustration into anyone wondering there. They seem to share this purpose with other excellent inventions-such as aether vortexes in Valbury. But since the passage to Lokar is very short, it will not probably deter people from doing the runs - which cannot be said about PV.

So you are saying you want Fun Rocks added to all rogue like dungeons and aether vortexes to Lokarrs crib?
I´ll be sure to pass that on the the devs.
Seems like a reasonable improvement.

If frustration is the one thing you want to inculcate, then put the rocks all over the world. Mission accomplished.

Annoying ‘trap’ or whatever it’s meant to be in an optional area that serves as a gear check? Leave them be. They are annoying, I agree, but let them stay :frowning:

the ice rocks’ propensity to chain freeze into death is pretty infuriating, but only really something that could be reasonably hated in hardcore (and if you’re playing hardcore you probably just would gulp down a hoarfrost potion and go on your merry way), so naw.

Kill Lokarr’s rocks? That’s kind of cruel. He invites challengers to his arena and gives them juuust the right difficulty for them to handle so they’ll stick around longer. Hangs out with clones of a certain person. Has animate pet rocks. The poor demigod is obviously lonely.